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Au Bon Pain menu prices featuring 62 items ranging from $0.59 to $8.99

Au Bon Pain serves delicious French food, all day long. Duh! Au Bon Pain prides itself on providing delicious French and French-inspired cuisine. Au Bon Pain serves all sorts of amazing baked goods, from baguettes to bagels and everything in between.

Au Bon Pain menu prices featuring 62 items ranging from $0.59 to $8.99

Au Bon Pain makes delicious bread and is genuinely not to be missed if you get the opportunity to grab a bite to eat there for breakfast. The French pride themselves on their breakfast foods, and Au Bon Pain does not let the side down. Where else can you get a real French breakfast outside of France for the same prices you might buy a fast-food meal? Hardly any places indeed!

Au Bon Pain is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a week (opening times vary by state and by store)

Au Bon Pain was the soulful creation of rookie businessman Louis Kane. Kane was minding his own business in the Faneuil Marketplace in old Boston, when he noticed a few traditional French bakery ovens for sale and the wafting aroma of freshly made bread. He thought, and he was correct, that the smell of freshly baked bread would be so tantalizing that he would be sure to bring in more and more customers off the street based on the smell alone. And, so it did. He bought a traditional oven for his bakery and placed it behind the counter, so customers could see, smell, and even feel the heat of the oven. Nothing says freshness better than seeing it made right before your eyes.

You can find out more about Au Bon Pain by clicking the following link.

What makes Au Bon Pain special?

Au Bon uses traditional methods of baking to create amazing and delicious types of bread, pastries, and other wonderful treats. All of their foods are handcrafted with love, all in an effort to offer you gourmet food at fast food prices with fast food speed of service. The best of both worlds, in other words. The Au Bon Pain ethos is that food should be nourishing and delicious, there should be balance. Fresh bread is good for the soul, and a happy customer is all that matters to them at the end of the day. Au Bon Pain bakes all of their food daily, so you know what you are eating could not be any fresher. Or any more delicious!

Where can I find Au Bon Pain?

Au Bon Pain has moved well beyond a single bakery! There are now over 250 unique Au Bon Pain locations all over the world. While it is expected that most of the locations are in the USA, you may be interested to know that Thailand has the second most locations, having recently opened their 60th Au Bon Pain! Clearly, Au Bon Pain makes universally loveable food. No matter where you come from.

If you want to find out where the closest Au Bon Pain is to you, you can do so by clicking on the following link to their complete list of locations. Click here.

Why are only some locations 24/7?

While some Au Bon Pain locations may be open 24 hours, this is not the norm. These 24/7 locations are usually in very densely populated areas, like New York City, where the demand for their food is an all-day affair. Unfortunately, not every location can maintain 24-hour continuous service. A common criticism of Au Bon Pain is that their opening times vary so much. While yes, this is true, they are found all over the world, so they open in accordance with local rules and regulations as well as consumer needs. To be sure, it's best to check individual store opening times on Google.

Is Au Bon Pain authentic French cuisine?

Authentic? Maybe not. While it is pretty close, the French, more than most, are very particular about the way their food is prepared. You may be 99% of the way there, but that missing 1% will have many argue it is no longer authentic. That being said, it is French food prepared well and with love – what more can you really ask for? Authenticity is almost always in the eye of the beholder. Don't get too caught up in what is authentic and what is not.

Does Au Bon Pain do vegan options?

Yes! Au Bon Pain has so many remarkable vegan options on its menu. So many of their bread and bagels are completely vegan-friendly, as well as their wraps and bagels. They have a ton of delicious vegan breakfast options like rolled oat and Mediterranean wraps. If you are unsure what was suitable for a vegan, or someone with any other dietary needs, just go ahead and ask a member of staff in-store. They are well-equipped to deal with any of your dietary questions.

Au Bon Pain is well-known for its freshly baked bread. So, naturally, that's a good place to start. All of their bread is baked fresh in-house daily, so it's no surprise that most people are there for their lovely loaves! Building on their breads, they have great gourmet handcrafted sandwiches using their bread as a base and using only the freshest and most delicious ingredients to accompany it. This isn't your average sub shop! Their salads are fresh and tantalizing without being overbearing and filling. They are true to French cuisine when it comes to lunch, light and healthy, without compromising on flavor.

What does Au Bon Pain mean?

Au Bon Pain is French (surprise) for "of good bread". Au—Bon – Pain. The name embodies everything that this wonderful fast-casual dining chain tries to be. Good bread is not just a treat for those that eat it, it makes or breaks an entire meal. Good bread is the difference between a meal that will be remembered and simply eating because you are hungry. It's a simple name, but as with baking bread, simple is often best.

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Au Bon Pain serves delicious French food, all day long. Duh! Au Bon Pain prides itself on providing delicious French and French-inspired cuisine. Au Bon Pain serves all sorts of amazing baked goods, from baguettes to bagels and everything in between.

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