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Bc Pizza menu prices featuring 129 items ranging from $2.49 to $69.99

BC Pizza is a pizza restaurant franchise, with BC standing for Best Choice. The company has built its reputation by providing its customers with Hometown Handmade Gourmet pizzas.

Bc Pizza menu prices featuring 129 items ranging from $2.49 to $69.99
I visited BC Pizza for lunch and dinner and boy, am I a fan of their high-quality pizzas! It all starts with secret recipes for their homemade sauce and crust which serve as the backbone of these pizzas.
Here's a little history lesson for you. Brothers Chris and Wayne Nelson came up with the idea of opening a high-quality gourmet pizzeria during their high school days - imagine the commitment! In 1988, they opened their first restaurant in Boyne City. Fast forward to today, and BC Pizza has expanded to over 30 stores! The brothers no longer have to stay up into the wee hours of the morning in their mother’s kitchen trialing recipes. Their love for pizza is clearly reflected in their success. If you want to delve deeper into BC Pizza's journey, check their website:

Where am I going to find BC Pizza?

Good news folks, every BC Pizza store is located right here in the United States. To find your nearest BC Pizza store, jump onto their website.

What have they got in store?

I'm going to talk food now. BC Pizza's menu showcases a variety of high-quality gourmet pizzas. Let me rattle off a few of my personal favorites - Sunrise Patrol (a breakfast pizza), Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza, Dill Pickle Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, and for the meat-lovers, Carnivore’s Feast. But it's not just about pizzas here, you'll find pastas, appetizers, subs, grinders, wraps, and desserts on the menu as well. One of my top picks from the dessert section has to be Cannoli - sweet and packed full of flavor!

How big are those pizzas?

At BC Pizza, you can select your pizza size based on your appetite - ranging from small personal pizzas to large, family-sized ones.

Do they cater to personal preferences?

Sure thing! Put on your chef's hat and create your own gourmet pizza at BC Pizza. Keep in mind though that certain toppings, like Dill Pickles and Swiss Cheese, will cost you a tad extra.

What about vegetarian options?

Absolutely! The BC Pizza menu boasts a great variety of vegetarian options too, like their garden salads, portabella salad, Dill Pickle Pizza, and Pizza Margherita.

And the working hours?

BC Pizza stores generally open from 11am and close at 10pm, with later opening hours on Fridays and Saturdays. The timings may vary by store, so do check with your local restaurant or refer to the company’s website.

Gluten-free options?

Yes, BC Pizza can make any of its subs or grinders gluten-free upon request. Moreover, all salad dressings and certain pizza crusts are gluten-free. However, do note that the kitchens are not 100% gluten-free.

Do they deliver?

They certainly do! Check with your local restaurant or the company’s website to see if they offer a BC Pizza delivery service.

Reservation needed?

Nope, you don’t need a reservation at BC Pizza stores. You can also order online for collection or call them to place your order.

Any current promotions?

Indeed, BC Pizza frequently offers promotions. What's on offer does vary between stores though, so check with your local restaurant for their current promos. In a bootstrap 5 card with the card-body class, let's quickly list out some of the pros and cons of BC Pizza.


  • Incredible variety of high-quality gourmet pizzas and more
  • Choice between a wide range of sizes
  • Ability to customize your own gourmet pizza
  • Vegetarian and Gluten-free options
  • Home delivery available


  • Store hours may vary, with some locations closing on Sundays and Mondays
  • Additional charges for certain toppings
  • Kitchens are not 100% gluten-free

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BC Pizza is a pizza restaurant franchise, with BC standing for Best Choice. The company has built its reputation by providing its customers with Hometown Handmade Gourmet pizzas.

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