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Oporto menu prices featuring 37 items ranging from $4.00 to $90.02

Oporto is a chain of quick-service restaurants in Australia and New Zealand specializing in flame-grilled chicken dishes with a Portuguese style. It was founded in 1986 in North Bondi, New South Wales, Australia, and started as a small chicken shop. It eventually grew into a dine-in restaurant, and now has over 100 locations in Australia and New Zealand. Aside from Portuguese-style flame-grilled chicken, they also serve burgers, salads, wraps, desserts, meals, and sides.

Oporto menu prices featuring 37 items ranging from $4.00 to $90.02

During my recent trip Down Under, I had the pleasure of dining at Oporto. It's not just your regular quick-service restaurant, but they offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they specialize in Portuguese-style flame-grilled chicken. Lovely experience!

Oporto is a restaurant chain established by the Australian Portuguese, Antonio Cerqueira. From a humble beginning as a small chicken shop situated in North Bondi with the original name of Portuguese Style Bondi Charcoal Chicken, Oporto has more than 100 locations in 2023. And guess what made Antonio name his ever-growing business Oporto? His favorite football team, FC Porto, of course! That's commitment right there!

Did you know in 1995, they franchised their first restaurant? And boy have they diversified their offerings! Not just chicken now, they also serve wraps, salads, desserts, and sides. Fun fact, in 2005, these guys were hailed as the fastest-growing franchise in Australia by the Business Review Weekly! How cool is that?

They gave the international market a swing in 2011 with a store in London's Victoria station, which unfortunately had to close in 2011. They even had a shot at the US market in 2011, but it also closed in 2013. Despite some unsuccessful attempts overseas, by 2023, you can find them all over states like New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, and not to forget, even in New Zealand.

The convenience of Oporto is unmatched with three types of stores to choose from - Drive-Thru, Shopping Centers, and Strip Stores. Want more info about Oporto? Do visit their website at

What's so special about Oporto?

Action speaks louder than words and nothing screams Oporto's commitment to the quality of their food louder than their unique Portuguese approach. Even though it's a quick-service restaurant, the food is made to order with a guarantee of freshness and quality.

You're probably wondering "so where's the chicken from?". Oporto sources its chicken from Australia and New Zealand. The chicken is hormone-free and grilled to perfection over a flame grill, never fried. All ingredients are fresh, never frozen because they believe in serving rich and fresh flavors.

Having started its journey on the shores of North Bondi, Oporto's vibe is very beach-oriented, chill, and relaxed. It encourages dining with family and friends, aiming not just to serve really good flame-grilled chicken meals but also to create fun and memorable experiences.

Now let's talk about the menu, there are 10 different categories:

  • Chicken
  • Burgers
  • Rappas
  • Bowls
  • Mealboxes
  • Kid-O's Meals
  • Bites and Snacks
  • Brekkie
  • Sauces and Sides
  • Desserts

The star of the show at Oporto is the chicken, cooked in true Portuguese-style. It's juicy, smokey, and rich in flavor. And okay, the burgers might have stolen the show for me. The distinct Portuguese flavors with the Oprego and the Hallpoumi and Chicken Burger were my personal favorites!

Vegans, fear not! Even though there isn't a specific Vegan category, there are plenty of vegan options available. Customers can also customize their food with options like replacing meats with avocado and hash browns. Oporto really accommodates everyone's preferences!

There's also a kid's menu, with yummy, portion-controlled options like crispy chicken strips and grilled chicken tenders meals, to keep the little ones happy.

A quick shout out to those observing Halal, all of Oporto's chicken menu is Halal certified. However, preparation procedures for the chicken items are according to Muslim law. Do beware that as other foods are cooked in the same kitchen, not all of their locations can assure Halal certification.

Thinking about trying out Oporto but don't want to leave the comfort of your home? No worries, they offer delivery and even have delivery promos like free delivery for a minimum amount of orders. You can also use third-party delivery apps such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, Deliveroo, and Menulog. They've really got it all covered!

The typical opening hours for Oporto are from 10 am to 7 pm but do double-check as it varies based on location.

My Personal Takeaways from Oporto


  • The Portuguese-style flame-grilled chicken is phenomenal
  • The menu offers extensive options
  • Special attention to freshness and quality of food is commendable
  • Hormone-free chicken
  • Hassle-free delivery options


  • Vegan options could be more clearly marked
  • Halal certification isn't universal across all locations
  • Unsuccessful international attempts could raise concerns about consistency

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