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Chicken Salad Chick menu prices featuring 50 items ranging from $0.99 to $45.99

In 2008, Stacy Brown, in partnership with her husband, established the chicken salad chick restaurant in Auburn, Alabama. When the business began to take off, brown began selling her delicious chicken salad in the teacher's lounge and hair salons.

Chicken Salad Chick menu prices featuring 50 items ranging from $0.99 to $45.99

The authority that deals with health would visit her kitchen after learning about it and inform her that she couldn't operate the job from her house. But she managed to abide by the regulations, and people began to notice her chicken salad specials. The restaurants offer chicken salad as the main dish and other foods such as sandwiches and soups.

The Number of States having Chicken Salad Chick

Approximately 20% of the restaurants are company-owned, while the other 80% are franchised. The owner carefully chose integral franchise managers to ensure they fully uphold the chick culture. Recently, inc. ranked the business 37th among the 500 lists of the fastest growing privately held businesses. In addition to having more than 200 restaurants spread across 17 states in the US, chicken salad hopes to reach 300 in 2022 due to quick expansion.

Chick salad restaurants ensure the use of high-quality ingredients handcrafted every morning with excellent chicken tenderloins. The food is mouthwatering and freshly cooked based on the owner's culture. The restaurant knows everyone has a distinct view of the ideal chicken salad dish they want. For this reason, it has developed several dish possibilities that you can select from on the menu depending on taste and taste and preference.

the restaurant offers different dishes such as chicken salads, salads, sides and soups, little chicks and sweet chicks, and signature sandwiches. When it comes to chicken salads, there are traditional, fruity, nutty, savory, and spicy chicken salads you can choose from. The pimento cheese also comes in spicy pimento cheese and egg salad.

If you love taking salads, then the restaurant is the place to be because it offers a variety of green salads, such as classic and seasonal salads. Additionally, the signature sandwiches will make you want more of them because there are varieties to decide from, such as chicken salad, turkey club, pimento cheese, and turkey pesto sandwiches. You can check the restaurant's website for more information on the menu list.

How Food is Ordered at Chicken Salad Chick Restaurant

You can use various ways to order food from the restaurant depending on your availability and location. If you want to dine at the restaurant, the staff will welcome you with friendly and upbeat staff, where you will go to the register to make your order. You will receive a receipt you will have to use later as you wait for the food. Your food is served to your table after some time, depending on the number of customers present. Additionally, the restaurant has partnered with online delivery companies that will deliver your food to your doorstep while it is still hot.

Vegetarian Food Options

the restaurant ensures to cater to vegetarians by making flavorful foods that are healthy and nutritious. The menu offers 42 different dish options at the restaurant, suitable for vegetarians. The dishes range from salads, soups, sandwiches, and fruits, among other delicacies. For more information, see the complete vegetarian menu available at the restaurant sites for more food options.

Vegan Food Options

You might assume that since the restaurant specializes in chicken salads, it doesn’t have the best vegan option. However, that is not the case because there is a wide variety of foods vegans can comfortably choose and eat. They can order foods such as wheat crackers, lance, club crackers from Keebler, and classic and seasonal salads. For more information, you can download the best vegan app for travel. With the app, you can download recommendations for eateries near you. Additionally, you can access all the restaurant guides anytime.

Operating Time

The operating hours may vary with the restaurant's location. For instance, restaurants located in Columbia will allow customers to begin lining up at 7 am. However, the chain of most restaurants will open at 10 am and close at 8 pm from Monday through Saturday. The restaurants never open on Sunday because the business believes it will help their workers take a break after a long workweek.

Kids Food Option

The restaurant owns a separate kid's menu that offers healthy food for children of any age. Kids have a comprehensive option of choosing chicken salads, signature sandwiches, salads, and soups, among other healthy foods. Additionally, Tuesdays can become your children's new favorite day if they enjoy chicken salad. The restaurant has offered to give kids under the age of 10 a chance to enjoy a free meal every Tuesday at the river, with a cap of one complimentary child meal per adult meal. This comprises the eateries in Prattville at 588 pinnacle place, 3070 Zelda road, and 7924 Vaughn road.

Additionally, the restaurants want to occasionally host events on special Tuesdays that will focus on little chick activities. This includes Christmas surprises, balloon creatures, art competitions, and face painting. More details are present on the restaurant's website or the Facebook pages of the 3 nearby businesses.

Most of the food offered by the restaurant is healthy, and you will have a higher chance of choosing many varieties of food without being limited. Examples of foods are fresh fruits, grape salad, and broccoli salad. Additionally, you can order different soups containing natural and healthy ingredients. If you doubt the chicken salad, they guarantee to make them gluten-free; thus, eating the food is beneficial.

How to Prepare Chicken Salad at Home

The restaurant has got several guides and recipes that you can access to prepare a chicken salad at home. Some recipes are premium, and you may have to pay a subscription amount to access them. Others are basic and free of charge; it will only take minutes to access them. Additionally, the restaurant ensures the use of natural ingredients that you can easily access from your nearest shops or supermarkets and are affordable. Since they are various kinds of chicken salads, you can pick the best dish you want to make depending on your taste and preference.


Chicken salad chick restaurant is not only a place for chicken lovers, but also for other kinds of people, for it offers a wide variety of foods to choose from on its menu. They ensure their customers get the best nutrition through the use of natural ingredients that they prepare by themselves. Additionally, they also cater to vegetarians, kids, and vegans to ensure they all have dish options on the menu they can eat. You can go to nearby restaurants to dine or even order online, where the delivery services will make the delivery to your doorstep.

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