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Americas Best Wings menu prices featuring 120 items ranging from $0.45 to $139.99

America's Best Wings is a chain of restaurants that specializes in – yes, you guessed it – wings! But the company doesn’t just serve great wings, they also serve seafood, salads, burgers, wraps and much more.

Americas Best Wings menu prices featuring 120 items ranging from $0.45 to $139.99

Americans Best Wings is open for lunch and dinner and is best known for its wings, which are served in a range of different flavors.

Americas Best Wings was founded in 2006 by Steve Kim, who had a mission to serve fresh and high-quality products at good prices, with great hospitality.

To find out more about America's Best Wings, head to the company’s website,

Where are America's Best Wings stores located?

America's Best Wings are exclusively located within the United States. Today, you can order from the America's Best Wings menu in approximately 120 locations in 12 different states.

If you think America's Best Wings only serves wings, then you would be wrong! In addition to their signature wings, the company serves grilled subs, fresh club subs, burgers, wraps, salads, chicken tenders, seafood, and a good selection of side orders.

There are endless options for wings at America's Best Wings. You can order wings with bones, wings without bones, whole wings and a mixture of the three. The America's Best Wings menu also includes the option to have wings as a Combo Box. These offer great value for money, as they are served with fries and a 12oz (0.45 kg) can drink.

Beverages can be ordered from the America's Best Wings menu, and takeout service is available. Some America's Best Wings have a small dessert menu, including several cheesecakes and cakes.

Is America's Best Wings spicy?

Some products on the America's Best Wings menu are spicy, and should only be chosen by those that really love a spicy kick. But the great thing with America's Best Wings having 30 different flavorings of wings, is that they can cater for those that want mild wings, those that want really spicy wings, and just about anywhere between the two!

If you want spicy wings, the America's Best Wings menu has chilies to identify the spicy options. This includes a Nuclear flavoring, which is extremely hot!

Milder flavorings include Honey BBQ, Honey Lemon, and Garlic & Parmesan. If you would rather have wings without sauce, you can always order the company’s wings plain.

What makes America's Best Wings different?

There are a huge number of stores which specialize in wings, so what makes America's Best Wings stand out? And, what makes them use the name America's Best Wings?

Firstly, Americas best wings source all of their wings locally. This means that the chicken is arriving at each store in a fresh condition, without having to travel thousands of miles. Secondly, wings are cooked on-site in each store, meaning your wings will be fresh and flavorsome, regardless of which America's Best Wings store you visit.

The company also never freeze their wings, meaning it will always be at its best for your visit. America's Best Wing is served in 30 different flavors, meaning there is almost guaranteed to be something to suit your taste buds.

Is America's Best Wings healthy?

The company has taken steps to try to make its food as healthy as possible for its customers. Some products are fried in oil, and naturally contain high levels of fat, calories and sodium, but the company has introduced some healthier options.

This includes some grilled items and a range of salads. The company strives to use fresh ingredients wherever possible, which will mean that you are getting as much goodness as possible from your vegetables when at America's Best Wings.

Do America's Best Wings cater to vegetarians?

Although Americas Best Wings is best known for its meat products, the company does serve some products which are suitable for vegetarians. Options on the America's Best Wings menu which are suitable for vegetarians include:

  • Veggie Burger – Burger using a vegetable patty, served with lettuce and tomatoes
  • Broccoli Alfredo Pasta
  • Veggie Burrito – beans, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, and other assorted vegetables mixed with rice
  • Veggie Combo Burrito – as above, but served with fries and a 20 oz (0.76 kg) drink
  • Garden Salad
  • Other salads – if you request for the meat to be removed.

Options do vary between different America's Best Wings stores, so be sure to check with your local restaurant for their vegetarian options.

Yes, Americas Best Wings has a children’s menu which allows your little ones to sample the company’s signature wings. As part of the Kid's Meal Wings on the America's Best Wings menu, children can order 5pcs of chicken wings in any of the 30 flavors, and it is served with fries and a drink. There are several mild sauces for children to choose from that cater to children’s palates.

If your child doesn’t want to have chicken wings, there are still plenty of options for them at America's Best Wings. This includes a small serving of chicken tenders or chicken nuggets.

Does Americas Best Wings offer delivery?

Yes! Some America's Best Wings stores offer a delivery service. This means that in many locations, you can enjoy anything from the America's Best Wings menu in the comfort of your own home. However, not all locations offer a delivery service, so be sure to check with your local branch and ask them for their delivery options in your area.

What are America's Best Wings' opening hours?

Generally, America's Best Wings operate from 11am to 11pm Monday through Saturday, and closes slightly earlier at 10pm on Sundays. However, opening times do vary between different branches of America's Best Wings, so be sure to check with your local store for their opening hours.

Can I order America's Best Wings online?

Yes – in many stores, you can order America's Best Wings online. However, different America's Best Wings stores have different online ordering policies, so be sure to check with your local branch to see if they accept online orders.

If your local America's Best Wings store accepts online orders, this can be a great way to beat the queues, and ensure that your food is served hot and fresh on your arrival!

Are the wing flavors the same in different America's Best Wings stores?

Yes! While Americas Best Wings is operated as a franchise, all the sauces used on the company’s wings are developed by the company’s founder Steve Kim.

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