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2 Best Frozen Yogurt Restaurants

No matter what time of year it is, Frozen Yogurt is always an option as a delicious treat, whether you need a cold treat to beat the blazing summer heat or a frozen treat to match the equally frozen weather outside. A great frozen yogurt location is a must-have in your list of places to go when it comes to frozen delights for all occasions, though not every frozen yogurt location is as good as what you deserve. The best frozen yogurt places offer a wide variety of flavors, from basic chocolate and vanilla to complex flavors which are unique and specific to that location.

Along with offering the best selection of frozen yogurts, the best frozen yogurt places to visit are going to have an astounding number of toppings for you to choose from, allowing you to customize every aspect of this tasty sweet treat to your specifications, whether you add candy, sprinkles, syrups, or crunchy things such as crushed cones or crumbled cookies to the top of your frozen yogurt. There is no need for you to worry anymore about having to do the legwork of finding the perfect frozen yogurt place and visiting shop after shop until you have found your favorite. Below is a list of the best frozen yogurt stores to take a trip to that Menu Prices Today could round up just for you.


The following list is ordered by popularity.

  1. Cherry Berry

    Cherry Berry

    Cherry Berry is a popular frozen-yogurt restaurant chain which can be found in several locations throughout the US. The store is relatively new, only being founded in 2010 by store owner, Robyn Jones. The first Cherry Berry was opened in Dallas, Texas, but since then, the chain has massively grown in popularity and now has 31 stores throughout the country.

  2. Yogen Früz

    Yogen Früz

    Have you had the pleasure of tasting Yogen Fru¨z frozen yogurt? If so, we’re certain you’ll agree it’s one of the most delicious frozen yogurt treats in the country!

Frozen yogurt is not something which you should skimp out on when it comes to the quality because you deserve nothing less than the best when it comes to enjoying a delicious frozen treat. No matter how you take your frozen yogurt, whether you like to leave it plain and barren of any extras so you can enjoy the flavor of the frozen yogurt itself or you like to top your frozen yogurt with all sorts of goodies to create a blend of toppings, syrups or sauces, candies, crumbles, and frozen yogurt, you deserve to enjoy the best of the best frozen yogurt.

With the help of the list shown above which was put together here at Menu Prices Today, you should have little to no trouble in finding a wonderful frozen yogurt place to satisfy all of your cravings. Frozen yogurt is always an option for a delicious treat, a reward, a weekly tradition, or just a needed pick-me-up, so give yourself the best frozen yogurt and eat it with a smile.