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40 Best Pizza Restaurants

Nothing sparks excitement like pizza does! Whether it's a classic cheese or a more inventive combination of toppings, there's nothing quite like a hot slice of pizza. Pizza has stood the test of time and is loved around the world for its deliciousness. 


Whatever your taste buds crave, you can find the perfect flavor from thin-crust to deep-dish styles. Even vegan pizza is becoming more popular, catering to everyone who wants a slice. We all have our favorite place to grab a pizza, but no matter where you get it, you know it will be delightful! 


Pizza is a timeless classic and one of the most beloved cuisines in the world. With its origins tracing back thousands of years, it’s no wonder that pizza has become such an integral part of cultures around the globe.


The origin of pizza is widely debated, but most food historians agree that the dish likely originated in Italy sometime during the late 18th century. Its exact origin, however, remains a mystery. One popular theory suggests that the first pizzas were made by Neapolitan street vendors who sold flatbread topped with various ingredients to passersby. Others believe that pizza was first developed by peasants looking to make use of surplus tomatoes and cheese in order to create an inexpensive and filling meal.


It's also thought that pizza may have been inspired by similar dishes from other cultures, including Middle Eastern pita breads and Persian flatbreads topped with spices and herbs. Regardless of its exact origin, it's clear that pizza quickly gained popularity throughout Italy in the early 19th century due to its convenience and affordability. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that Italian immigrants began bringing their favorite dish to America, where it quickly became a staple food for many families across the country.



The following list is ordered by popularity.

  1. Cassanos


    Casinos started as inspiration when the restaurant owner, Vic Cassano, got a recommendation from his family friend. As a result, Vic Cassano and his mother-in-law began selling pizza which became popular. The oldest pizza joint in the Dayton region is the Cassanos, established in 1953. The business, which has 34 restaurants and a wholesale dough area, is still run by the Cassano family. Throughout the world, the Cassanos have amassed a sizeable consumer base over the years.

  2. Caseys Pizza

    Caseys Pizza

    Today Casey’s is known as one of the largest pizza companies in the US, but it originally started as a store selling gas, cigarettes and soda pop. Caseys Pizza is famous for its freshly served pizzas, which have a thin crust and large servings of cheese.

  3. California Pizza Kitchen

    California Pizza Kitchen

    The California pizza kitchen was launched in 1985. The restaurant, also known as the (CPK) was founded by former federal prosecutors named Larry Flax and Rick Rosenfield. They combined their passion for different food prepared with fresh, high-quality, and fresh ingredients. This enabled them to come up with the California pizza kitchen. For this reason, Larry and Rick introduced the diners to the California pizza kitchen as an innovation following the invention of the BBQ chicken pizza. Today, California's creativity has continuously been reimagined by the CPK, resulting in culinary boundaries being pushed with industry fasts that include cauliflower crust, a gluten-free crust, and healthy power bowls.

  4. Blaze Pizza

    Blaze Pizza

    If you are looking for high-quality Italian-style pizza with the convenience and speed of fast food, then Blaze Pizza is precisely what you need. Blaze Pizza was founded in 2011 by Rick and Elise Wetzel. They opened their first location in 2012 and their second just two months later. Not bad growth for a startup, right?

  5. Blackjack Pizza

    Blackjack Pizza

    Vince Schmuhl worked for Dominos for several years before establishing his Pizza delivery market. In 1983, he launched Blackjack Pizza after realizing there was an opportunity for many rivals to thrive in the rapidly expanding pizza delivery industry. At the time, there was only one significant competitor in the Rock mountain pizza delivery market, and he believed that the customers would truly value an improved option to satisfy their pizza desires.

  6. Bellacinos


    Bellacinos is a chain of American fast-food restaurants, which offer grinders, pizzas, salads, and appetizers. The company specializes in grinders, a traditional American-Italian sandwich that uses a long crusted bread roll, filled with meats, cheeses, and accompaniments.

