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Spoleto menu prices featuring 58 items ranging from $0.94 to $17.60

If you love authentic Italian food, then Spoleto is the place to be. Established in Rio de Janeiro in 1999, this Brazil-based restaurant was started with one goal. And that is to promote the culinary and cultural philosophy of Italy. It’s named after the town of Spoleto, Italy.

Spoleto menu prices featuring 58 items ranging from $0.94 to $17.60

I found myself at Spoleto, staring at an expansive menu that promised my palate a flavorful feast of pastas, pizzas, salads, and an array of sauces. It was amazing to realize that Spoleto wasn't just for those moments when you want a simple bite before rushing off to your next agenda. Just as beautifully, it was also for when you and your friends decide to indulge in a lengthy four-course dinner, laughter bubbling with every sip of wine.

My Adventure Into Spoleto's History

As fascinating as its menu is, Spoleto's backstory is a delectable dish for the history buff. I discovered that two friends, Mario Chady and Eduardo Ourivio, gave birth to the concept back in Rio de Janeiro in 1999. Boy, has it grown since then! Today, there's a Spoleto food joint dotting more than 300 locations in South America. Talking about the power of friendship!

The staggering growth didn't stop there. Spoleto set its sights on North America, opening its first outlet in the Sunshine State, near the University of Central Florida. It was heartwarming to see the resilience of the Spoleto family when they had to shut shop due to the pandemic in 2020. Nonetheless, 2021 saw them bounce back, opening a ghost kitchen at the Dollins Food Hall.

I couldn't help but admire the strides Spoleto took in the face of adversity. Even as I write this blog, I'm thrilled at the prospect of seeing Spoleto expand across America thanks to the promising new location they opened in June 2022. It's heartening to know that good food and strong spirit thrive amidst challenges.

Spoleto Stations

If you're curious about its locations, let me tell you, Spoleto's global presence is impressive. With more than 300 spots across South America, the heart of its operations beat the loudest in Brazil - its birthplace. Not to be left out, Mexico and Spain also join this tasty parade.

In North America, you can get your Spoleto fix at the Dollins Food Hall and the Marketplace at Avalon Park. What's wonderful is that irrespective of which outlet you walk into, the quality, taste, and overall Spoleto experience remain consistent.

Why Spoleto Stands Out

There's no shortage of Italian joints in South America or Florida. So, why did I choose Spoleto? This isn't just another Italian restaurant. Spoleto's authenticity stems from its founders' deep-rooted love for Italian food and culture. Basic Italian names don't blanket their dishes. Instead, each dish twirls with the vibrance of genuine Italian flavor.

Then there's their admirable farm-to-table approach. I cherished every bite, comforted by the knowledge that the ingredients were fresh and organic. No nasty chemicals to fear here! Plus, I must mention their stellar customer service. Whether you're placing an online order or dining at one of their locations, you can expect top-notch professionalism and prompt service. Plus, I've never had a rude encounter with their staff.

The Spoleto menu keeps things interesting with its wide variety. From breakfast to dinner, Spoleto caters to every food mood. It's virtually impossible to not find something that entices your taste buds.

Get ready for a culinary whirlwind when you browse through Spoleto's menu. They proudly whip up some of the best Italian dishes. Pasta, salads, pizzas, sauces, sandwiches, chicken risotto, and an array of toppings stand out as their signature dishes.

If pasta is your soul food, you can choose between spaghetti, penne, fettuccini, zoodles, farfalle, and GF Penne and ravioli. Salad enthusiasts can dive into a bowl of spinach, baby gem or arugula. Their sauce options cover pesto, Bolognese, marinara, arrabbiata, and Alfredo. And the toppings - yum! They pack a flavorful punch with options like carrots, broccoli, garlic, red onions, ricotta, sundried tomatoes, zucchini, bacon, heirloom tomatoes, pepperoni, green peppers, truffle mushrooms, and spinach sharing space on their menu.

I'm only scraping the surface here. There's way more deliciousness to discover on their official Spoleto website.

Kid-Friendly Choices

If you're a parent like me, you'll appreciate Spoleto's warm ambiance that's equally welcoming to children. Their menu has a charming array of dishes that kids will love. Whether you're hanging with your toddler or a bunch of school-going kiddos, you'll have happy and satisfied tummies!

Veggie-Lovers, Take Note!

Spoleto doesn't forget the vegetarians or those who follow a plant-based diet. The menu is flexible with customization options. For instance, you can build your perfect pizza, choosing your base, sauce, toppings while staying away from any meat or dairy additions.

Healthy Eating at Spoleto

Spoleto's commitment to health is evident in their food. Pumping fresh, organic farm ingredients into their dishes assures you of healthy and chemical-free meals.

Ordering is a Breeze!

Spoleto makes ordering food effortless. You have three options: walk into a location for a sit-in meal, do a takeaway from their outlets, or order online for direct delivery. The last one works great for busy bees who don't compromise on taste!

Timings and More

Spoleto loves to feed you seven days a week, 12 noon to 9 pm. Just a heads up, if crowd surfacing isn't your thing, you may want to skip going around 4 pm as that's when it's busiest.

In Conclusion

If you're an authentic Italian food lover like me, or even an Italian at heart, you won't be disappointed with Spoleto. It’s a culinary gem in South America and North America.


  • Varied menu catering to diverse tastes
  • Authentic Italian cooking by experienced chefs
  • Impeccable service
  • Vegan and vegetarian options available


  • The restaurant tends to get busy by 4 pm
  • Not as many locations in the U.S.

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