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Big Shot Bobs menu prices featuring 49 items ranging from $0.50 to $49.99

Big Shot Bobs House of Wings is a popular American chain of restaurants, known for serving great chicken wings, with an almost endless supply of flavors.

Big Shot Bobs menu prices featuring 49 items ranging from $0.50 to $49.99

Have you ever been to the house of the soldier and the best chicken wings in Pittsburgh? That's Big Shot Bobs (BSB) for you! Open for lunch and dinner, this wing house has enticed many with its delectable offerings. As I walked in, the friendly atmosphere was evident straight off the bat—the staff was welcoming and the vibe, quite relaxed.

BSB began its journey from Avalon in 2007 and has since spread its wings across the United States with over 30 establishments, a testament to its popularity among wing aficionados. I vividly remember the first time I visited their Avalon store; the sheer range of chicken wings left me in awe.

To stay updated on their latest offerings and locations, you can check out their website,

Where are BSB Restaurants Located?

While the majority of BSB stores are nestled in the nooks and corners of Pennsylvania, they have also extended their presence to sunny Florida, vibrant Ohio, and idyllic West Virginia. I once had a craving for their wings while vacationing in Melbourne, Florida. Much to my delight, I found a BSB store there! Here is a comprehensive list of BSB locations you can visit:

  • Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • Melbourne, Florida
  • Allegheny Twp, Pennsylvania
  • Beechview / Brookline, Pennsylvania
  • Bloomfield, Pennsylvania
  • Butler, Pennsylvania
  • Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Carnegie, Pennsylvania
  • Coraopolis, Pennsylvania
  • Cranberry, Pennsylvania
  • Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
  • Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
  • Greensburg, Pennsylvania
  • Hopewell, Pennsylvania
  • Mars, Pennsylvania
  • Monaca, Pennsylvania
  • Munhall, Pennsylvania
  • Penn Hills, Pennsylvania
  • Penn Twp, Pennsylvania
  • Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania
  • South Side, Pennsylvania
  • Uniontown, Pennsylvania
  • Washington, Pennsylvania
  • White Oak, Pennsylvania
  • Boardman, Ohio
  • Weirton, West Virginia.

Finding your nearest BSB restaurant is a breeze, just use the search feature on their website.

As you would expect, BSB is big on chicken wings with an astonishing selection of approximately 100 unique sauces to choose from. On my first visit, I used their website's Winger Finder service, which helped me find the perfect style, heat, and taste for my wings.

If you haven't tried their soldiers served on a 9" Cellone roll, you're missing out. I still remember my first bite of their Original Soldier, which boasts a generous serve of Chicken Fingers, Bacon, Gyro Meat, and Provolone Cheese, all smothered in their mouthwatering Golden BBQ Sauce.

If wings aren't your thing, don't worry, BSB has a great selection of sandwiches, burgers, gyros, salads, loaded fries and sides.

Turn Up the Heat at BSB.

Whether you prefer mildly spicy wings or flaming hot, BSB has got something for everyone. Some of their popular options include:

  • Mr. Nice Guy – buttered dry jerk
  • Garlic Butter (Mild)
  • Bob’s Signature Hot
  • Mr. Dynamite
  • Napoleon Dynamite (Hot with Cayenne Pepper)
  • Hot Buffalo Cajun (Very hot!)

The BSB menu clearly identifies which sauces are hot and which are spicy, leaving no room for surprises!

BSB Caters for Vegetarians Too.

Despite being a carnivore's paradise, BSB has got a fair share of vegetarian options. Their Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Vegetable Gyros, as well as few salads and sides are vegetarian-friendly.

Cracking Open a Cold One at Big Shot Bobs.

A good meal often pairs well with a good drink—the folks at many BSB outlets understand that, hence they serve a selection of beers. But remember to check with your local BSB restaurant, as not all of them serve beer.

Mix and Match BSB Chicken Wing Sauces.

If you're like me and can't decide on just one, BSB allows you to pick more than one flavor for your chicken wings. For instance, you could order 50 bone-in chicken wings split into two flavors, or 66 boneless chicken wings split the same way.

Don't worry if that's too many wings to handle in one go—order servings of 6 bone-in or 8 boneless wings. That gives you the flexibility to savor multiple flavors in a single order.

Something for the Little Ones at BSB.

While BSB doesn't have a specific children's menu, there are options for children like small portions of wings or Chicken Fingers from the sides' menu. BSB also has a portion of chips that kids love to munch on.

When's the Best Time to Visit BSB?

Most BSB stores are open Monday through Thursday from 4pm to 11pm, while they typically extend their hours on Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to midnight. Always check with your local restaurant for their exact hours.

Craving BSB at Home?

BSB's got you covered with their delivery service from many local restaurants. The best part? Several BSB outlets offer zero delivery fees!

And if you feel like cooking some BSB-style chicken wings at home, you can buy their Talk of Beaver Falls sauce by the bottle. Snag it from a store in Pittsburgh or order it online, marinate your wings overnight and Voila! Enjoy the taste of BSB at home.

Can I Eat Gluten-Free at BSB?

Even though some of the sauces for BSB's chicken wings are gluten-free, the kitchens are not 100% gluten-free. There is a chance of cross-contamination, so diners with a high intolerance to gluten will need to take care.

My Pros and Cons of BSB


  • Extensive choice of chicken wings
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Decent vegetarian options
  • Mix and match sauce options
  • Family-friendly


  • Lack of a specific children's menu
  • Not all outlets serve beer
  • Potential cross-contamination for gluten-free options

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