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Churchs Chicken menu prices featuring 94 items ranging from $0.59 to $39.99

Being adaptive, open to opportunities, and set on taking a cost-efficient approach to their restaurant operations without sacrificing quality has placed them as a top pick. Serving the world’s best chicken plus other tasty options while helping families get the most bang for their buck, Church’s Chicken is a household favorite. Across 26 countries and 1,600+ locations, they’re worth over a billion bucks!

Churchs Chicken menu prices featuring 94 items ranging from $0.59 to $39.99

My dining experience at Church's Chicken, located conveniently near me, was truly satisfying. To my delightful surprise, the joint was not only open during lunch hours, but it also offered a variety of scrumptious options for dinner too. A delicious feast that really stuck out, and proved to be a favorite among many other diners as well, was their fried chicken family dinner. The smoky aroma of fried chicken coupled with zesty side dishes like their jalapeno bombers was nothing short of tantalizing!

A little trivia about the history of my favorite fast-food joint - Church’s Chicken was founded in 1952 by a visionary by the name of George W. Church. Back in the day, it was simply a walk-up window right across the Alamo, a historic landmark in San Antonio. That tiny food stand serving hot, fresh chicken has now transformed into one of the largest fast food chains across the globe. You might even come across it in certain regions as Texas Chicken. With a firm commitment to serving communities, including those in low-income neighborhoods, and thanks to their philosophy of passing on cost savings to their patrons, Church’s Chicken has seen exponential growth over the years.

More about Church’s Chicken and Texas Chicken, for those based outside of the U.S, can be found on their respective websites.



Global Reach

It's time to debunk a common myth - Church’s Chicken isn’t just a U.S and Canada thing! It has spread its wings across 26 remarkable countries, including but not restricted to:

Bahrain, Belarus, Cambodia, Canada, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Tobago, Trinidad, United Arab Emirates, United States of America.

What seems to be aiding this rapid expansion is the expertise of Tom Waddell, renowned for his international franchise relations experience. His prowess and strategies have helped brands like Arby’s, Baskin Robbins, Buffalo Wings, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jimmy John’s, Sonic Drive-Ins, and even Popeye’s Chicken so far. Church's Chicken appears to be positioned to achieve great heights in the international market under his able leadership.

Among their current focuses is the aggressive expansion of Texas Chicken in Canada, with the intention of introducing it to locales where it doesn’t exist already. Adapting to local dietary preferences, they strategically customize their menu offerings for each region. It’s genuinely refreshing to see how an iconic American brand, hailing from the charming city of San Antonio, Texas, is adapting its legacy and embracing change while going global.

What’s so special about Church's Chicken?

One of the highlights of my visit was undoubtedly the consistency of their chicken. The recipe has remained unchanged over the years, ensuring customers relish the same, familiar taste each time they visit. The procedure is meticulous, to say the least:

· The chicken is marinated overnight in a blend of secret spices exclusive to Church's Chicken.
· It is hand-breaded daily, ensuring every piece is fresh and hot for the customers.
· They have an undying commitment to customer satisfaction, resulting in high consumer rating!

In my opinion, no one knows Texas flavor better than Church's Chicken, considering how extensive their operations have become!

Deciding on the spice level

Whether you're a fan of spicy, tangy food or prefer something mild, Church’s Chicken has something for every palate. For heat seekers, their spicy chicken recipe is a must-try, while others may prefer the subtler, yet divine original recipe.

One aspect I really appreciate about Church's Chicken is their extensive menu. With options ranging from your regular breasts, drumsticks, or legs, to spicy or traditional preparations, topped off with a selection of delectable sides like corn on the cob, jalapeno bombers, fried okra, mashed potatoes and more - it's paradise for a food lover.

But if you're up for trying something different, go for their fried chicken sandwich (sorry, no grilled options available!). No meal at Church's Chicken is complete without their irresistible apple pie and one-of-a-kind honey-butter biscuits. After all, it's the quintessential American meal with an international presence!

Ordering at Church's Chicken

The twenty-first century brings with it different avenues for pretty much anything, ordering food included. At Church’s Chicken, you can:

1. Walk in and order at the counter, then take a seat at a table of your choice and wait until your called.
2. Drive-in and order from your car
3. Just order online via their app/website
4. Or simply pick your favorite local delivery service and order Church’s Chicken within the application!

Kid's meal at Church's Chicken

How can I forget about the little ones? They offer two kid's meal options on the regular menu. The Church’s Chicken Drumstick kids’ meal comes with one drumstick, a side, and a juice box, while the Church’s Chicken 2 Tenders kids’ meal comes with two boneless chicken tenders, a side, and juice.

Opening hours

Church's Chicken is convenient with most locations usually open from 10 am to 10 pm. However, each location's time may vary slightly depending on factors like late-night hours or the difference in dine-in and drive-thru hours. You can confirm the exact times on their official website.

Delivery services

Doorstep delivery? Bring it on! Church's Chicken has collaborated with top food delivery services like Bite Squad, Door Dash, Grub Hub, Favor, Postmates, Uber Eats, Waitr among others. Whether you're in the US or abroad, there's always a way for you to relish some Church's Chicken.

Is Church's Chicken healthy?

"Is Church's Chicken healthy?" is a question I've come across quite a bit. While it's not exactly "health food," there are ways to make healthier choices. For instance, you can opt for the leg piece accompanied by a corn on the cob. Plus, the brand offers wholesome family meals with sides like corn, okra, mashed potatoes, etc., alongside delicious chicken available in both spicy and non-spicy variants.

Can Church's Chicken be cooked at home?

Well, while you can't find Church's Chicken products in your local supermarket, you can definitely order extra to take home and reheat when the cravings kick in. Trust me, baking their chicken at home is as easy as pie!


  • Scrumptious fried chicken with signature family dinners.
  • Variety of flavors and spice levels.
  • Affordable comfort food.
  • Effortless ordering methods.
  • Warm, friendly staff.


  • Long wait times during peak hours.
  • No grilled chicken option.
  • Limited vegetarian options.
  • The spice level can be overwhelming for some.
  • Drive-thru can be confusing for first-timers.

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