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Buffalo Wild Wings menu prices featuring 104 items ranging from $0.60 to $19.99

One might think Buffalo Wild Wings only offers wings, and while that is in fact the specialty offered at Buffalo Wild Wings, there are also menu options available for Chicken Sandwiches, Chicken Street Tacos, as well as burgers, and other bar/pub style foods! Buffalo Wild Wings is a great establishment serving wings, bar snacks, and a full bar experience while you sit back and watch your favorite team!

Buffalo Wild Wings menu prices featuring 104 items ranging from $0.60 to $19.99

Buffalo Wild Wings specializes is fantastic wing sauces, Traditional and Boneless Wings, and great bar snacks and sides. They also have a great sports bar atmosphere and feel.

Buffalo Wild Wings was founded in 1982 and was originally called “Buffalo Wild Wings and Neck” which is where the nickname “B-Dubs” came about! Buffalo Wild Wings started out smaller with its two founders, and over the next decade grew into a small franchise! Now, B-Dubs is seen in all 50 states of the United States! To find out more about Buffalo Wild Wings you can visit the site here:

Where can I find a Buffalo Wild Wings?

Buffalo Wild Wings was started in the United States in the 1980’s and has been growing as a franchise ever since it began serving in its past! As of 2020, Buffalo Wild Wings has over 1,200 franchise locations spanning all 50 states in North America! The locations are typically placed in larger cities and places that typically see more people. If you’re curious, there’s more than likely one in your town or the closest large city near you!

What makes Buffalo Wild Wings stand out against the competition?

Buffalo Wild Wings uses high quality sauces, and even rotates seasonal and popular sauces throughout the year to introduce new flavors! Buffalo Wild Wings allows you to order your wings many different ways and you can even determine if you want chicken Drums or Chicken flats (wings)! Buffalo Wild Wings will even sell you their sauces to go, something most other companies and competitors do not do.

What style of sauce does Buffalo Wild Wings offer?

Buffalo Wild Wings offers a good variety of both wet, liquid based sauces, as well as dry rub style seasonings. These range from Salt and Pepper to sweet BBQ and Extremely Spicy Buffalo. Here’s a list of the Mainstays that are always on the sauce menu:

  • Parmesan Garlic
  • Honey BBQ
  • Medium Buffalo
  • Lemon Pepper (Dry Seasoning)
  • Mild Buffalo
  • Asian Zing
  • Spicy Garlic
  • Sweet BBQ
  • Mango Habanero
  • Buffalo (Dry Seasoning)
  • Original Buffalo
  • Hot Buffalo
  • Caribbean Jerk
  • Teriyaki
  • Chipotle BBQ (Dry Seasoning)
  • Salt & Vinegar (Dry Seasoning)
  • Thai Curry
  • Jammin’ Jalapeño
  • Desert Heat (Dry Seasoning)
  • Nashville Hot
  • Wild
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Orange Chicken
  • Blazin Carolina Reaper
  • Seasonal:
  • Sauce Garner ?Sauce Sauce'

These sauces are what keep people coming back! And, you can buy a select few in bottles on your way out!

Does Buffalo Wild Wings offer other food besides wings?

Yes! Buffalo Wild Wings has a team innovating to bring new and original food items to their menu! Recently Buffalo Wild Wings has brought in chicken filled hotdog buns and coined them “Bird Dogs”. They’ve also recently released Boneless Chicken Flatbread Pizzas. This sits alongside Mac and Cheese, Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches, and Salads. You can even come in and just order appetizers and get Chips and Salsa, Fried Pickles, French Fries and Onion Rings, as well as more specialty items.

How do I order at Buffalo Wild Wings?

You can come in and order at a To-Go window, where your food will be produced ready to go out the door. You can also come in and seat yourself in a sports bar, or be seated in a dining room. (Don’t worry, every seat in a Buffalo Wild Wings can see about a dozen different TV’s. So, you won’t be missing your game, no matter where you’re seated)! Once seated, you will be served by friendly wait-staff and will be catered too all your needs! You’re also able to order ahead on the app to take it to go, and they even offer a rewards program that you can use to redeem points no matter how you order and enjoy your B-Dubs!

But, I’m Vegetarian! Does Buffalo Wild Wings offer anything for me?

Yes! Buffalo Wild Wings offers a few meatless meals, and even have their own Cauliflower boneless wings! You can also look at Salads, and there are a several sides on offer that are vegetarian friendly! Buffalo Wild Wings even have options that are Gluten allergen friendly! To check before you order, use the app, as it shows health information on each item, or take a look on the website to see all details including calories, Sugar, Gluten and other important information!

Okay, but can my Vegan Aunt eat here too?

Yes! Options are likely to be limited, as they usually are on a vegan diet, BUT there are options for our vegan friends! From things like the Celery and Carrots to Cobb Salads without meat, or the cauliflower wings with select sauces that avoid Dairy, and other animal based ingredients. The options are a little tight, but rest assured, if you’re coming in and have a specific diet, you are going to be given some sort of option to ensure no one comes and leaves with an empty stomach!

Yes! Buffalo Wild Wings has small portions for those in-between children and full meals, but they also offer a decent sized Children’s menu! From Kiddo sized boneless or traditional wing combo’s, to Mac and Cheese and a burger, there are options for our small eaters to ensure they’re not left out!

What are Buffalo Wild Wings hours?

Buffalo Wild Wings is a sports bar, and as such, they operate with bar hours! Opening just before lunch for the early eaters at 11AM, they are open until 12-midnight! So, it doesn’t matter if the game goes into OT, or a fight hits round 11. Let’s sit back and enjoy the 9th inning tie breakers and enjoy another cold one and some wings, Buffalo Wild Wings is all for it! Additionally, Buffalo Wild Wings is open 7 days a week, so it doesn’t matter what sport you’re watching. Even if the sport you’re watching comes on at 1pm on a Monday, there’s going to be a B-Dubs open and waiting for you!

Is Buffalo Wild Wings healthy?

Yes! Buffalo Wild Wings have options that are low calorie. There are also options that are “naked”, not fried, sauces that are only spices, or that do not contain butter or milk. There are vegetable sides, and even salads, and lighter options for health focused customers! Whether you want to put down a large wing tray by yourself, or take it easy and have a chicken salad, there are options on both sides of health consciousness!

Does Buffalo Wild Wings Deliver?

Buffalo Wild Wings offers delivery through services like Door Dash and Menu Hopper, they also offer location specific delivery drivers at some locations. But, whether you have to use Uber Eats, or another food delivery service, or your local location offers delivery directly, you can certainly enjoy B-Dubs at home on your couch or at a friends Super Bowl party!

Can You make Buffalo Wild Wings at home?

You can certainly try your hand at matching or mastering the wing at home coupled with Buffalo Wild Wings sauces! Sauces and seasonings are sold on site at locations, as well as now being distributed into certain grocery store chains. You can get a select number of sauces in bottles, but if one of your favorites is offered, the cost is relatively low, and you could be making Buffalo Wild Wings chicken wings in your own grill at home!

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