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47 Best Chicken Restaurant Menus


Kfc Menu Prices

KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken to give it its full name, is a fast-food chain that needs no introduction. Found in all four corners of the world, the number of KFC stores is only beaten by Mcdonald's.

Chicken Shack

Chicken Shack Menu Prices

One might think that, based on the name, Chicken Shack only serves Chicken. While they are known for, and serve award winning chicken, they also offer a diverse menu including Seafood, Baby Back ribs and a variety of sandwiches! They have several styles of sauces ranging from BBQ to Sweet and Spicy, and a variety of sides including their homemade Cole Slaw, famous Baby Back Ribs, and hand cut “Shack Potatoes”.

Chicken Salad Chick

Chicken Salad Chick Menu Prices

In 2008, Stacy Brown, in partnership with her husband, established the chicken salad chick restaurant in Auburn, Alabama. When the business began to take off, brown began selling her delicious chicken salad in the teacher's lounge and hair salons.

Chicken King

Chicken King Menu Prices

Although the Chicken King menu is widely known for its delicious selection of chicken dishes, this chicken restaurant is also well-known for its po-boys, barbecues, seafood platters, salads, steaks, and more. They are a locally owned chicken restaurant based in Louisiana that is dedicated to serving delicious southern meals.

Chicken Express

Chicken Express Menu Prices

Chicken Express is all about never frozen, Fried Chicken, and creating an easy dining experience for the client. Specializing in Fried Chicken, Super Sweet Tea, and the fact that each location allows customers to Dine in, Drive Thru, or have it delivered!

Chick Fil A

Chick Fil A Menu Prices

If you spent any time at all on social media in 2019 you likely remember a time when there was a war (not literally but pretty close) being fought over which fast food chicken chain was the first to serve a fried chicken sandwich.

Panda Express

Panda Express Menu Prices

Panda Express is a fast food chain restaurant and a world leader in Asian dining experiences. It was founded in 1983 in California, United States. Currently, the company has over 2200 locations mainly located in North America and Asia. Panda Express offers healthy choices that will delight your taste buds.


Popeyes Menu Prices

Popeyes (officially named Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.,) is an American fast food chain focused on fried chicken.

Bushs Chicken

Bushs Chicken Menu Prices

It was the year 1996 when Keith and Charlene Bush established their business on the outskirts of Waco under the name Bush's Chicken. From its humble origins, they were able to quickly franchise their business in other areas and build it into a fast food chain that is now spread throughout the entire state of Texas.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu Prices

One might think Buffalo Wild Wings only offers wings, and while that is in fact the specialty offered at Buffalo Wild Wings, there are also menu options available for Chicken Sandwiches, Chicken Street Tacos, as well as burgers, and other bar/pub style foods! Buffalo Wild Wings is a great establishment serving wings, bar snacks, and a full bar experience while you sit back and watch your favorite team!

Boston Market

Boston Market Menu Prices

Boston Market is a popular chain of American fast food restaurants, and its menu heavily features rotisserie chicken.


Bonchon Menu Prices

Bonchon, or Bonchon Chicken, is a popular chain of restaurants serving South Korean fried chicken.


Bojangles Menu Prices

Bojangles is a popular chain of fast food restaurants which specializes in fried chicken, which is served in hand-made buttermilk biscuits. The company serves its meals with a good range of sides (or Fixin’s as they call them), and it is known for providing great Southern hospitality.

Big Shot Bobs

Big Shot Bobs Menu Prices

Big Shot Bobs House of Wings is a popular American chain of restaurants, known for serving great chicken wings, with an almost endless supply of flavors.

Americas Best Wings

Americas Best Wings Menu Prices

America's Best Wings is a chain of restaurants that specializes in – yes, you guessed it – wings! But the company doesn’t just serve great wings, they also serve seafood, salads, burgers, wraps and much more.


Wienerwald Menu Prices

When you think of fast food and gourmet food, you don’t usually combine the two concepts in one sentence. Or even worse, conjure up an image in your head. I know that I thought that this didn’t exist, but then we found Wienerwald German fast food chain. And we're so glad that we did!


Wingstreet Menu Prices

At select Pizza Hut locations, currently 1,000 and growing, patrons can experience either the traditional Pizza Hut experience or the newly modern WingStreet experience rolled out at select locations. You will come to find that WingStreet menu is simply the hot wings portion of their menu coined with a fancy name.

Tkk Fried Chicken

Tkk Fried Chicken Menu Prices

TKK Fried Chicken is a popular chain of Taiwanese fast food fried chicken stores, which specializes in fried chicken meals and burgers.

Royal Castle

Royal Castle Menu Prices

Royal Castle has long been a staple of fast food, serving people on the go delicious, filling meals at a low price.

