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Wingstop menu prices featuring 57 items ranging from $0.49 to $88.99

In 1994, the start of something big was taking place, with its potential not yet clearly seen or understood until the Wingstop menu became a favorite for many. This happened in Garland, Texas (which is on the outskirts of Dallas). 3 years later, its potential would start to become noticed nationwide as they began to offer franchise opportunities.

Wingstop menu prices featuring 57 items ranging from $0.49 to $88.99

Flavorful eats available at this top buffalo-style chicken wing restaurant includes:

Today, Wingstop is known for being one of the most popular concepts in the world, growing at one of the fastest rates seen among any concept within the food service industry. Of course, this may be thanks to their unique restaurant design that has a pre-jet aviation theme from the 30s and 40s. It could also have something to do with their focus on flavor first, as well as their innovative ways.

Whatever the case may be, they have attracted some of the top entrepreneurs and professional figures to become Wingstop franchisees. This led to common and memorable misconceptions such as when many people came to believe Rick Ross owned Wingstop. Currently, Rick Ross owns twenty-eight (28) franchise locations rather than the corporation itself. This is a big piece of the company though.

Learn more at the official Wingstop website.


Which countries have a Wingstop?

It took some time for Wingstop restaurants to start opening their doors outside of the United States, but it seems to be a good move on their part. When they first went outside of the country to do business internationally, they opened a restaurant in Mexico first and grew to nine (9) countries so far.

If you’re in another country, currently traveling, or planning to visit another country outside of the US, know that there are Wingstop locations in Canada, France, Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom. Aside from their strong presence in the US.

What's the difference between Wingstop restaurants and others?

First, it is quite clear that no matter how big they have become over the years as a globally leading restaurant chain, they have always kept flavor first. This means you can expect some great choices when it comes to the kinds of sauce you want on the wings. Without sacrificing quality.

It also means that they don’t freeze their chicken wings, ever.

Secondly, the Wingstop menu is always evolving as they know their guests want something new to try rather than being limited the same old selection. This ensures something different that’s not going to wear out its welcome, but it also creates a demand that they stay innovative as a company.

Finally, their chicken wings illustrate the culture of where they hail from. Many call them Texas-sized wings and they pack more meat than most hot wing restaurants have ever served. When you go to Wingstop, expect a unique dining experience, great flavors, and the quality that’s expected from one of the world’s top fast-casual restaurants.

Does Wingstop have a drive-thru pickup?

Yes, but make sure the location near you has one before making the trip. You can call a hot wing order into Wingstop or place an online order for carryout before you show up. They’re a brand that knows the importance of being as useful as possible to those that they serve and will come to serve.

How do I place an order for Wingstop?

We’ve come to know that Wingstop is one of the most innovative brands in the world, but does the ordering experience represent this? Let’s see how to order from the Wingstop menu.

1. By paying Wingstop a visit in or near your neighborhood.

If you want a delightful place to eat out, whether by yourself or in the company of others, Wingstop is known to offer an excellent dining experience. While enveloping you in their culture, as it’s displayed within the aviation theme that every Wingstop worldwide is decorated with.

2. By placing your order via the World Wide Web at

If you have busy periods about to meet you, you might want to be able to quickly grab dinner and get it on the table to eat so you can carry on. If this is the case, ordering online could help get exactly what you want from the menu, and ensure it’s ready when you get there without unwanted delays.

3. Embracing food delivery, such as DoorDash, Wingstop’s first delivery partner.

Convenience wasn’t always embraced by the world as much as it is today as we progress when it comes to the modernization of the world. Doing what it takes to keep up with the times if you will.

Thankfully, we have progressed significantly in the realm of convenience, especially when it comes to easily accessing products/services without complications. Wingstop was one of the first restaurants in the United States to embrace food delivery, piloting a delivery service with DoorDash in 2017 and 2018, with the first pilot restaurant located in Austin, and the second one in Chicago.

Does Wingstop sell beer?

At select locations they do, but don’t expect anything harder (in other words, more potent) than the beer that’s served on the Wingstop menu, where applicable. There are some locations that don’t offer any alcohol on their menu, so you will have to check with your desired spot accordingly.

What hours are Wingstop restaurants open?

Across over 1,400 locations in the US, plus over 100 locations in Canada, you can usually see a Wingstop open as early as 11AM and closing as late as 12 midnight that day. Just like with any other restaurant, each location has specific hours. As for the days open, usually it’s 7 days per week.

For a precise answer that suits the location nearest you, you can find them by doing a Google search for “Wingstop Near Me” or simply by visiting and entering your zip code to see locations.

What should I get from Wingstop?

According to Mashed, a popular food blog, the best Wingstop menu items based on popularity includes Mango Habanero Wings, Original Hot Wings, and Louisiana Voodoo Fries. With such a menu of variety, there are many more favorites, but we kept simple here.


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