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Bonchon menu prices featuring 62 items ranging from $0.95 to $37.95

Bonchon, or Bonchon Chicken, is a popular chain of restaurants serving South Korean fried chicken.

Bonchon menu prices featuring 62 items ranging from $0.95 to $37.95

I recently had the joy of visiting Bonchon, a trendy eatery serving lunch and dinner with a reputation for fantastic South Korean fried chicken.

As a foodie, I couldn't resist researching the origins of Bonchon, and I found out that the restaurant was first started in Busan, South Korea by Jinduk Seo in 2002. The first foray into the U.S market happened in Fort Lee, New Jersey, a place with a significant South Korean expatriate population. Jinduk Seo's unique chicken recipe became such a hit that law enforcement had to manage traffic around one of their locations! Stories like those just fuel my excitement for a mouthwatering meal! If you want to learn more fascinating facts about Bonchon, you can find it all on their website,

Where is Bonchon located?

My trip to Bonchon was like a passport to a global chain. They have locations spread across Asia, the Middle East and, of course, the United States. The chain has a significant following in the Philippines with 136 stores, the United States with a healthy 114 stores, and Thailand, where they have secured 101 outlets.

Food lovers across these places can enjoy the tantalizing Bonchon menu:

  • South Korea
  • Cambodia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Australia
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • The United States

With a whopping 21 states in the U.S flaunting their very own Bonchon store, I daresay they've successfully cooked up a storm! You can find the store nearest to you on their official website.

The Food at Bonchon

My dining experience at Bonchon was heightened by their diverse range of Korean-inspired starters, which included delicious options from all food categories, like pork, seafood, vegetable, chicken, and beef. I still treasure the mouthwatering sensation of their savory pork belly buns paired perfectly with soy garlic sauce, topped with coleslaw, sesame seeds, spicy mayo, katsu sauce, and cucumbers. All of this served within a soft, freshly baked Korean bun.

Korean Fried Chicken is the star of Bonchon's offerings, served in the following delightful formats:

  • Chicken Drumsticks
  • Chicken Wings
  • Chicken Combo (wings and drums)
  • Chicken Strips

You can enjoy these in a small, medium, or large portion, and trust me, there's no wrong choice between the soy garlic sauce, spicy sauce, or a half-and-half serving. The chicken is served with a side of pickled radish or coleslaw, adding an interesting twist to your palate.

As for the main dishes, they had interesting options like Chicken Katsu, House Fried Rice, and Udon Noodle Soup, each dish promoting a sense of authenticity and flavor. What’s great is you can customize your main meal by choosing your protein. How cool is that? Their side dishes and desserts, including Mochi, a traditional Japanese rice cake, hit just the right spot! However, I must caution you that the menu varies by location.

Is it Spicy?

If you're wondering about the spice level at Bonchon, it's quite customizable. Whether you prefer a milder taste or love a good surge of spices, Bonchon will not disappoint. I loved their signature Korean Fried Chicken served with a mild soy garlic sauce to cool things down, or a spicy sauce if you're feeling adventurous. One particular sizzling dish that stayed with me was Bulgogi; a spicy meat that adds an exciting kick to your dish.

Does Bonchon serve alcohol?

Another interesting fact: some Bonchon outlets showcase a full bar, offering draft and bottled beers, wine, and cocktails. This could vary between outlets, so a quick check with the outlet or their website is advised. Plus, making an informed choice always elevates the experience!

How about options for vegetarians and vegans?

The versatility of Bonchon's menu also caters to vegetarians with a broad spectrum of options. Even if they're best known for Korean Fried Chicken, you can customize many items to be vegetarian without sacrificing the flavor, for instance on the Korean Tacos.

Vegans have limited but substantial options. Watch out for sauces that contain dairy, such as their special ranch and mayo sauces. Items on the menu can also be ordered with tofu, instead of meat, making the Sesame Ginger Salad adaptable to a vegan diet. Do check with your local store or the company's website for information on vegan compatibility.

Do they cater to children too?

Most certainly! Bonchon has an attractive children's menu that caters to younger palates. Chicken and chips, noodles with vegetables and chicken, breaded Korean rice balls – they've honestly thought of it all. What's better is that all their meals are kid-friendly and come with a soft drink, catered for those under the age of 12.

Operating Hours?

Usually, Bonchon's doors open at 11am and operate until 9:30pm with extended hours till 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. But, remember that the operating hours differ across outlets. A quick check on their website can save you from disappointment.

Does Bonchon deliver?

Yes, they absolutely do! Most stores offer delivery – great news if you ask me! Remember to consult with your local branch for delivery options in your area.

Is Bonchon healthy?

The best thing about food experiences is indulging without feeling guilty. Bonchon totally fits that bill. Their Korean fried chicken contains no frying oils, making it not just tasty, but also healthy. Do check with the branch or their website for detailed nutritional information. They also have a Sesame Ginger Salad as a main course option, for the health-conscious amongst us.

Catering services?

Bonchon provides amazing catering services for parties or business events. What's better than enjoying their signature Korean fried chicken at your event? Their catering menu includes several appetizers, rice and noodle dishes, and sides along with bottled sodas.

Is it Halal?

Those looking for Halal chicken, beef, and sauces, some Bonchon restaurants do offer them. It was a relief knowing that I could cater to my friends who follow a halal diet. Do inquire at your local store for more details.


  • The restaurant has a vibrant and upbeat ambiance.
  • Their Korean fried chicken is truly a culinary delight.
  • The menu is versatile and can be customized according to diet preferences.
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, and Halal options available.


  • Menu options can vary by location, which can be a bit disappointing.
  • Vegans might have limited options due to the presence of dairy or eggs in certain sauces.
  • Even though the restaurant is always buzzing, it can get a bit crowded during peak hours.

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