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Best Asian Restaurants

Asia is the largest continent in the world, so it has a wide range of cultures, traditions, and culinary practices that make it a fascinating place to visit. If you are curious and like to explore different nations and people, Asia will catch your attention from the beginning. And here, we are going to learn a little about the characteristics and the magic that surrounds Asian cuisine.


Due to the great extensions of this continent, Asian cuisine is divided into different types of cuisine that reflect the cooking practices and ingredients of every region. For example, you can find Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indian cuisine. Each of these Asian cuisines employs ingredients that can be common in the whole continent and others that are specific to each country. These ingredients, like rice, meat, fish, vegetables, seeds, soy, onions, garlic, ginger, curry, and chilies, create a big explosion of savors and aromas, which make Asian cuisine so impressive.


In addition, Asian people have very particular traditions, so all their dishes are created in a specific manner that exposes the context and the way people should eat the food. That’s why Asian cuisine shows a complex and unique type of cuisine.


Now, let’s learn the best Asian restaurants you could visit to taste different and sophisticated dishes.



The following list is ordered by popularity.

  1. China Dragon

    China Dragon

    Many people familiar with Chinese culture have heard about the legendary China dragon in Chinese mythology. Similarly, people who have tasted food from China Dragon restaurant can attest its legendary status as one of the finest Chinese restaurants in the United States. The restaurant enjoys massive popularity for its delicious, tasty, traditionally prepared foods. As a locally owned restaurant, China Dragon has served family and friends for generations.

Asian cuisine has evolved through the years, and it is known for its healthy food and the highest-quality ingredients used in each dish. The food associated with Asian culture is characterized by various spices, condiments, herbs, and cooking methods, like deep frying, steaming, and stir-frying, that give that particular and distinctive flavor to the food. Moreover, this cuisine illustrates incredible combinations of unusual tastes and seasonings that help them to create a harmonious and spectacular mix of colors and dishes.


As you can see, Asian cuisine offers a wide variety of specialties that differ from one country to the other due to the different traditions and gastronomic culture that become the type of cuisine with more diversity. In addition, Asian cuisine shows how different nations are from each other and how Asian people reflect their traditions through food. And, of course, this type of food has had a great influence around the world, exporting culinary recipes that have increased the culture of other nations worldwide.