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Smoothie King menu prices featuring 136 items ranging from $0.99 to $41.99

Smoothie King is an American smoothie company (who’d have thought from the name?!) that focuses on healthy blends. They offer smoothies on most parts of the day – morning, afternoon, and evening.

Smoothie King menu prices featuring 136 items ranging from $0.99 to $41.99

I love uncovering the history of the places I visit, and Smoothie King didn't disappoint. Many may not know this, but this successful smoothie empire took off in 1973 in Kenner, Louisiana, thanks to Steve and Cindy Kuhnau. I was surprised that its growth also transcends borders, with the first international branch cropping up in 2003. An interesting point in the timeline is in 2012 when it was bought by none other than a franchisee of Smoothie King itself, a South Korean by the name of Wam Kim, who still spearheads the chain as the CEO. Cool, right?

Something that caught my eye, and frankly impressed me, is the company's resolve to focus on healthy, wholesome food options. It is indeed fitting for a place bearing the royal title "King" to reign supreme in the smoothie world. I could feel the effort put into the choice of quality ingredients, nowhere more so than in their attention to healthy offerings, which really speaks volumes and explains their success.

Curious about the depths of their dedication to wellness? Head on to their official website for the scoop.

Unveiling the Smoothie Kingdom

I was pleased to learn that Smoothie King’s reign spans multiple countries. And of course, the U.S tops the list with, hold your breath, 1125 locations scattered across 33 states. International locations include South Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Cayman Islands. Looking at the U.S, Texas is the clear winner with 267 locations, followed by Florida with 129 and Louisiana boasting of 113.

The Smoothie King Difference

Now to the fun part – the actual smoothies! I loved the variety they dished out with over 40 ingredients and various fitness enhancers, like whey protein. This sure comes out as a standout feature when compared to other chains. No two visits are likely to be the same!

However, what really caught my fancy was their Healthy Awards program, a loyalty scheme with a difference. Unlike typical programs where a fee is usually involved, this is free! Signing up instantly gets you $2 (who doesn’t love some free cash, right?), and you start accruing points with each purchase which can be redeemed for rewards. And let’s not forget the amazing perks like size upgrades on Fridays and free birthday smoothies! All you must do is install their app.

Easing the Heat at Smoothie King

Now, some of you might be wondering if there’s a spicy kick to their smoothies. I can assure you that their smoothies are all natural, so no fiery explosions here. But, keep an eye out for occasional spicy variants.

What’s on Offer at Smoothie King?

As the name suggests, Smoothie King reigns over smoothies. And they've mastered their craft in delivering impressive variety within their niche product. The menu offers five main blend categories, namely, 'Feel Energized Blends', 'Get Fit Blends', 'Manage Weight Blends', 'Be Well Blends', and 'Enjoy a Treat Blends', all designed to cater to a range of preferences and dietary requirements.

And if like me, you appreciate an individual touch, you can spruce up your blend by adding one of the four types of Nutritional Enhancers on offer, namely, Fitness, Energy, Slim, or Wellness Enhancers. And for those craving a little crunch, some locations even offer banana chips. Yum!

Ordering at Smoothie King – A Breeze

Ordering is a seamless process. Choose what suits you – place your order in person, online, or via their app for a queue-free experience. Simple.

Friendly to Vegetarians and Vegans

Vegans and vegetarians, rejoice! All ingredients here are vegetarian-friendly, and many are vegan-friendly too.

Kids At Smoothie King

Worry not, parents! The 'Kids Blends' range includes kid-friendly options like the Lil Angel Blend and the Strawberry Bluegurt Blitz Blend to ensure the little ones get their nutrition in a fun way.

Opening Hours

Timing is everything, and thankfully, Smoothie King is usually open from 7 am to 9 pm, varying slightly by location and over the weekends.

Health at its Core

If you’re wondering, just like I was, if Smoothie King is truly healthy, fear not! Their main selling point is their focus on nutritious foods. They tick all the right boxes in terms of zero trans fats, no added artificial sugar, no fat substitutes, and a long list of ingredients they steer clear from. Plus, you have control over how healthy you want your smoothie to be, thanks to extra protein, vitamins, and fiber options.

With 'Enjoy a Treat' and 'X-Treme' blends, even the highest calorie things on their menu can still be considered quite healthy. So, give yourselves a treat without the guilt.

Rustling up Smoothie King at Home

While you can't quite bring home a DIY Smoothie King box, you can try to replicate some of their signature smoothie recipes from the comfort of your kitchen.

My Experience at Smoothie King


  • Wide variety of smoothie options
  • Focused on health and nutrition
  • Friendly staff
  • Offers vegan options
  • A loyalty program that rewards you


  • Can be expensive depending on customizations
  • Some of the less popular locations lack certain ingredients
  • Size upgrades only on Fridays

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