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Chicken Express menu prices featuring 96 items ranging from $0.25 to $31.99

Chicken Express is all about never frozen, Fried Chicken, and creating an easy dining experience for the client. Specializing in Fried Chicken, Super Sweet Tea, and the fact that each location allows customers to Dine in, Drive Thru, or have it delivered!

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Chicken Express menu prices featuring 96 items ranging from $0.25 to $31.99

Chicken Express was so focused on delivery when they started that they coined their slogan “Our Chicken Can’t Fly, So We Deliver” very early on, as they were willing to deliver their food to each client to help make it easy! This, today, has carried over into offering catering services now!

Chicken Express is open for Lunch, Dinner, typically operating 10:00–10:00, and is known for its Fried Chicken tenders, and “Chicken E Sweet Tea”.

Where Can I eat Chicken Express?

Chicken Express is a southern eatery, being founded in Mineral Wells, Texas. It has most locations being open in Texas, but has expanded now to Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. However, a large portion of the establishments are located in Texas! Chicken Express offers Franchise availability, so there could be one opening near you, or you could look into opening one yourself! For those of us, just focused on eating the delicious food, you’ll primarily find locations in Texas and the surrounding states!

What stands out about Chicken Express?

Chicken Express is primarily focused on its secret batter, and using never frozen chicken. They are also known for having some of the finest Texas Sweet Tea available! You can even pick up Gallons of the tea to go! Chicken Express stands out for being one of the first drive-thru and delivery focused Fried Chicken establishments. While you could get fried chicken and sit down and eat it, this availability for to-go focused ordering allows Chicken Express to serve clients who travel, or are on the move. Clients who simply want to take it home and be in their comforts of home, or those who do not, or cannot leave their homes, to be able to enjoy their food!

Does Chicken Express chicken have a spicy option?

Chicken Express doesn’t share much about its seasoning, sauces and flavors. But, there are some locations that offer spicy chicken seasoning. Typically, you can choose any of the Tenders boxes, or Combo meals and have it made spicy. The spicy seasoning is a “cajun” inspired style of spicy seasoning! All menu items, however, come standard, and not all locations offer spicy seasoning.

Chicken Express primarily serves varied sizes of Chicken Tender meals. Chicken Express offers tenders as just Entrée’s, as Combos where you can select numerous sizes to add to your meal, and they even offer “Our Famous Family Meals” in larger quantities focused on feeding 4+ people! Have more than 4 people? You can even host a large gathering, go tailgating, or have the whole family over with the available “Party” catering option.

Besides the main attraction of Fried Chicken Tenders, Chicken Express also offers Fried Fish Fillets, and a large variety of southern sides! From Crispy Fries, Fried Okra, to Corn and Green Beans, you have the choice of Rolls or Biscuits and even Fried Corn Nuggets!

How do you order food at Chicken Express?

Vaguely mentioned before, at Chicken express you can order at the front counter with a friendly cashier, or you can order through the Drive-Thru. You can also order online on delivery apps, or the Chicken Express App, or online on the website. You’ve got options to dine in, take it to go, or even stay home and have it delivered!

Can you eat healthy at Chicken Express?

All the main meat options offered are fried. A good portion of sides are also fried. While it may not be the most healthy for the body, the soul is well nourished! For details on health concerns and nutritional facts, please see the website version of the menu to read all about nutritional values of the menu items available!

Chicken Express does not currently offer any options for food for those who do not eat meat options. There are constantly updated nutritional facts available here:

Chicken Express does offer “The Kids Meal”. It’s 1 piece of chicken; either Leg or tender, a side and 16oz (0.6 kg) drink. Besides, this, you can choose things on the “Sides and Extras” that you can order “à la carte” and combine to make smaller meals!

What are the operating hours of Chicken Express?

Because Chicken Express is a franchise, each location's hours of operations might very slightly. But, generally speaking, they are open 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM 6, or 7 days a week. Be sure to check the hours of a location on the website, or on your navigation application of choice, before heading in to get your food! And, don’t forget, if one isn’t open, but another is, you can always look at delivery options!

Does Chicken Express Deliver?

Yes, of course! They were founded on the focus of offering delivery! Chicken Express has always delivered, and still does. You can also look at DoorDash, or other Food Delivery services for options to deliver through that platform as well, but, Chicken Express does deliver!

How affordable is Chicken Express?

Chicken Express has several affordable menu options. In the past, there was even a “Student Special” that was a box, fries, roll, and drink for $5! It went up to $7 and has recently been dropped at numerous locations due to rising costs in affects with COVID-19, but the standard 3 piece tender box is still a high value coming in well under $10 and comes with 3 tenders, a side, roll, and drink! You can also order A-La-Carte and pick, so you can choose sizes of sides, drinks, and main meal portions. This can potentially save you money!

Can I make Chicken Express at home?

Unfortunately, you are unable to buy any seasonings, secret sauces, or batter mixes from Chicken Express. However, due to the nature of Chicken Express’ options for catering and large parties, you can order Chicken Express in a way in which you can have it naturally at home. Couple the variety in size of group ordering availability, you can rest assured you can get it delivered efficiently and reliably from the delivery options available at your location, Chicken E!

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