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Sharetea menu prices featuring 49 items ranging from $1.25 to $5.75

Sharetea is a bubble tea or boba cafe based in Taiwan with over 300 locations all over the world. Sharetea is found in the US, Canada, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. They are known for their authentic milk tea and fruit tea offerings, with a varied menu featuring over 50 items with unique offerings only available in select locations.

Sharetea menu prices featuring 49 items ranging from $1.25 to $5.75

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  1. Sharetea Menu
To get the rundown on nutrition, menus, latest promotions, and franchising details, navigating to is a must. That's precisely what I did before stepping foot in Sharetea, a sprawling empire of bubble tea cafes noted for their Taiwanese milk tea specialties. My caffeine needs were well catered for from early morning to late, allowing me to fully appreciate their captured streak of Taiwan's beverage repertoire.
The genesis of Sharetea lies in Taipei, Taiwan, a bustling city where the cafe has more than 300 locations spread across four continents worldwide. Surprisingly, its founder, Mr. Cheng Kai-Lung, once directed TV shows and movies in the Taiwan film industry. However, the entrepreneurial itch was not to be ignored, luring him with its irresistible charm into the world of bubble tea back in 1992. I felt inspired hearing about his humble beginnings of offering two distinct flavors; iced black tea and milk tea flavored drink with tapioca pearls, which have evolved into a brand bringing the authentic taste of Taiwanese milk tea to global lips.

What Sets Sharetea Apart?

In a world rife with bubble tea cafes, I found Sharetea's devotion to authenticity striking. It was a relief, really, to find a place that exudes flavor without the unsettling sugary grip. Sourced from the lush mountains of Taiwan, their use of genuine Taiwanese tea leaves would leave any tea lover beyond satisfied, myself included. This commitment remains consistent across their network of branches scattered from Melbourne, Manila, and Kuwait to Singapore.

Moreover, the fruit tea selection keeps the same fidelity to authenticity. I recall my flushed excitement upon learning that every Sharetea branch gets their juices from Taiwan. Forget artificial flavorings because here, everything is real fruit. They freeze their juices in Taipei, ship them, and once at the destinations, the magic begins as they de-freeze to prepare extraordinary fruit tea concoctions.

When they assured me of local flavors, they weren't joking. The menu in Taiwan consisted of new and exciting options not available on the Californian menu. The secret, I learned, was the tireless efforts by Sharetea's R & D teams in tapping into locally sourced ingredients to engineer palatable twists for the people of those regions. This exploration transcends different countries, serving up flavors from red bean and purple yam to custard among others.

If you're used to purple yam-flavored milk tea from the Philippines, don't expect it right across the Atlantic in the US. What strikes me is that every Sharetea location is a unique adventure in itself, promising a taste of something distinctive and refreshing wherever you go.

So what's there to enjoy from Sharetea's Menu?

Sharetea masters a myriad of items in its menu ranging from Milk tea, Fruit Teas, Ice Blended to Tea Mojito, and Brewed Blends. Additionally, across its Australian branches, I noticed an assortment of hot coffee, slushies, yogurt drinks, and Tiger milk tea, which they named as their bestseller. My Philippine travelogue introduced Cheesecake milk tea flavors plus other snacks and chicken items.

The folks at Sharetea are also mindful of their clientele who prefer non-caffeinated drinks such as children and pregnant women. I found the markings on their menu quite informative, which pointed out recommended items, non-caffeinated drinks, and hot versions. A star denoted recommendations, a triangle for non-caffeinated drinks, and a dot for hot versions. Talk about putting the customer first!

What's Hot on Sharetea's Menu?

Picking your poison from a menu boasting more than 50 items is a task and a half. After hitting the vanilla notes on my first visit, I took my taste buds on a trip down the wilder lanes, experimenting with the unique flavors.
  • Classic Pearl Milk Tea
  • QQ Happy Family Milk Tea
  • Taro Ice Blended with Pudding
  • Mango and Passion Fruit Tea
  • Lime Mojito
  • Wintermelon with Fresh Milk
  • Kiwi Fruit Tea with Aiyu Jelly
  • Coffee Creama
  • Thai Tea Ice Blended with Pearl
  • Aloha Fruit Tea
The Classic Pearl Milk Tea is a common favorite among novices like I was some time back; an irresistible blend of Taiwanese brewed tea, fresh milk, and chewy tapioca pearls. Equally tantalizing was the QQ Happy Family Milk Tea, accruing a good share of orders across locations. The Aloha Fruit Tea was the quirkiest of all, combining four fruit juice flavors; apple, pineapple, orange, and passionfruit.

A peculiar case for Vegans

For vegans, Sharetea doesn’t currently offer an exclusive vegan menu. Yet, they might get lucky with non-dairy milk upon request at some of their locations. In case non-dairy milk is unavailable, the Fruit Tea menu is an encore of authentic fruit juice and brewed tea.

Making an Order at Sharetea

As a first-timer, ordering from Sharetea was a breeze. They have a wide selection of drinks to pick from, customizable in terms of size, ice level, sugar level, and choice of toppings including red bean, tapioca pearls, pudding, nata de coco, lychee jelly, aloe vera, or herb jelly.

Can you order Sharetea Online?

Getting your Sharetea fix online is dealt with by different Sharetea locations who handle the delivery and online ordering platforms.

What are Sharetea's Operating Hours?

Just like the diverse offerings, operating hours differ across locations, but the characteristic opening hours run from 1030am to 1030pm.

The Pros and Cons of my Sharetea Visit


  • Authentic Taiwanese tea and fruit juices
  • Diverse menu catering for various dietary needs
  • Extensive outlets worldwide
  • Variable operating hours catering all kinds of customers
  • Allergen-friendly drinks


  • No official vegan menu
  • Availability of flavors varies by location
  • No consistency in operating hours
  • Sugar content might be high for some drinks

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Sharetea Menu

Sharetea is a bubble tea or boba cafe based in Taiwan with over 300 locations all over the world. Sharetea is found in the US, Canada, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. They are known for their authentic milk tea and fruit tea offerings, with a varied menu featuring over 50 items with unique offerings only available in select locations.

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