  7. Bc Pizza

    Bc Pizza

    BC Pizza is a pizza restaurant franchise, with BC standing for Best Choice. The company has built its reputation by providing its customers with Hometown Handmade Gourmet pizzas.

  8. Beggars Pizza

    Beggars Pizza

    Beggars Pizza is a chain of pizza stores, which originally started out as a small family-owned Italian restaurant in South Chicago. The company doesn’t hold back with its pizzas, and it is a great place to go for those with big appetites.

  9. Barros Pizza

    Barros Pizza

    Barro's Pizza is a family owned and operated chain of pizza restaurants, predominantly found in Arizona. The company is well-known for its thick and fluffy crust, which is paired with a tangy, sweet and spiced sauce, which is made using the secret Barro family recipe.

  10. Avanti Pizza

    Avanti Pizza

    Avanti Pizza is a popular chain of family-run pizza stores found in New York. The company serves its products fresh every day and is known for its friendly hospitality.

  11. Antonios Pizza

    Antonios Pizza

    Antonios Pizza is a popular pizza store based in Houston, Texas, which has served customers fresh and authentic Italian food since 1971. The company prides itself on serving classic, heart-warming dishes.

  12. And Pizza

    And Pizza

    &Pizza is a popular and fast-growing chain of pizza restaurants. Each And Pizza store has a striking appearance, as the company, hand selects local artists to come in and design their stores in a fresh and modern design.

  13. Upper Crust

    Upper Crust

    Whether you’re looking to bring the whole family together over some authentic Italian food or enjoy lunch with your co-workers, Upper Crust Pizzeria Restaurant in Greenfield is a great option for you. This authentic Italian restaurant prides itself on its large selection of dishes available on the Upper Crust menu and its friendly service.

  14. Chuck E Cheese

    Chuck E Cheese

    What do Chuck E. Cheese and the Atari gaming system have in common? Not much, aside from being founded and created by the same man, Nolan Bushnell. Transitioning from adult-centric arcades and a love for Disneyland, he strove to expand both of these areas together, creating Chuck E. Cheese.

  15. Peppes Pizza

    Peppes Pizza

    Peppes Pizza is Norway's favorite pizza chain. With about 90 locations all over the country, the pizza joint offers a varied menu of American and Italian-style pizza, as well as a rich selection of burgers, salads, starters, and desserts. The first restaurant to introduce American pizza to Norwegians in the early 70s, Peppes Pizza is one of the most popular homegrown brands in the country.

  16. Cicis Pizza

    Cicis Pizza

    You will find the local Cici’s buffet loaded with diverse amount when it comes to their types of pizza, pasta, salad, and even breadsticks just to add an even more powerful kicker into the situation. You can bring the family as it’s a family-friendly restaurant where strict standards are followed to ensure suitability for all ages.

  17. Extreme Pita

    Extreme Pita

    Extreme Pita's slogan is: Eat Good, Feel Good. A fast-casual chain of restaurants, Extreme Pita offers pita sandwiches, salads, bowls, and flatbread pizza consisting of healthy and fresh ingredients. The company is dedicated to offering healthy Mediterranean food that doesn't sacrifice flavor. With over 175 locations in Canada and the US, Extreme Pita is a favorite for health-conscious individuals who still want tasty flavors in every bite.

  18. Apache Pizza

    Apache Pizza

    Apache Pizza is an Irish pizza chain, which is the biggest chain of pizza stores in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

  19. Hungry Howies

    Hungry Howies

    While you may not necessarily think of going to the 11th-ranked pizza place in the United States, Hungry Howie’s Pizza is the place to go for pizza, 11th place or not. Hosting a wide variety of pizza, Howie’s Bread, and even wings, Hungry Howie’s Pizza keeps customers coming back for more time and time again with its flavored pizza crust.

  20. Fazolis


    When you are in the mood for a delicious and hearty meal and want an atmosphere that reminds you of being comfortable and at home, yet taken care of, Fazoli’s is the place you need to head to. Serving up Italian-American meals, this franchise is sure to leave you just as stuffed as the ravioli it offers.

