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3 Best Brazilian Restaurants


Brazil is the largest country in South America, and due to its extension and the influences of many civilizations around the world, like European, Amerindian, and African, the culinary culture of Brazil comprises a wide range of food. So, Brazilian cuisine is a mix of different foods and flavors that may vary from one region to the other, and you can find fresh fish, red meats, a delightful pizza, or an incredible Feijoada.


Feijoada is the national dish of this country, and it is served with beans, rice, beef, and pork. In addition, it often has bananas, cassava, or salad. And based on this, Brazilian cuisine is characterized by including these ingredients in their meals. In addition, some regions like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo offer delicious seafood thanks to the proximity to the sea and the ports. Also, most Brazilian regions have livestock areas, so food consists of all types of meats, like pork, lamb, beef, goats, and others.


However, due to foreign influences, Brazilian people like to preserve their regional cuisine and mark the difference with the other dishes. In this sense, Brazilian cuisine includes ingredients like guarana, cassava, açaí, tucupi, cashews, pão de queijo, vatapá, and acarajé. In addition, fruits are also used for cooking, and they often use mango, guava, cupuaçu, passion fruit, orange, açaí, or pineapple. And you cannot forget the famous drink Caipirinha, made with cachaça, its native liquor. 


Now, without further ado, let’s get to know the best restaurants with Brazilian cuisine.



The following list is ordered by popularity.

  1. Chama Gaucha

    Chama Gaucha

    Chama Gaucha is a popular chain of Brazilian steakhouse restaurants. If you are a meat lover and haven’t been to a Brazilian steakhouse restaurant you really are missing out.

  2. Giraffas


    Do you feel that something’s missing from your hometown? If the answer to this question is yes, then what’s really missing from your life are some of the best dining and cuisine you can find in Brazil.

  3. Texas De Brazil

    Texas De Brazil

    A little space of Brazil in the United States, that’s what is Texas de Brazil. This restaurant was founded in 1998 by a Brazilian family in Addison (Texas). However, everything began in Porto Alegre (Brazil) when this family decided to bring the delicious flavor of the famous churrascaria into the United States. The idea was to share this particular type of Brazilian food with the American people. So, the mixture of American and Southern Brazilian food resulted in the restaurant chain Texas de Brazil.


Brazilian cuisine is a blend of other cultures, thanks to the tourists that have visited this country. And, of course, the main influences came from Portuguese and African people, who left their mark with particular dishes and ingredients, like cassava which is one of the essential elements in this incredible cuisine.


However, not all regions have been too affected by external influences. In this way, you could find the State of Para, where the food is the most traditional in Brazil, and it is characterized by ingredients from the forest and the river. That’s why all the restaurants with Brazilian cuisine offer a wide range of dishes you can taste to experiment and enjoy the distinctive flavors that provide this delicious cuisine.