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10 Best Italian Restaurants

Italian food is one of the things in life which you should never settle for anything less than the very best. Italian food is good when done mediocrely, but when it is done well, it can be extraordinarily delicious and transport you straight to Italy. Italian food, however, can be finicky, necessitating the ability to execute all of the dishes on the menu very well. Finding the best of the best Italian restaurants can be a fantastic ace up your sleeve when it comes to preparing a romantic date night dinner or gathering together with family for a fancy and delicious meal to celebrate.

No matter the occasion, anyone you bring to a great Italian restaurant is going to be impressed. There are two main types of Italian restaurants to be aware of: casual and fine dining. Both are very useful locations to know, as they each serve very different, but equally tasty, food. The fine dining Italian restaurants are going to be more expensive and formal, serving classic, and classy, Italian dishes.

The casual Italian restaurants are great places to stop for lunch at or to order a meal to-go, serving up delicious things such as sandwiches and subs traditionally found in Italy. Below is a list of amazing Italian restaurants we here at Menu Prices Today have curated so you do not have to worry about going through the trial and error of finding the best Italian restaurants available.

If you took a chance and visited one of the Italian restaurants on this list, you are sure to have had a great time there as well as having left with a stomach full of delicious Italian food done right. Whether you ended up somewhere serving up Italian subs or sandwiches or you went out for a fancy date night at a fine dining Italian restaurant, you will not have left disappointed or dissatisfied with the food you ordered.



The following list is ordered by popularity.

  1. Carrabbas Italian Grill

    Carrabbas Italian Grill

    One of the best places to eat chicken Bryan is Carrabba's Italian grill restaurant because it is popularly known to have traditionally made natural and tasty foods. What started as a family restaurant has become one of the most famous restaurants that combines American and Italian cultures to make unique delicacies. The restaurant offers a famous chicken Bryan delicacy, which is available for both lunch and dinner.

  2. Buona Beef

    Buona Beef

    Buona Beef is a popular chain of Illinois restaurants which specializes in Italian beef dishes, alongside pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs. The company is still run by three generations of the Buonavolanto family, who founded Buona Beef in 1981.

  3. Buca Di Beppo

    Buca Di Beppo

    Buca di Beppo is a popular chain of American restaurants, which specializes in Italian-American food. The company thrives on providing great food in an eclectic party setting in a family setting.

  4. Brio


    Brio restaurant was established in 1992 by executive chef Phil Yandolino, Rick Doody, and his brother Chris Doody. The restaurant chain's exclusive brand was Bravo Cucina Italiana before changing its name. The first restaurant debuted in Columbia.

  5. Bravo


    Bravo is a chain of Italian restaurants which serves fresh, simple and authentic Italian food, in a 'polished casual' restaurant setting. Each Bravo restaurant has a Roman-ruin decor, making your visit that extra bit special.

  6. Spoleto


    If you love authentic Italian food, then Spoleto is the place to be. Established in Rio de Janeiro in 1999, this Brazil-based restaurant was started with one goal. And that is to promote the culinary and cultural philosophy of Italy. It’s named after the town of Spoleto, Italy.

  7. Maggianos


    Maggianos is a popular chain of casual dining restaurants that specializes in Italian food and provides an authentic Italian experience to its customers.

  8. Piada


    Piada serves high-quality, vibrant, Italian street-food style food in a hurry. They specialize in Piadas, which are an Italian street food wrap, alongside flavorsome salads, pasta bowls, and soups.

  9. North Italia

    North Italia

    North Italia is a casual dining restaurant based in Scottsdale, Arizona, with 21 locations all over the country. They are known for being an upscale casual dining restaurant, with a full bar, and modern interpretations of classic Italian and American cuisine. Owned by The Cheesecake Factory, North Italia is planning on expanding to more locations across the US, serving their signature Italian pasta, pizza, and appetizers.

  10. Rosatis


    Giving the people what they want is the goal of the founder Sam Rosati about a century ago and is still Rosati restaurant's goal up until this day. It was a simple philosophy that Sam Rosati lived by and proved to be a success later on. Rosati has several locations in the USA, particularly in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennesee, Texas, and Wisconsin. Because of that simple goal of providing what customers want, Rosatis became an instant hit with customers and spawned many locations nationwide.

Finding a delicious Italian restaurant, no matter what is served on the menu, is always a great addition to your arsenal of restaurants and can help add a little bit of variety to your life, allowing you to mix it up with some casual and fine dining Italian food in your rotating list of restaurants to visit. It is our hope that you have found a new favorite place to visit for a meal of delicious and authentic Italian food.