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9 Best Breakfast Restaurant Menus


Ihop Menu Prices

IHOP is a popular chain of restaurants that specialises in pancakes and other American breakfast foods. The company has been serving its world-famous pancakes for over 60 years and seeks to provide its customers with an affordable dining experience, with warm and friendly service.


Zippys Menu Prices

If you’re looking for a local hangout on the island of Oahu, stop by Zippy’s, which has been serving up homestyle breakfast, lunch, and dinner to locals since 1966. Zippy’s has locations all over the island.

Tudors Biscuit World

Tudors Biscuit World Menu Prices

Tudors Biscuit World is a chain of restaurants which can be found in West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Florida. The company is famous for its biscuits, biscuits sandwiches, homely breakfasts, and hearty dinners.


Dennys Menu Prices

Also known as "America's Diner," Denny's is a 24/7 American table service chain of restaurants with over 1,700 locations all over the world. A diner-style restaurant, it is known for its breakfast menu served all day long, particularly its buttercream pancakes and omelets. Despite being originally a breakfast place, Denny's serves a varied menu that includes cheesecakes for dessert, steaks for dinner, as well as burgers, and salads.

First Watch

First Watch Menu Prices

First Watch is one of America’s most popular daytime restaurant chains. The company is known for its range of fresh and made-to-order breakfast, brunch, and lunch items including avocado toast, smoked salmon eggs Benedict, and a fresh juice bar.

Waffle House

Waffle House Menu Prices

Waffle House (official company name WH Capital, L.L.C) is a United States-based chain of restaurants that offers a variety of foods like omelets and sandwiches, but what they’re truly known for is their waffles, as their name would imply.

Huddle House

Huddle House Menu Prices

Huddle House is a popular chain of restaurants that looks to bring together friends and family to share delicious and hearty food. The company’s name comes from the act of huddling in football, and the first Huddle House restaurant was opened to give fans a place to eat after a game.

Village Inn

Village Inn Menu Prices

If you love breakfast food, you need to know about the Village Inn Pancake House menu. This pancake house serves some of the best food around, and if you’ve never tried it out, you are missing out on a delicious dining experience that you won’t forget any time soon! Here are just a few reasons why the Village Inn Pancake House menu is the best in town!


Snooze Menu Prices

If you want to start your day off right, treat yourself to one of the late night/early morning breakfast offerings at Snooze A.M., an upscale restaurant chain that offers an innovative selection of unique and craveable dishes for breakfast.