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Waffle House menu prices featuring 119 items ranging from $0.25 to $11.00

Waffle House (official company name WH Capital, L.L.C) is a United States-based chain of restaurants that offers a variety of foods like omelets and sandwiches, but what they’re truly known for is their waffles, as their name would imply.

Waffle House menu prices featuring 119 items ranging from $0.25 to $11.00

It's really quite something, how Waffle House manages to expertly serve us breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and despite offering this array, their primary focus still remains on breakfast foods. Speaking of foods, I experienced mouthwatering options from their menu which were too good to resist!

This iconic chain, my ultimate breakfast stop, first opened its doors in 1955 right here in Georgia. Two brilliant minds, Joe Rogers Sr. and Tom Forkner, were the visionaries behind this audacious, but successful project. In the spirit of a true start-up, they sought the efficiency and quickness of fast food services, and ingeniously coupled this with table service – a concept that was seemingly radical back then.

Both men were no strangers to the restaurant business, having had experiences in similar fields. Their vision was fueled by the fast-paced and monumental growth trajectory of fast food chains, specifically noting McDonald’s, thus, sparking their entrepreneurial spirit. The name Waffle House was aptly chosen in honor of their best-selling item, the waffle. And there in lay the birth of something incredible.

If you’re curious to know more about Waffle House, do visit their page here.

So, Where Can I Find a Waffle House?

The Waffle House phenomenon is, to this day, predominantly an American affair. The southern region holds most of their eateries, making them an iconic chain in this part of the US. They proudly operate over 2,000 spots spread out over 25 different states, with Georgia – the birthplace of Waffle House – boasting over 400 locations. Incredible!

Other popular spots to indulge in their delicious offerings are Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas, each one hosting over a hundred different locations.

Why Choose Waffle House?

You know what stands out about Waffle House and makes it unique in my book? It's always open! That's right, Waffle House is open for business 24 hours, every day of the week, 365 days a year. Not a single day goes by that the chain shuts its doors. I find that consistency quite impressive. It's even become a standing joke that Waffle House restaurants don't need locks.

Another quirky feature of most of their locations is the presence of a jukebox. This not only adds a touch of nostalgia but also keeps the vibe fun and full of mid-1900s charm. They've pioneered some of their own original music numbers, playing in their restaurants and available across several digital platforms like Spotify, Vimeo, or Youtube. It's like a music experience like no other while you enjoy your meal.

Ever notice the little playful slangs they've got for their menu items and orders? 'Hashbrowns on the grill' being called 'scattered', ‘smothered’ for hashbrowns topped with onions? Adorable, isn’t it? Initially brought into use by employees, they do encourage their customers as well to embrace these terminologies, educating you about them through their menus.

How Spicy Is Waffle House?

Ah, the spice factor! If you're worried about your tolerance for spicy food, let me set your mind at rest: just about every item on the Waffle House menu is devoid of spice. The only exception I found was their Bert's Chili side dish. For you adventurous ones out there, you can choose to order this packed with jalapeño peppers or even add jalapeño peppers to the 'build-your-own' menu items.

Waffle House is my go-to place when craving traditional American breakfast foods – from their namesake waffles, omelets, and hash browns to the simplest grilled cheese sandwich, coffee, bacon, and eggs. But their menu doesn't stop just there! For the lunchers and dinner crowd, they have everything from burgers, sandwiches, t-bone meals, to sirloin dinner, chicken, and pork chops.

And for those with a sweet tooth, their dessert menu features delightful picks like the Southern pecan pie and the triple chocolate pie. I found their extensive drink menu and side-dish selection quite impressive – with a range of choices from Coca-Cola and Sprite to sides such as ham, sausages, and tomatoes.

What’s The Ordering Process Like?

Fancy having a Waffle House meal at home? They don’t have an official delivery or pickup system right now. However, you don’t need to despair, you can get Waffle House delivered to your doorstep via third-party apps like Uber Eats.

What Can A Vegetarian Expect at Waffle House?

For my vegetarian friends, let me assure you that Waffle House has your back! Most of their waffle items, hash browns, pies, omelets, and many of their sides are perfectly acceptable for vegetarians. And let's not forget their salad, a delightful mix of lettuce, carrots, cabbage, and tomatoes with an option to add American cheese.

What About The Little Ones?

While Waffle House doesn’t officially have a children's menu, I found several kid-friendly options that could easily make a wholesome meal for your little ones. From waffles, eggs, and bacon breakfasts to grilled cheese sandwiches, the choices are varied and plentiful.

And Their Opening Hours?

As I said before, Waffle House is always open. Literally every single day of the year, no breaks.

Does Waffle House Serve Healthy Options?

A big yes on this one! While some items may be high in calories and fat content, they have perfectly healthy decisions, too. Their salads, hashbrowns without additional toppings, chicken biscuits, and grilled chicken sandwiches with lean chicken breasts and veggies are all part of their health-friendly fare. If nothing else, their build-your-own items also make for an excellent choice to ensure a healthy, balanced meal.

Ever Dreamed of a Waffle House Cookout at Home?

Believe it or not, this is possible! Waffle House offers a range of products to help you re-create their signature dishes at home. From their waffle mix and coffee pods to grits, and even their original syrup, you can now enjoy an authentic Waffle House experience within the comfort of your home. How genius is that!


  • Great breakfast options
  • 24/7 service
  • Delicious vegetarian options
  • Nostalgic atmosphere with a jukebox
  • Flexibility to build your own sandwich


  • Limited spicy options
  • No official delivery or pickup system
  • Heavy calorie meals

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