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Best Beer Restaurants

The world of cooking is huge, so there is no limit people can have to create delightful food. That’s why Beer is another of the ingredients people can use to cook. And beer, like wine, is a drink that we use to accompany different dishes, but if you substitute some ingredients like water, beer can add a particular and delicious flavor.


So, beer cuisine is a total adventure some restaurants have decided to incorporate for creating incredible menus, since beer is perfect for all kinds of culinary techniques, like deglazing, baking, marinating, sauces, simmering, braising, and battering. And, it is that beer has a bittersweet flavor that is adequate to balance the savors in food. So, beer can be helpful to add a bitter taste to some sweet foods like carrots, thanks to the hops included in its preparation. However, the malt in beer can soften some strong flavors.


In this sense, beer can be used to cook diverse recipes and give them a distinctive taste. But, all will depend on the kind of beer you are using because each type of beer will provide a different color, texture, flavor, and consistency to the dish. That means that light beers will give a light essence, and dark beers are good for complex and stronger dishes.


Now, let’s know the best restaurants you can visit if you would like to taste some dishes made with beer.






The following list is ordered by popularity.

  1. Yard House

    Yard House

    Yard House, was born in 1996, in Long Beach, California. Seen as heaven for beer lovers, Yard House has now 87 branches across the US, 24 of which are in the state where it was first open: California. Yard House is, to many people, the coolest and one of the best beer restaurants in the United States, and it was born from an idea from Steele Platt who, thanks to three other investors and the place's landlord, was able to open the first location in a Long Beach shopping mall.

All these restaurants decided to go beyond, experiment with new culinary practices, and introduce different flavors to their signature dishes. And, as you may think, cooking with beer is not that easy because the type of beer used depends on the food since each beer will add sweetness or bitterness. So, the combination of flavors is what is going to give you excellent results. That’s why it is essential to know the beer well, its ingredients, and what you would like to add to the dish.


Beer cuisine is a whole new world where knowing how to pair the food with the correct beer is essential to get more delicious dishes. So, beer is perfect to contrast or complement flavors and create new food based on a previous recipe. And these restaurants know how to combine the different styles of beer with your favorite plates to let you enjoy captivating, tasty, and interesting savors that will delight your palate.