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Pollo Tropical menu prices featuring 96 items ranging from $0.99 to $16.00

Sporting a celebrated collection of grilled chicken, pulled pork, sauces, rice dishes and Latin-Caribbean inspired items, Pollo Tropical has expanded with the appeal of its wide, versatile and delicious menu. While the name translates to ' Tropical Chicken ' from Spanish, Pollo Tropical is really a showcase of Latin-Caribbean cuisine true to its South Florida roots, home to a sizable and vibrant community of Caribbean cooks. Pollo Tropical is an American chain specializing in a Latin-Caribbean menu with the signature items being the combinations pairing with cuts and flavors of grilled chicken.

Pollo Tropical menu prices featuring 96 items ranging from $0.99 to $16.00

Pollo Tropical is open for Lunch and Dinner but also has a number of options appropriate for Brunch.

Pollo Tropical was founded in 1988 in Miami, Florida by brothers Larry and Stuart Harris. Their first chicken recipes were the product of Larry's experiments with Latin American cookbooks. Pollo Tropical set out from the beginning to always cook in the customer's view, use zero prepackaged or pre cooked menu items, and no microwave ovens. The restaurant's name comes partly from the main item of their menu since their origin- their proudly marinated and grilled chicken selection.

You can find out more about Pollo Tropical by visiting the company website. 

Where can I find Pollo Tropical locations?

Pollo Tropical today has expanded across not only the United States, but also into the Caribbean and Latin America, now numbering over 190 locations. In the United States, locations can be found across Pollo Tropical's home state of Florida and also in Georgia, New Jersey and Texas, among other states, as well as notably across Puerto Rico. There are also locations throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, including in the United States Virgin Islands, Guyana, Costa Rica, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. 

What is different about Pollo Tropical?

Pollo Tropical is set apart from other restaurants in this genre for three main reasons :

- The menu is quite broad and varied with plenty of options for every palate

- The restaurant showcases Latin Caribbean cuisine, which is much less visible among franchises in North America as compared to the prevalence of Mexican and Tex-Mex chains

- The restaurant's commitment to transparency and freshness really elevate the quality of this fast casual chain above other options in this genre.

Pollo Tropical is famed for its citrus-marinated grilled chicken, proudly cooked in view of all patrons.

Is Pollo Tropical spicy?

Depending on your spice tolerance, Pollo Tropical can be spicy- the sauce options in particular include some spicy entries, including 

- Mango Habanero

- Pollo Tropical Hot Sauce

- Spicy Poyo-Poyo

among other non-spicy options such as 

- Fresh Salsa

- Cilantro Garlic

- Curry Mustard


- Pineapple Rum

Certain items will also come with the choice of more than one menu, and if dining with friends, you and your party can really expand to get a large number of different sauces, making your dining experience just as varied as the base menu. Usually items come with one to two sauces, commonly with the chicken entrees. 

Pollo Tropical showcases a number of Latin-Caribbean inspired favorites from the cuisines of Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, among other regional cuisines such as Colombia and Venezuela. These include the signature grilled chicken served with choices of rice, beans, plantain and bread, Roast Mojo Pork, Churrasco Steak, the TropiChop bowl series similar to the format in Chipotle restaurants, Chicken Avocado Salad, Cuban Sandwiches, Fried Yuca, Pineapple Limeade, Flan and Natilla. Many American-origin items are also in the menu reflective of the mixed heritage of Pollo Tropical, notably the Key Lime Pie as a particular nod to the cuisine of South Florida. Pollo Tropical also has family bundles for feeding large parties for sit-in or to-go, as well as Kids Menu options. 

How do I order food at Pollo Tropical?

If you are dining in, Pollo Tropical is usually a casual self-seating situation. After getting to the front of the line, customers will order their picks and usually also give their chosen sides and beverages. At some locations, customers will also need to ask for cutlery, napkins or sauces. Orders are usually called by the name given when ordering, and need to be picked up at the counter. Depending on the drink choice, some do not allow for free unlimited refills, usually those beverage options with alcohol on the menu. Water and fountain drinks are more frequently refilled at Pollo Tropical locations. 

Can vegetarians eat at Pollo Tropical?

Yes, despite the name, there are actually a number of vegetarian and vegan options on the Pollo Tropical menu. The most esteemed of these options being the Vegan Chicken Picadillo Tropichop Bowl, available for customisation. In addition to this, the salad options can frequently have the chicken defaults to be replaced with other options, as well as a number of vegetarian sides including sweet plantains and kernel corn. 

Yes, Pollo Tropical has a number of kids options including a Kids TropiChop bowl, Grilled drumstick and thigh with french fries and Grilled Chicken Breast Strips with fries. These kids meals also come with apple juice and a Chocolate Chip cookie. 

Is Pollo Tropical healthy?

Pollo Tropical's varied menu and options for customisation / substitution can make this as healthy as it is accessible! With low-calorie sauce choices, lean cuts of chicken and a variety of carb options to pair with combinations, Pollo Tropical can be very workable for a number of fitness goals. These along with the emphasis on fresh and carefully crafted dishes make for a solid choice for those who want to eat quickly and with attention to their health. Complete nutritional information is available on the Pollo Tropical website and also frequently on request in Pollo Tropical locations. 

Does Pollo Tropical have delivery?

Pollo Tropical frequently is available for order through food delivery apps such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates and GrubHub. In addition, Pollo Tropical also has catering options for special occasions and dining off-location, also with a solid selection much like the in-store menu. 

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