Red Rooster

Red Rooster Menu Prices

Red Rooster is an extremely popular chain of Australian fast food restaurants that specialize in chicken dishes. The company is best known for serving its whole roast chickens, which can be accompanied by an impressive range of side dishes. Alongside this, the company serves a popular range of chicken burgers and fried chicken.

Mary Browns

Mary Browns Menu Prices

Mary Browns is the fastest-growing chicken brand in Canada. It was founded in 1969 in St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador. While much has changed since then, the restaurant chain remains true to its commitment – to provide genuine hospitality. Currently, the brand operates over 200 stores.


Marrybrown Menu Prices

Marrybrown is a Malaysian-based chain of fast food restaurants, which has a strong presence in its Malaysian homeland.

Churchs Chicken

Churchs Chicken Menu Prices

Being adaptive, open to opportunities, and set on taking a cost-efficient approach to their restaurant operations without sacrificing quality has placed them as a top pick. Serving the world’s best chicken plus other tasty options while helping families get the most bang for their buck, Church’s Chicken is a household favorite. Across 26 countries and 1,600+ locations, they’re worth over a billion bucks!

Big Rooster

Big Rooster Menu Prices

Chicken remains one of the most loved foods on the planet. Whether it’s fried or roast chicken, customers will always enjoy it for lunch or dinner. Since Big Rooster began its operations, it has established itself as a restaurant of choice for people who want quality, succulent, and skillfully cooked foods. If chicken is one of your most preferred foods for a delightful lunch or dinner experience, a Big Rooster menu is one you can try out and, certainly, you won’t get disappointed.

Al Farooj Fresh

Al Farooj Fresh Menu Prices

If you're in the mood for some delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, then you need to check out Al Farooj Fresh! This restaurant is known for their fresh, made-to-order dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. From falafel and shawarma, to hummus and kabobs, there's something for everyone at Al Farooj Fresh.

Raising Canes

Raising Canes Menu Prices

Raising Canes is a popular chain of American fast-food restaurants which specialize in fried chicken fingers. The company is called Raising Cane after the owner's yellow Labrador, who served as the company’s mascot.

Slim Chickens

Slim Chickens Menu Prices

The Slim Chickens brand has successfully winged its way to the hearts and stomachs of its customers by combining its delicious chicken meals with southern charm and hospitality.


Zaxbys Menu Prices

Zaxbys is an incredibly popular chain of fast-casual restaurants that are predominantly found in the Southern United States. The company specialises in chicken wings, chicken fingers, sandwiches, and a range of salads.

Pollo Tropical

Pollo Tropical Menu Prices

Sporting a celebrated collection of grilled chicken, pulled pork, sauces, rice dishes and Latin-Caribbean inspired items, Pollo Tropical has expanded with the appeal of its wide, versatile and delicious menu. While the name translates to ' Tropical Chicken ' from Spanish, Pollo Tropical is really a showcase of Latin-Caribbean cuisine true to its South Florida roots, home to a sizable and vibrant community of Caribbean cooks. Pollo Tropical is an American chain specializing in a Latin-Caribbean menu with the signature items being the combinations pairing with cuts and flavors of grilled chicken.


Jollibee Menu Prices

If there is one thing that Jollibee is known for worldwide, it is its delicious and crispy fried chicken. Jollibee’s chicken is so good that one of the most asked questions about Jollibee on Google is “Why is Jollibee chicken so good?” Some past diners even say it will outshine KFC in Europe soon. 


Wingstop Menu Prices

In 1994, the start of something big was taking place, with its potential not yet clearly seen or understood until the Wingstop menu became a favorite for many. This happened in Garland, Texas (which is on the outskirts of Dallas). 3 years later, its potential would start to become noticed nationwide as they began to offer franchise opportunities.


Pdq Menu Prices

PDQ is a chain of fast-casual restaurants that was founded in 2011 by Bob Basham and Nick Richards. The name PDQ stands for People Dedicated to Quality, and is also known as an abbreviation for "Pretty Darn Quick." PDQ opened its first restaurant in Tampa, Florida. As of 2019, there are 73 locations in 17 states and they are commonly recognized for their fresh, made-to-order chicken. 


Roosters Menu Prices

Roosters Piri Piri was founded in 1992, having its first location in Ealing, Broadway. It started out as the home of fried chicken but later saw a huge gap for healthy fast food and switched its gears in 2010. The company was founded by Khalid Mirza and is based in the United Kingdom. It now has over 42 branches located in different parts of the United Kingdom.

Golden Chick

Golden Chick Menu Prices

Golden Chick is one of the fastest-growing fast-food franchises in the United States, which specializes in fried chicken, which is served alongside an impressive range of side dishes. At Golden Chick you can have your fried chicken on its own, or in a range of delicious burgers.


