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Best Frie Restaurants

Finding a place which sells good fries, let alone finding a place which sells great fries can be an incredibly difficult endeavor. Whether you want some delicious fries because you have a craving for them which nothing else can satisfy, you have a case of the late-night munchies, just need a quick snack, or if you need some deep-fried goodness to help get rid of your hangover, nothing beats some delicious fries.

However, finding the place which sells those perfect fries that keep you coming back time and time again is no easy feat. Different occasions may also impact the type of fries you need. For example, you may want a place with thicker fries to dip into your milkshake or you may want a place which serves thinner, crispier fries as a side for your burger.

With this list of great places for fries created by those of us here at Menu Prices Today, you will no longer have to settle for any fries which are less than stellar and leave you with too much grease on your fingers, not enough salt on your fries, and nothing but a feeling of disappointment and a side of cold fries you could not bring yourself to finish. After a look at this list of amazing fry places, you are sure to find a place to stop for all of your fry needs.



The following list is ordered by popularity.

  1. New York Fries Ca

    New York Fries Ca

    New York Fries is a quick service restaurant that mainly serves french fries, but has expanded its menu to offer hotdogs, poutines, and drinks. Though the name suggests the city of New York, the restaurant New York Fries is actually a Canadian brand with 156 locations in Canada and other countries in the UAE, China, and South America.

Fries are a staple in so many cultures and have become a staple side for so many meals that it is unacceptable for you to have to eat fries that are anything less than great, compelling you to eat them one after another until there are none left, leaving you wishing there were just a few more of them for you to enjoy.

We have compiled the list of places which serve amazing fries for you so that you no longer have to put up with getting your fix of fries from fries which leave you unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Any location you visit from the list above is sure to deliver you amazing fries which will satisfy your craving with ease, delivering you hot and fresh fries which have been perfectly salted, are not too thick or way too thin, are just crisp enough, and do not leave you with fingers so greasy you need to wash your hands in order to truly get rid of all of it.