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Spoleto menu prices featuring 58 items ranging from $0.94 to $17.60

If you love authentic Italian food, then Spoleto is the place to be. Established in Rio de Janeiro in 1999, this Brazil-based restaurant was started with one goal. And that is to promote the culinary and cultural philosophy of Italy. It’s named after the town of Spoleto, Italy.

Spoleto menu prices featuring 58 items ranging from $0.94 to $17.60

The Spoleto menu features a wide range of foods, including pasta, pizzas, salads, and sauces. Whether you want to grab a quick bite on your way to an event or you want to have a four-course dinner with your friends, then Spoleto has got you covered.

About Spoleto

As mentioned earlier, Spoleto was launched in Rio de Janeiro in 1999. It was established by a partnership of two friends namely Mario Chady and Eduardo Ourivio. And since its launch, it has grown considerably to more than 300 outlets across several countries in South America.

Following its considerable growth in South America, Spoleto decided to expand its horizons and set up shop in North America. It opened its first eatery in the Sunshine State, near the University of Central Florida. It then opened a second outlet at the Florida Mall.

But like other service-based businesses, Spoleto was forced to close its operations in the U.S in 2020. However, Spoleto managed to bounce back in 2021 and opened a ghost kitchen at the Dollins Food Hall.

And, this was followed by the opening of another location in June 2022. Judging by this momentum, you can expect Spoleto to keep growing and open more locations. And, there’s a high chance that this brand will eventually expand its operations to other states across the U.S.

Where Can You Find Spoleto

As we mentioned earlier, Spoleto has more than 300 locations in South America. As you may expect, the majority of its locations in South America are in Brazil, since that’s where it was originally established. However, you can also find Spoleto in Mexico and Spain.

In North America, you can now have your favorite Spoleto delicacy at the Dollins Food Hall and the Marketplace at Avalon Park. Regardless of the location or outlet, you happen to visit, you can be assured that you will have the full Spoleto experience.

What is Different about Spoleto?

There is no shortage of Italian restaurants in South America and Florida. So, why should you buy your Italian delicacies at this joint instead of the other Italian-based eateries?

Well, Spoleto is not your ordinary Italian restaurant. Most Italian restaurants will simply prepare basic, standard foods and then give them some Italian names, making you think that you are having authentic Italian food.

But, this is not the case with Spoleto. The founders of Spoleto have years of experience when it comes to Italian food and culture. So, regardless of whether you are having a simple sandwich or a full kitchen, you can be confident you will enjoy authentic Italian food.

Also, Spoleto is renowned for its farm-to-table approach when it comes to how they prepare food. All the ingredients used to make their food are fresh, and organic, meaning that you don’t have to worry about ingesting harmful chemicals or substances. So, when you visit Spoleto for your food or drink, you can rest assured that you are having high-quality food, which is worth every dollar.

Furthermore, offers top-notch customer service. Regardless of whether you are placing an online order or you are buying your favorite Italian food from one of their physical locations, you will always enjoy the best customer service. Everyone that works at Spoleto carries themselves with the highest levels of professionalism. You will also notice that orders are prepared promptly and there are no rude servers.

In addition, the Spoleto menu has a vast collection of foods to choose from, depending on your tastes and preferences. Simply put, it’s almost impossible to visit this restaurant and fail to find something that will whet your appetite. From breakfast to brunch, lunch to dinner, Spoleto has got you covered on all fronts.

Spoleto prides itself in offering some of the best Italian-based foods and cuisines. The main Spoleto menu food items are pasta, salads, pizzas, sauces, sandwiches, chicken risotto and toppings.

For pasta, you can choose between spaghetti, penne, fettucini, zoodles, farfalle, and GF Penne and ravioli. If you decide to add salads to your dishes, then you can go for spinach, baby gem and arugula. As for sauces, you can choose between pesto, Bolognese, marinara, arrabbiata and Alfredo.

Spoleto also offers plenty of toppings to choose from to go with the food that you have ordered. Some of the available options include carrots, broccoli, garlic, red onions, ricotta, sundried tomatoes, zucchini, bacon, heirloom tomatoes, pepperoni, green peppers, truffle mushrooms and spinach, among others.

The foods that we’ve mentioned here are just a small selection from the Spoleto menu. You should visit the official Spoleto website for more information about the food options on the menu.

Spoleto is a family-friendly Italian restaurant. And like other family-friendly eateries, you can find plenty of delicious foods for your little ones. Whether you are hanging out with your toddler or school-going children, Spoleto has plenty of foods on offer for all age groups. Therefore, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding something that your children will love in this restaurant.

Does Spoleto Cater to Vegetarians

Spoleto also caters to vegetarians. Unlike some of the other Italian restaurants out there, Spoleto offers customizations for its various foods. For instance, if you want to have pizza, you can choose your base, sauce, finishes, toppings and others.

So, as a vegetarian or someone who follows a plant-based diet, you will have an opportunity to build your pizza the way you would like it. And this means you can exclude any dairy-related or meat-related additions.

Is Spoleto Food Healthy

Spoleto prepares healthy food. It uses organic and fresh farm ingredients, to prepare all its foods. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are not ingesting harmful chemicals whenever you are enjoying your favorite Spoleto dish.

How to Order Food

Spoleto gives you three options when it comes to ordering food. First, you can visit any of its locations for a sit-in meal. Second, you can visit any of its physical outlets and order a takeaway.

And third, you can order online from Spoleto. The third option is the most convenient one, for someone with a tight schedule. You just have to order your favorite Italian food from Spoleto and it will be delivered directly to your location.

Hours of Operation

Spoleto is open every day of the week. The opening hours are between 12 noon and 9 pm. It’s worth mentioning that the restaurant is quite busy around 4 pm. So, if you want to avoid crowds, then it will be highly advisable to visit earlier or later than 4 pm.


Whether you simply love the taste of authentic Italian food or you are a true Italian, you can never go wrong with Spoleto. It has some of the best Italian cuisines in South America and North America.

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Spoleto Menu

If you love authentic Italian food, then Spoleto is the place to be. Established in Rio de Janeiro in 1999, this Brazil-based restaurant was started with one goal. And that is to promote the culinary and cultural philosophy of Italy. It’s named after the town of Spoleto, Italy.

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