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Best French Restaurants

Wonderful, high-quality French cuisine is not easy to come by, though it is most definitely worth it when you do manage to find the perfect French restaurant with a menu filled with nothing but authentic and delicious French dishes. French food can be very difficult to make properly as it requires a lot of finesse, precision, and patience, so when it is not done well, it is very evident that it is really not done well, but when someone can cook French cuisine to perfection, the flavors can take you straight to France, whether you have been there or not. While many restaurants offer a simple, easy to make French dish here or there such as a variation of quiche or a French onion soup, it is difficult to find a restaurant with truly delicious and authentic French cuisine.

Now, thanks to us here at Menu Prices Today, all of the hard work of finding a wonderful French restaurant for elegant and satisfying meals has been taken care of for you. Below is a wonderful list of some French restaurants that have absolutely stunning food which is sure to leave you satisfied and full, wishing you had room for more food, especially for some dessert, and ready to come back again as soon as you can. You may even find yourself ordering some of the desserts you were eyeballing to-go so that you can eat it when you are not nearly as full and can continue to enjoy the delicious delicacies the French cuisine has to offer.

Menu Prices Today knows the difficulty of finding the perfect French restaurant to dine at, which is why we went through all of the effort for you in order to provide you with the ease of finding a place to enjoy delicious French cuisine whenever you would like to. With this goal in mind, we hope you were able to find this list of great French restaurants helpful and we hope you were able to find a French restaurant which can satisfy all your needs and cravings for authentic French cuisine whenever you would like.

The following list is ordered by popularity.

  1. Au Bon Pain

    Au Bon Pain

    Au Bon Pain serves delicious French food, all day long. Duh! Au Bon Pain prides itself on providing delicious French and French-inspired cuisine. Au Bon Pain serves all sorts of amazing baked goods, from baguettes to bagels and everything in between.

Whether you are going out for a fancy first date, celebrating a momentous occasion, or just catching up with family or friends, wonderful a nice French restaurant serving up authentic and delicious French cuisine can make everything more enjoyable because good company is made even better by good food.