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Americas Best Wings menu prices featuring 119 items ranging from $0.45 to $139.99

America's Best Wings is a chain of restaurants that specializes in – yes, you guessed it – wings! But the company doesn’t just serve great wings, they also serve seafood, salads, burgers, wraps and much more.

Americas Best Wings menu prices featuring 119 items ranging from $0.45 to $139.99

Imagine craving for sizzling, fresh wings and having 30 different flavors to choose from. That's exactly what I experienced when I visited America's Best Wings, a place that's beloved for its meals, served both for lunch and dinner. My first look at their

, and I was fixated by the variety on offer. As a foodie, visiting this place felt like stumbling upon a treasure trove of wings.

As soon as I walked into the place, I could sense the mission of its founder, Steve Kim, who started it all back in 2006. The aroma wafting around spoke volumes about the passion to serve fresh and high-quality products at affordable prices, without compromising on the hospitality quotient. If you want to get a glimpse of what it's all about, do check their website at

Locations of America's Best Wings stores

I loved the fact that America's Best Wings have their establishments peppered around in about 120 locations across 12 states, exclusively within the United States - a testament to their popularity in the country.

What tickled my taste buds?

Beyond the wings, they also got me tantalized with their grilled subs, fresh club subs, burgers, wraps, salads, chicken tenders, and seafood. They also serve a delightful variety of side orders. Hell, their wings with bones, wings without bones, and whole wings offered so many endless options. I also relished the Combo Box, which pulled me back for a repeat visit, offering a fantastic bang for the buck as it's served with fries and a 12oz (0.45 kg) can drink.

On my second visit, the dessert menu caught my eye which included some beautiful cheesecakes and cakes. The quirk that sets America's Best Wings apart is its spice level which accommodates everyone's palate: from those who love the extreme spice kick to those who relish mild flavors. I even tried their Nuclear edition which had my eyes watering but left me coming back for more!

What makes America's Best Wings different?

The attention to detail and quality is what sets America's Best Wings apart. The fact that they source locally, cook on-site, and never freeze their wings keeps every wing fresh, juicy, and a bite to remember. With 30 flavors to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice no matter what your taste buds crave.

Health updates

It was refreshing to see how they put a lot of thought in making their meals as healthy as possible. They not only fried in oil but also offered grilled items and a range of salads.

Vegetarian Options?

Indeed! As a non-vegetarian, I was pleasantly surprised to see alternatives for my vegetarian friends. Besides the Veggie burger, they also served Brocolli Alfredo Pasta, Veggie Burrito, Veggie Combo Burrito, and a variety of Salads. Happy to say, my vegetarian friends had a gala time!

Absolutely! The little ones will love getting their tiny hands messy with a selection of chicken wings in 30 different flavors. If wings aren't their favorite, chicken tenders or nuggets are also on offer.

Delivery Options?

Yes! To enjoy America's Best Wings existing in the comfort of your home, they do deliver in many locations. However, it's best to confirm delivery options with your local branch.

Opening Hours?

They operate from 11am to 11pm Monday through Saturday, and close at 10pm on Sundays. Opening times may vary depending on your local branch.

Online Ordering?

Yes! While store policies do vary, there is a high chance you can place an order online, ensuring your food is served hot and fresh on your arrival!

Consistent Wing Flavors?

Yes! Despite all stores being independently operated, they all use wing sauces developed by Steve Kim himself. I love that level of consistency!


  • 30 wing flavors to choose from
  • Wide array of dishes beyond wings
  • Locally sourced, fresh ingredients
  • Variety of options for vegetarians
  • Friendly, hospitable service


  • Opening hours can vary from store to store
  • Delivery not available at all locations
  • Not all stores accept online orders

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