  21. Mellow Mushroom

    Mellow Mushroom

    When you think of “mellow mushrooms” your first thought is probably psychedelics and other such associations, rather than a high-quality pizzeria with its mascot and line of characters which even appeared in their own comic at one point. While Mellow Mushroom does offer a few different mushrooms as pizza toppings, rest assured none of them will take you anywhere besides to more pizza.

  22. Papa Murphys

    Papa Murphys

    When you are craving pizza, your first thought may be to order one for delivery. However, rather than settling for a greasy pizza thrown around in a car, consider customizing your own pizza and baking it to perfection in your own oven using Papa Murphy’s.

  23. Pizza Plus

    Pizza Plus

    Pizza Plus may be a name you have never heard of, but if you ever find yourself in Nevada, you should keep an eye out for one of its pizzerias. Having been in business for just over 12 years, Pizza Plus has kept its commitment to quality wings and pizza over a decade later.

  24. Pieology


    When hearing about “Pieology” you may think of the baked dessert or even some mathematical equations. This Pieology, however, is about “pizza pie” rather than the “dessert pie”, though both of them are baked. Pieology Pizzaria, having started in the United States, has made its way to other corners of the globe, spreading its delicious and accessible pizza options all over the world for people to enjoy.

  25. Papa Johns

    Papa Johns

    Believe it or not, the story of Papa Johns starts with a 1971 Camaro Z28. In 1984, Papa John Schnatter, sold his Camaro to fund pizza equipment for him to install in a cupboard at the back of his father’s restaurant in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Papa John’s pizza proved so popular that after a year, Schnatter left his father’s restaurant to open his own pizza store. From those humble beginnings, Papa Johns has grown into a huge global business with over 5,500 locations.

  26. Pizza Hut

    Pizza Hut

    Pizza Hut is the world's largest chain of pizza stores, famous for its pan pizza and other dishes such as pasta, breadsticks and desserts.

  27. Dominos


    Dominos is a hugely popular chain of American pizza stores. They have stores across the world, and are known for their great-tasting pizzas, which are served fresh and on time!

  28. Mod Pizza

    Mod Pizza

    Among the many pizza chain favorites of the twenty-first century, MOD Pizza stands out in this recent genre with streamlined and customer-oriented service- true to the three letters on their shield-shaped logo. Today, MOD Pizza is an American fast casual restaurant chain serving primarily pizzas, but also salads in a similar format, as well a number of regional side items, desserts and beverages. 

  29. Little Caesars

    Little Caesars

    Little Caesars is an American fast food pizzeria known for its affordable prices, and it is the third biggest pizza chain in the US, right behind Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza. They also serve items like cheese bread, cookie dough, and chicken wings.

  30. Donatos Pizza

    Donatos Pizza

    In the mood for a delicious, hearty pizza? Then you can't go wrong with Donatos. This popular chain has been serving up fresh, made-to-order pizza pies since 1963.

  31. Marcos Pizza

    Marcos Pizza

    Authentic Italian pizza can’t be beaten for a range of circumstances, such as watching the big game with your friends, catching a movie with your loved one, or just lying on the sofa watching reality TV. And if you are after great tasting and authentic pizzas, according to many surveys and an army of fans, there is no better place than Marcos Pizza.

  32. Jets Pizza

    Jets Pizza

    Great-tasting pizza is perfect for almost any occasion, and Jets Pizza is on hand to provide you with pizza that meets your needs. If you prefer thin pizzas, deep-dish pizzas, round pizzas, square pizzas, spicy pizzas, mild pizzas, or any kind of pizza imaginable, there is bound to be something on the Jets Pizza menu for you.

  33. Pizza Ranch

    Pizza Ranch

    Everyone loves great-tasting pizza, but what is better than great-tasting pizza? Unlimited great-tasting pizza! The buffet at Pizza Ranch does just that, by providing you an almost endless supply of great-tasting pizzas, in many different flavors.

