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3 Best Bubble Tea Restaurants


Sometimes, the traditional food of a region becomes popular worldwide, and that’s the case of Bubble Tea. This famous drink, which you can also find as Pearl Milk Tea, Boba, or Boba Tea, is a particular beverage original of Taiwan, and it is a mixing of tea with milk and some little balls or pearls of tapioca. And, in the beginning, its name was from the bubbles that reveal after shaking the glass to mix tea and milk well. But, lately, the Bubble Tea name refers to those pearls introduced at the bottom and that give the drink that particular aesthetic.


Bubble Tea has evolved through the years and it can be prepared not only with milk, tea, and ice cubes, but also with syrups of different flavors, fruit juices, and jellies. And, of course, the pearls that decorate the drink provide that chewy texture, and you can eat them thanks to the fat straws that characterize this delicious beverage.


Furthermore, creating Bubble Tea is not too difficult because there are many ingredients people can use, starting with green, black, or oolong tea. The type of milk can also vary and it could be powder, almond, fresh, coconut, or even condensed milk. And then, those syrups and jellies can be added to increase the number of flavors and colors of the drink. That’s why the combinations are endless and people can experiment to customize their drinks.


Now, let’s see the most important restaurants that include Bubble Tea on their menus or that dedicate completely to preparing this traditional beverage.




The following list is ordered by popularity.

  1. Kung Fu Tea

    Kung Fu Tea

    Kung Fu Tea is the biggest boba or bubble tea cafe in the United States. Founded and owned by Taiwanese-American friends, there are 292 locations in the US as of 2020. Aside from boba, they also offer hot drinks, coffee, fruit punch, and seasonal specials.

  2. Sharetea


    Sharetea is a bubble tea or boba cafe based in Taiwan with over 300 locations all over the world. Sharetea is found in the US, Canada, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. They are known for their authentic milk tea and fruit tea offerings, with a varied menu featuring over 50 items with unique offerings only available in select locations.

  3. Happy Lemon

    Happy Lemon

    Happy Lemon is a global franchise of bubble tea cafes. They are a China-based company with over 2000 branches around the world. Happy Lemon is said to be the pioneer in introducing milk tea-drinking culture in China and the world, having invented the rock and salt cheese cream that is being copied in almost all bubble shops around the world. Offering milk tea, fruit teas, smoothies, and regular tea, Happy Lemon is one of the very first publicly traded global bubble tea brands.

Bubble Tea is a fascinating beverage people can drink iced to refresh on a sunny day, or you can drink it hot if the weather is so cold. This drink is famous aesthetically, which creates a rain of colors thanks to mixing all the ingredients. That’s why it is always served in a transparent glass so people can see the beauty of this traditional beverage.


Moreover, it is perfect for mixing a variety of toppings, cream, chia seeds, syrups, and flavorings to create a new drink. And the combination of all these ingredients will make a tasty and unique beverage with a fantastic and different consistency. So, if you have the opportunity of tasting Bubble Tea, go for it and enjoy the experience.