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First Watch menu prices featuring 80 items ranging from $1.59 to $11.49

First Watch is one of America’s most popular daytime restaurant chains. The company is known for its range of fresh and made-to-order breakfast, brunch, and lunch items including avocado toast, smoked salmon eggs Benedict, and a fresh juice bar.

First Watch menu prices featuring 80 items ranging from $1.59 to $11.49

When I walked into First Watch, I instantly knew I was in for a treat. This place is practically a hidden gem, a foodie's paradise catering breakfast, brunch, lunch, and get this, they even make sunkissed cocktails to accompany your food. My curiosity piqued. What more does this place have to offer, I thought.

As I ordered my food, I got chatting with the staff, they told me the backstory of the unique name, 'First Watch'. It's a nautical reference for an early morning shift. And oh boy! does it live up to its name. The place opens up at sharp 7:30 am to serve all you early birds out there. The founders, Ken Pendergast and John Sullivan, are veterans who left the Le Peep breakfast chain in Colorado to start this amazing venture. Based on what I tasted today, I must say Le Peep's loss was definitely a gain for us fans of First Watch. But don't just take my word for it, check out their website and taste it for yourself.

Where's the nearest First Watch?

I found that all 420 restaurants of First Watch are across the United States, accommodating fans from Dallas to Denver. Major props to you lucky folks in Florida! With 114 locations, you have the highest number of First Watch restaurants. And, Texas isn't far too, with 58 locations. Visit their website to find the nearest First Watch and check out the wait times and opening hours.

So, when are they open?

Conforming to its name, First Watch stays open through the early shift. Their doors are open 7 days a week from 7am to 2:30pm, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

What sets First Watch apart?

The care they take with each detail—fresh seasonal products and tantalizing combinations, make for such inspiring food! From vibrant asparagus in April to juicy watermelon in July, their menu is keeping me on my toes, wondering what's next! Not just that, their initiative, Project Sunrise, where they partner directly with coffee farmers in Columbia for the best beans, illustrates the lengths they go to ensure the quality of your meal.

What about gift cards, you ask?

Yes, they got that too! Imagine treating your friend, family, or coworker to some delectable breakfast, brunch, or lunch at First Watch. Just swing by any First Watch restaurant to grab some gift cards, or, for your convenience, you can get them from select grocery stores and retailers. And the best part? First Watch gift cards have no expiration date.

Got some vegan buddies in tow?

No worries! First Watch has plenty of options for your vegan friends and they can even customize other dishes upon request. Now that's what I call service!

Guess what? They deliver too!

Yes, indeed! Imagine that scrumptious breakfast, brunch, or lunch from the First Watch menu delivered straight to your doorstep! A click on their website should get you all the delivery details.

Health alert?

You wouldn't believe that something that tastes so divine can be so healthy! Their menu has nutritious offerings that can power you up for the day. Don't believe me? Check out the complete nutritional break-up on their website. The numbers will surprise you!

Reservations, anyone?

They like to keep things casual, so they don't take reservations. But fret not, they've made sure to integrate technology in a way that you can check wait times and get on the waitlist—online or on the First Watch app.

Drinks for the brunch?

A brunch without a classic cocktail is incomplete, isn't it? Their Million Dollar Bloody Mary, Sparkling Cuvee or even a Mimosa make for a pleasant accompaniment to your meal. Cheers to that!

Can I bring my dog along?

Well, aren't you in luck?! Some First Watch restaurants have an open patio where our four-legged friends can sit by your side while you enjoy your delectable meal. Just make sure they don't sneak a bite!

Now that was my experience at First Watch. But if you're still wondering, here's a little something.


  • Fresh, made-to-order food
  • Vegan-friendly and healthy options
  • Great staff and service
  • Perfect opening hours for early birds
  • Affordable pricing


  • Could offer more variety in the menu
  • No reservations
  • Some may find the wait time a tad long

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