  34. Round Table Pizza

    Round Table Pizza

    It all started in 1959 when Bill Larson opened the first Round Table restaurant in California. He envisioned a place where everyone can "share a little pizza with everyone you love". Bill Larson believed in using gold-standard ingredients and time-honoured recipes to make delicious and freshly baked pizza that is worth sharing. The round table continues to pay homage to Bill's vision by only using superior ingredients.

  35. Old Chicago

    Old Chicago

    Old Chicago is a popular chain of bars and restaurants that specialize in pizzas and beer. They create friendly atmospheres and look to make each of their locations a gathering place for the neighborhood.

  36. Mazzios


    It all started way back in 1961 when a young school teacher opened a small, one-man pizza restaurant in Oklahoma. The name of this pizza restaurant was "The Pizza Parlor" and many people in Oklahoma were delighted to taste the awesome pizza that the restaurant offers. It was the birthplace of the dynamic Mazzios restaurant that we know today. The restaurant was run by a full-time school teacher, Ken Selby who did the operations alone and passionately made Mazzios as we know it today.

  37. Larosas


    Larosa's is a popular chain of pizzerias, which is known for its traditional thin-crust pizzas, which are served with a good range of toppings. Even if you haven’t been to a Larosa's store, you might have had a Larosa's pizza without even knowing it, as it is the only pizza served at locations such as Cincinnati Zoo, Kings Island amusement park, and the Great American Ball Park (home of the Cincinnati Reds).

  38. Newks


    Newk's Eatery (previously known as "Newk's Express Cafe) is a fast-chained franchise founded in 2004 by the original founders of McAlister's Deli: Don and Chris Newcomb, and Debra Bryson. "Newk" was the nickname of one of their founders (Chris Newcomb), which inspired the restaurant’s name. Their first location opened to the public in Oxford, Mississippi. Today, the restaurant serves its scrumptious menu throughout 122 different areas.

  39. Pizza Express

    Pizza Express

    PizzaExpress is a casual dining restaurant from the United Kingdom specializing in Italian pizza, main entrees, pasta, and so much more. A British multinational pizzeria chain, there are over 400 locations in the UK, plus over 100 international locations in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Founded in 1965, PizzaExpress is credited for bringing Italian pizza to Britain, as well as introducing the concept of casual dining in the region. Beloved for the delicious, authentic Italian food, PizzaExpress is also famous for its restaurant aesthetics and its history in music, with some locations in London doubling as jazz venues.

  40. Pizza Pizza

    Pizza Pizza

    Pizza Pizza is a quick-service pizzeria based in Canada. It is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in the country, having over 700 locations, and plans to expand to Mexico in the near future. It is a beloved pizza restaurant in Canada known for having an enormous menu, fast delivery, and great quality products at affordable price rates. Locations are mainly focused in the Ontario area, as well as having locations in Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Western Canada.

Today, pizza continues to be a beloved dish all over the world. From classic Margherita pies with fresh mozzarella and basil leaves to creative creations loaded up with exotic ingredients like kimchi or shrimp scampi, there are countless variations on this timeless classic for anyone to enjoy. As for its origins? That remains a delicious mystery we’ve yet to uncover!

From humble beginnings to gourmet restaurants and sophisticated pies, the versatile dish has evolved to meet the needs of both tourists and foodies alike.


To satisfy everyone's tastes, there is a variety of pizzas from traditional thin-crust varieties to unique artisan creations made with fresh ingredients. Menus typically cater to both experienced foodies and newcomers who are eager to try something new. Whether you’re looking for a classic cheese pie or an adventurous combination topping, there’s something for everyone! 


Whether you're a tourist visiting our city or an experienced foodie looking for something special, our selection of delicious pizzas will provide the perfect experience. Each dish is carefully prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure that every bite is as flavorful as possible. We invite you to enjoy all that pizza offers here at our restaurant. From traditional thin-crust varieties to unique artisan creations, there's something for every pizza lover. So come join us in tasting an Italian masterpiece: pizza!