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7 Best Coffee Restaurants

Coffee has been around for centuries, tracing its origins to Ethiopia, where it was first consumed by tribesmen. Since then, coffee has become a widely popular drink all over the world. A variety of different methods for brewing and flavoring exist, allowing people to customize their cup of joe according to their own preferences. This includes adding milk, sugar, other sweeteners, and even spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. As well as being a tasty beverage, coffee is also packed with many health benefits for those who consume it regularly. 


The powerful aroma of freshly brewed coffee is enough to lift anyone's spirits. This is one reason so many people enjoy drinking it–not only does it taste great, but it can also provide a momentary respite from life’s everyday stresses. Studies have shown that coffee can help improve cognitive performance, reduce feelings of fatigue and even increase alertness. It can also reduce the risk of depression because of its ability to boost mood-enhancing hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, in the brain.


For those with physical ailments such as arthritis or headaches, drinking coffee can provide relief from pain thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to dilate blood vessels in the brain and body, which helps reduce pressure buildup. Coffee is believed to be beneficial in preventing diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease by improving insulin sensitivity and increasing cell survival rates, respectively. It can also help protect against certain types of cancer because of its high antioxidant content, which helps remove free radicals from the body before they cause damage. 


Considering all these benefits, we can understand why coffee has remained so popular for so long throughout history–not only does it make us feel good while we’re drinking it but it can provide us with long-term health benefits too! So next time you’re feeling down or need an energy boost, grab yourself a cup of delicious caffeine-infused coffee–you won't regret it!

Coffee is an undeniably delicious and flavorful beverage that people have enjoyed all over the world for centuries. It has a unique taste and aroma that can bring delightful pleasure to anyone who drinks it. Not only is coffee incredibly delicious and satisfying, but it can also provide significant health benefits when enjoyed in moderation. With its amazing taste, varied health benefits, and the potential to explore new roasts or blends by trying different brewing methods, there’s so much to love about this beloved beverage!

The following list is ordered by popularity.

  1. Starbucks


    Starbucks is a chain of coffee shops and the largest one in the world. They sell coffees, teas, hot chocolate, snacks, and sandwiches. Their espresso coffee is their most iconic drink.

  2. Caribou Coffee

    Caribou Coffee

    Caribou Coffee is a coffee shop focused on delivery excellent customer service, and make people’s day through excellent service! Caribou coffee is known for their service, but also excellent roasted coffee beans and innovative seasonal latte’s and drinks! Caribou Coffee was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota; (Edina, MN to be exact) and is still headquartered there today! Caribou Coffee has grown to an astounding 700 coffeehouses and Caribou Coffee beans are available across all 50 states of America in grocery chains!

  3. Biggby Coffee

    Biggby Coffee

    BIGGBY COFFEE was founded in 1995 and dealt with heavy competition, starting out in a town with dozens of other coffee shops. The franchise was successful and continued to grow, expanding outside of Michigan to 11 other states. With its iconic orange “B” branding, this coffee shop is a hard one to pass up.

  4. Tom N Toms Coffee

    Tom N Toms Coffee

    Tom N Toms Coffee is considered to be the Starbucks of South Korea. Typical Tom N Toms coffeehouses are usually spacious, and big, and offer a varied menu of drinks and food. However, they are more known for their unique offerings of coffee items in different locations, adapting to the specialties available in a specific country. The coffee house has over 400 branches all over the world, with many of the locations being operated by the company or franchises.

  5. Tim Hortons

    Tim Hortons

    Having started in Canada and quickly expanding to thousands of locations across the globe, Tim Hortons is quite a few people’s #1 place to get coffee and donuts, so much so that a rumor started about Tim Hortons putting nicotine in the coffee to make it more addictive, though this isn’t the case.

  6. Dutch Bros

    Dutch Bros

    Dutch Bros was founded in 1992 by brothers Dane and Travis Boersma. The brothers were born and raised in Oregon and grew up working on their family's dairy farm. When they weren't helping the cows, they made homemade sodas and sold them at the local farmer's market. After high school, the brothers decided to turn their hobby into a business, and Dutch Bros was born. Since then, Dutch Bros has grown from a small operation to a nationwide chain, with over 500 locations across the United States. Dutch Bros is best known for its delicious coffee and friendly customer service, and it remains a family-owned business. Thanks to the hard work of the Boersma brothers, Dutch Bros is now one of the most popular coffee chains in America.

  7. Philz Coffee

    Philz Coffee

    Philz Coffee's story started 44 years ago when Phil Jaber decided to buy a convenience store in the Mission District, San Francisco. Still, it took him 19 more years to transform his hobby into a real business. Today, the coffee chain has 6 stores and offers 16 different coffee blends. To this day, all the coffee that is sold at Philz Coffee are customized blends crafted by Phil himself during the last 25 years.