Nandos Menu Prices

Nando’s is a South African fast-casual restaurant chain focused on chicken-based dishes. They’re famous for their flame-grilled peri-peri chicken.

Metro Diner

Metro Diner Menu Prices

The story of Metro Diner dates back to 1938. With the help of Master Chef Mark Davoli, this restaurant opened its first branch in Jacksonville. The entrepreneur introduced new dishes, elevated the menu, and modernized the services. Officially branded in 1992, the fast food chain became the go-to option for comforting classics. The transformation story is what sets the company apart from other business minds. Today, Metro Diner has more than 50 locations in 12 states.


Pluckers Menu Prices

Pluckers is a popular chain of wing bars, predominantly located in Texas. They cook great-tasting wings, which are served with a range of sauces to meet your taste.

Luna Grill

Luna Grill Menu Prices

Luna grill opened its doors in 2004 with a focus on providing great-tasting and fresh Mediterranean food. Husband and wife, Sean and Maria Pourteymour opened the first Luna Grill Restaurant in San Diego California with Maria as a chief cuisine officer and Sean as a CEO. Luna Grill has several locations particularly in Orange County, San Diego, Venture/ Santa Barbara, Inland Empire, Los Angeles County, and Dallas/Forth Worth. All of the restaurants are company owned which means that you'd have the same dining experience no matter where the Luna Grill restaurant is located.

Taco Mac

Taco Mac Menu Prices

Taco Mac is a popular chain of casual dining restaurants that actually specializes in wings and beers. But the restaurant has taco in the name we hear you cry! Taco Mac was created with limited funds, and the founders had a choice between spending their money on a new kitchen, or a new sign out the front of their first branch. The kitchen won and Taco Mac opened specializing in wings, and the rest is history!

Cotton Patch

Cotton Patch Menu Prices

Cotton Patch Cafe is an American chain based in Texas, with branches in 56 locations in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. They are known for their from-scratch approach to preparing food, as well as their Southern-style dishes that are the signature of Texas-style cooking. They offer a wide range of Southern comfort food, such as Chicken Fried Steak, chicken tenders, Tex Mex, and other American fares.

Millers Ale House

Millers Ale House Menu Prices

Mouthwatering food, sport being played on huge TVs, thirst-quenching drinks, and great company with friends. If this sounds like the perfect combination for you, then you should really check out Millers Ale House.

Chicken Licken Berea Za

Chicken Licken Berea Za Menu Prices

A professionally and skillfully cooked piece of fried chicken is a great delight. It’s easy to find a place you can eat chicken, but not all food joints will give you a memorable, quality, and fun-filled experience. That’s why Chicken Licken has established itself, since its inception, as a sought-after fried chicken fast-food restaurant chain. If you’re looking for that one place where excellence meets a rich tradition and experience in the fast-food industry, Chicken Licken is one you can gladly consider.

Chicken Republic Nz

Chicken Republic Nz Menu Prices

Chicken Republic is arguably Nigeria’s largest and most popular chicken restaurant chain, far outstripping American chains such as KFC. The company is best known for its signature fried chicken, but it also serves some traditional meals such as jollof rice and fried rice.

Chicken Treat Au

Chicken Treat Au Menu Prices

Chicken Treat is Australia’s home to slow-cooked rotisserie, juicy fried chickens, and highly tempting burgers. Founded by Frank Romano, Chicken Treat started serving tasty chicken to families and groups in 1976 to satisfy their hunger and cravings. The Chicken Treat menu is now offered to more than sixty outlets in Western Australia and has been expanding to reach more locations.

Morleys Uk

Morleys Uk Menu Prices

Morley’s chicken restaurant is a chain of fast food restaurants in the UK. The founder, a Sri Lankan immigrant known as Kannalingam, created Morley's in 1985, where its original location is in the southeast of London. Later, when the founder died, Shan took control of the business in 2022. In 2018, Shan had already started the franchise growth of the business by building several sites across London to become the most renowned restaurant that dealt with chicken food in the nation.

Mrs Winners Chicken Biscuit

Mrs Winners Chicken Biscuit Menu Prices

Fried chicken may be the quintessential Southern dish, but great fried chicken is hard to find. Luckily, Mrs. Winner’s Chicken & Biscuits serves up delicious fried chicken every day of the week, making this favorite meal, not just Southern but 24/7!

Kfc   Uk

Kfc Uk Menu Prices

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was founded in Corbin, Kentucky by Colonel Harland Sanders. As at January 2020, there were over 24 000 restaurants in more than 145 countries worldwide. Sanders originally sold his famous fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in 1930. Sanders soon realized its potential for franchising, and the first KFC franchise opened in 1952.