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5 Best Smoothie Restaurants

Smoothies are the ideal way to kick-start your day with a refreshing and healthy treat. Whether you’re a tourist sightseeing in an unfamiliar city or looking for something to tantalize your taste buds, smoothies offer the perfect solution. 


Smoothies have become an increasingly popular breakfast and snack for the health-conscious, but their history can be traced back to 19th century Europe. Although the exact origin of smoothies is up for debate, recipes for blended fruit drinks started appearing in England in the latter half of the 1800s. They included a combination of sweet ingredients like sugar, cream, or eggs and were served as a dessert or punch.


Eventually, this concept was exported to the United States and then gradually throughout the world. Today, smoothies are blended with many fruits and vegetables to create tasty concoctions that satisfy health conscious palates. Additional ingredients like yogurt, honey, and protein powders have given way to a beverage that is nutritious yet delicious.


From nutrient-rich ingredients like leafy greens and seasonal fruits, to dairy and plant-based milks, our selection of delicious smoothies will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day. Flavors that range from tropical and fruity, to nutty and creamy create an experience where each sip will tantalize your taste buds.Many popular smoothie recipes nourish your body with natural superfoods to help you start every morning off on the right food. With a variety of options available, why not try it? 




The following list is ordered by popularity.

  1. Orange Julius

    Orange Julius

    It’s not uncommon to hear someone say that they feel as if they are burning up from the inside out in the heat of summer, and so they need some sort of cool refreshment to quench their thirst and bring some relief to their overheated bodies. For people who don’t want to sit in an ice bath or be doused with water, there is an alternative solution: A cool fruit smoothie from Orange Julius!

  2. Boost Juice

    Boost Juice

    Boost Juice is a popular chain of juice stores, which originated in Australia. The company has an almost cult following with fans, and the company is known for its bright, fun and flavoursome fruit juices and smoothies.

  3. Jamba Juice

    Jamba Juice

    Jamba Juice was founded in 1990 by Kirk Perron, an avid cyclist and healthy lifestyle advocate. Inspired by a fresh juice he had while on a trip to Brazil, Perron decided to bring the Jamba Juice concept to the U.S. He opened the first store in San Luis Obispo, California, and the company has since grown to over 850 locations across the country. Jamba Juice is committed to providing delicious and nutritious blended fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, and bowls made with real fruit and whole ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or a nutritious meal replacement, Jamba Juice has something for everyone.

  4. Smoothie King

    Smoothie King

    Smoothie King is an American smoothie company (who’d have thought from the name?!) that focuses on healthy blends. They offer smoothies on most parts of the day – morning, afternoon, and evening.

  5. Tropical Smoothie

    Tropical Smoothie

    The first Tropical Smoothie store was opened in 1993 in Flordia, by Eric Jenrich, Delors Jenrich, and David Walker. By 1998, the company set up a franchise business and opened its second store. In 1999, the company became one of the only smoothie stores to introduce a food menu in its stores. Today there are over 1,100 Tropical Smoothie stores across the United States.

In conclusion, smoothies offer an exciting and delicious way to add essential fruit, vegetables and other vital nutrients into your diet in a fun and convenient way. With easy-to-make recipes that can be customized to suit any taste preference, these nutritious concoctions can easily become a colorful part of everyone's daily routine. Whether you choose to take advantage of the abundance of natural ingredients available or opt for some store-bought options to save time, you'll nourish your body while delighting your taste buds with every enjoyable sip.