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Slim Chickens menu prices featuring 35 items ranging from $1.49 to $23.99

The Slim Chickens brand has successfully winged its way to the hearts and stomachs of its customers by combining its delicious chicken meals with southern charm and hospitality.

Slim Chickens menu prices featuring 35 items ranging from $1.49 to $23.99

During my recent visit to Slim Chickens, a rapidly expanding chicken chain, I was instantly impressed by their commitment to using the freshest ingredients and by the warm, welcoming atmosphere that graced each of their branches.

One of the many highlights of my visit was the signature chicken meal. It came as no surprise to me that this dish—the chicken tenders marinated in buttermilk and served with house-made dipping sauces—has earned Slim Chickens a loyal following. The tenders were juicy, flavorful and cooked to perfection. I couldn't help but share my experience on social media, and my followers were just as intrigued.

The first Slim Chickens fast-casual restaurant opened its doors in Fayetteville, Arkansas, back in 2003. Its founders, Tom Gordon and Greg Smart, had a vision of creating a social environment offering freshly cooked chicken wings and tenders. I was delighted to see that this vision had held up over the years and had become a reality.

The essence of Southern hospitality that the founders wanted to create was evident in the welcoming vibe I experienced at their location. With over 120 locations in the US alone and more internationally in the UK and Kuwait, it's clear that this homely vibe and excellent meal have been a winning combination.

While Slim Chickens may be renowned for their chicken tenders and wings, my curiosity led me to try other items on their menu, including the sandwiches ??, wraps?? and the classic Chicken and Waffles. Each dish was as delicious as the last, and I was especially impressed with the variety offered in their Farm Fresh Salads, Delta Sides and Slim Sweets.

Spice Lovers Unite

On a personal note, I enjoyed their diverse collection of hot and flavored spices. There were up to 17 different hot sauces to choose from. Being a bit adventurous, I decided to try the Inferno Sauce... Let's just say I learned my lesson the hard way- that sauce isn't for the faint-hearted! ??

Kid-Friendly Options at Slim Chickens

While I don't have kids myself, I did note the kid-friendly options on the menu, such as the Kids Tender Meal and the Kids Mac & Cheese Meal. Slim Chickens has put thought into their child clientele by creating meals that kids can comfortably consume in one sitting.

Convenient Operating Hours

Slim Chickens' operating hours from 10:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m., seven days a week, worked perfectly with my erratic schedule. However, it is important to note that this is a big restaurant chain, so there might be slight variations in delivery and pickup times in each branch.

Slick Delivery and Pickup Services

I fell in love with the "Skip-the-Line" feature on the Slim Chickens website. To accommodate my busy schedule, I saved time by ordering meals online through the Slim Chickens mobile app, and I could conveniently pick up my order without queuing. They also delivered at my doorstep- perfect for those lazy nights when cooking just felt like too much work.

Locating the nearest Slim Chickens

The Slim Chickens website also hosts a locator for all its restaurant locations. It was a breeze to find my nearest branch–New York–which also happens to have the opening hours and menu posted online. My next stop, Texas, with its whopping 28 branches! You can view the location of each Slim Chicken here.

What Makes Slim Chickens Stand Out?

From a customer's perspective, the distinguishing factor for Slim Chickens was clearly the Southern hospitality reflected through the warm staff and the delightful Southern foods on the menu. Plus, having tried my fair share of chicken fast-food restaurants, the collection of the spiciest sauces at Slim Chickens really hit the spot.

Diet-Friendly and Delectable

Now, being a health-conscious eater, one factor that always determines whether I'll be a returning customer or not is the availability of diet-friendly options. Slim Chickens didn't disappoint, supplying options like side salad with any meal or healthier options like fried pickles, mushrooms and okra. Winning in my book!

Refreshments at Slim Chickens

Another fun part, I enjoyed the drinks served with the meals available. I particularly admired the selection of hand-spun milkshakes in flavors like chocolate, vanilla, ores and strawberry. Not to mention the cocktails, like the Corn Star Martini. Talk about getting the party started! ??

Catering with Ease

I also appreciate that Slim Chickens offers catering services. Whether it's a small gathering or a big party, their catering calculator made it easy to order the right amount of food. And not to forget, extra promo rewards with each catering order!

Food Safety and Allergies

If you're dealing with food allergies like me, informing the cashier or attendant about this ensures extra precautions are taken when preparing meals. They also only use trans-fat-free soybean oil and no peanut oil, which was quite reassuring for this self-confessed health fanatic.


  • Fresh ingredients
  • Welcoming atmosphere and staff
  • Diverse and delicious menu
  • Diet-friendly options available
  • Convenient online ordering system
  • High food safety standards


  • The Inferno Sauce might be too spicy for some
  • Operating hours might vary depending on branches
  • The Kids Menu could use a bit more variety

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