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Best Fondue Restaurants

Fondue is a classic Swiss dish that has become popular with foodies around the world, and rightly so. It’s a great way to get creative while enjoying delicious treats with friends and family. Fondue uniquely combines cheese melted in white wine, often served with chunks of bread or vegetables for dipping. The origins of fondue can be traced back to Switzerland in the 16th century when it was made by melting local Swiss cheeses such as Emmental, Gruyère and Appenzeller, which were then combined with kirschwasser (a brandy made from cherries). 


When making fondue, the recipe may vary depending on preference, but typically involves heating some type of flour-based broth such as chicken stock or beef bouillon along with garlic, onion, and other herbs and spices for flavor. The cheese is added to this mixture before being melted over low heat until it achieves a smooth creamy consistency. Once the desired mixture is ready, the fondue pot sits over an open flame or electric hot plate and is ready for dipping! Bread chunks are ‌used to dip into the fondue pot in order to capture some of its cheesy goodness. Cubed meats such as ham or sausages can also be used, as well as vegetables like mushrooms or carrots. 


Besides its savory counterpart, sweet fondues can also be enjoyed; chocolate being one of the most popular choices. Chocolate fondues are usually made using semi-sweet chocolate chips that are melted together with butter, cream and sugar until they reach a smooth creamy consistency; sometimes liqueurs such as amaretto or Grand Mariner can also be added for additional flavor. 


Fondue is not only delicious but also provides many opportunities for interactive fun within groups; this makes it perfect for dinner parties or any other gathering where people come together looking for a good time. So why not try hosting your own fondue night? Grab your goblets, grab your loved ones and get dipping!


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  1. Melting Pot

    Melting Pot

    Melting Pot is a casual dining chain of restaurants in the US with franchises in Canada and Mexico. As of January 2021, the restaurant has 97 locations, with the company owned by Front Business Brands. Melting Pot is known for serving gourmet fondue items on its menu, specializing in cheese and chocolate fondue, but also offering main dishes like steak, salads, seafood, soup, and an extensive wine list.

Fondue is a one-of-a-kind culinary experience that allows you to share a meal with friends and family uniquely. Its flexibility, variety, and adaptability make it an ideal dinner option for anyone looking for something special. Its combination of cheese, chocolate, broth, and oil provides a variety of flavors and textures that appeal to any palate. It's fun, interactive, and can be customized according to individual tastes.