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2 Best Bowl Restaurants


Bowl cuisine has become popular at dinners and parties since it is a practical and refreshing way of serving food. So, Bowl cuisine is nothing more than serving food inside a bowl and not on traditional plates. In this way, people can eat all kinds of food they want in a bowl and add grains, vegetables, meats, and sauces to make a fantastic creation with their favorite food.


Serving food in a bowl can be visually aesthetic because of the mixing of colors of the food, besides the excellent fragrance that emits this combination. In addition, eating in a bowl can give the sensation that you are eating a lot when, in reality, the amount of food is much less. This is because the food is all mixed in the bowl, so you can see more food than when you serve your dish on a plate.


This type of cuisine is famous because of the practicality of serving food in any bowl, and you can eat it seated at a table or stand up while you talk with others at a casual reunion or party. And, talking about the bowl, there are many designs of this recipient, like glass, ceramic, Bamboo, melamine, metal, or plastic bowls, which can be used to serve food in different ways. They are also perfect to decorate your dinner table.


So, let’s know some restaurants that offer this type of cuisine and where you can enjoy this adventure of eating in a bowl.






The following list is ordered by popularity.

  1. Playa Bowls

    Playa Bowls

    Playa Bowls is an acai and pitaya bowl restaurant based in the US, with over 150 locations in the country and Puerto Rico. They specialize in healthy smoothie bowls with acai and pitaya as their main base, topped with a variety of fruits, seeds, and nuts, and drizzled with a sweetener. They also offer drinks such as fresh juices and smoothies, as well as poke bowls.

  2. Freshii


    Freshii is a fast-casual restaurant chain based in Canada, with over 300 locations in North America and other locations found in 20 other countries. They specialize in healthy, delicious, fresh, and affordable burritos, wraps, salads, bowls, soups, and frozen yogurt. One of the fastest-growing franchises in Canada, the company continues to expand internationally, such as in the United Arab Emirates, South America, and Europe.

Bowl cuisine is a type of cuisine where the food is served in layers inside a bowl, and it is convenient for parties and reunions due to the ease of holding it. Furthermore, there is no limit to the recipes you can eat in the bowl, so people can serve soups, salads, rice, pasta, beans, chicken strips, vegetables, cereal, etc. But the most incredible is that bowls can be used for any purpose, so you can find bowls with candies, dips, snacks, sauces, and so on.


In addition, you can be creative if you find these bowls at a party because you can add your favorite dishes and have fun with the mixing of flavors and aromas. And, of course, restaurants have discovered the charm of serving food in a bowl, and that’s why they have created recipes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner adapted to this recipient. So, go for your next bowl of food and Bon appetite!