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Raising Canes menu prices featuring 29 items ranging from $0.29 to $89.99

Raising Canes is a popular chain of American fast-food restaurants which specialize in fried chicken fingers. The company is called Raising Cane after the owner's yellow Labrador, who served as the company’s mascot.

Raising Canes menu prices featuring 29 items ranging from $0.29 to $89.99

So, I swung by Raising Canes for dinner, a place renowned for striving to serve up the finest chicken finger meals on the planet. If crispy tenders are your guilty pleasure, like mine, you're sure to feel right at home here.

Now here's a backstory that inspired me! Raising Canes was founded by Todd Graves back in 1996. Todd's journey to establishing his dream chicken finger joint began in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, paving the way to what is a chicken empire today. He penned a business plan as part of his college coursework, which unfortunately didn't rake in star grades or banking patronage. This initial setback didn't deter Todd. Instead, he took to a myriad of rugged jobs, working as an oil refinery laborer to a fisherman until he accumulated the required funding to kickstart his venture. It's been one successful story since then, to the point where I firmly believe that his college examiner and the unsupportive bankers should eat their words along with Todd's famous chicken fingers.

You can catch more of the Raising Canes saga on their official webpage at

Where in the World is Raising Canes?

Although originally launched in the Unites States, Raising Canes' delicious reputation has now spread its wings far and wide. The chain first made an international statement in 2015 when it inaugurated a store in Kuwait. Since then, several outlets have blossomed in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates as well.

What's Cooking at Raising Canes?

The heart and soul of the Raising Canes' menu is, of course, their signature chicken fingers, which come in various combo meals bunched with sides and a drink. The Box Combo, for example, serves up 4 Chicken Fingers accompanied by fries, their signature sauce, a piece of Texas toast, coleslaw, and a beverage of your choice. In the mood for a stacked chicken sandwich? They've got you covered with the Sandwich Combo, which delivers 3 Chicken Fingers nestled within a toasted bun alongside lettuce and onions.

Extras such as additional chicken fingers, sauces, fries, Texas toast, and coleslaw can jazz up your combo meal if you're willing to top up a little. But if you're feeding a football team or just can't get enough of those chicken fingers, head straight to Raising Canes' Tailgates menu, which provides servings of up to a whopping 100 chicken fingers!

The Secret Cane Sauce?

Guess what? I tried prying the recipe too, but all I got was a cheeky grin from the staff. All they would divulge was that it was tangy and carried a slight kick, and yes, it was delicious! The enigmatic sauce recipe is guarded like a priceless treasure, known only to the store's General Managers and those way up high in the Raising Canes' chain of command.

Another nugget worth noting is that General Managers at each restaurant freshly prepare the Cane Sauce each day, ensuring you get a bite of its fresh, flavorsome tang every time you visit.

Does Raising Canes Deliver?

For those lazy couch days, Raising Canes comes right to you with a savory fix from their menu. Delivery options, however, may vary from store to store, so do check with your local outlet for availability. Trust me, it's worth it!

Satisfying the Vegetarians Among Us

Veggie Options at Raising Canes

While Raising Canes is a poultry paradise, vegetarians might find it a little limiting. However, never fear – they've got scrumptious sides to keep you going. Vegetarian options include their crinkle-cut fries, Texas toast, coleslaw, and the Cane's sauce. So, while you may not have a plethora of choices, you can always conjure a quick meal out of the available options.

Any Vegan Bites at Raising Canes?

For the plant-based folks, the options are extremely slim or practically negligible. The only vegan-friendly item would be a side of French fries. Although these are fried in separate friers from the chicken fingers, trace cross-contamination cannot be guaranteed.

What About the Operating Times?

Typically, Raising Canes stands by to serve its patron from 10am to 11pm, extending closing time to 12am from Thursday through Saturday. Keep in mind that these timings may vary across stores, so check out your local outlet or verify their operating hours on the company’s website.

Got little ones in tow? Raising Canes has your back with a dedicated children's menu! Brimming with kid-friendly items and portion sizes, it's a paradise for your tots. The popular Children's Chicken Fingers Meal tops the chart for those aged 4 to 7. This meal comprising two chicken fingers, crinkle-cut fries, Cane's sauce, and a kid’s drink – plus, a free toy keeps them super entertained!

Gift of the Canes?

A little secret – Raising Canes doles out gift cards! If you're looking to treat your loved ones to a chicken binge, here's your golden opportunity. The cards are redeemable against any item on the menu at participating restaurants. Their physical gift cards come tailored for occasions like birthdays and thankful gestures. The cards come in denominations ranging from $10 to a generous $100.

What's in a Box Combo?

For the price, the Box Combo is a sumptuous deal at Raising Canes. As I mentioned above, it touts four Chicken Fingers, Texas toast, fries, coleslaw, and Cane's sauce – served with your choice of beverage. And believe me, your taste palette is in for a flavorful ride.

Price Tag on a 3-Finger Combo?

So, I opted for the 3 Finger Combo last time, which was a quick spot-on meal when my hunger pangs came calling. For around $10, you get a three-piece order of their delicious chicken fingers, and a side dish: fries or coleslaw – worth every cent, if you ask me!

What’s National Chicken Finger Day?

All chicken lovers, mark your calendars! Raising Canes celebrates National Chicken Finger Day on the 27th of July. They treat every member of the Caniac Club multiple free chicken fingers, but this offer is only valid dining in at their outlets. Now, if that's not food for thought to land me a Caniac Club membership, I don't know what is!

Raising Canes' Caniac Club - Quick Peek?

Love your Canes like I do? Consider joining their Caniac Club! Besides getting your frequent chicken fix, being a member undoubtedly comes with its perks, right from celebratory goodies on your birthday to exclusive offers and prizes. Plus, they’re great at keeping you updated about new menu additions or fun events happening near you!

Becoming a Caniac Club Member – The Rundown?

It's pretty simple to join the Caniac Club. Head to any participating outlet, ask for an order form, and fill up your details – name, address, email, and phone number. Hand over your completed order form with your meal payment, and voila – you're now an official member of the Raising Cane's Caniac Club! Trust me; it is worth it, especially if you are as much in love with their chicken fingers as I am.

What Bread is Served at Raising Canes?

The meal includes a piece of pull-apart, sesame-seeded bread cooked to crisp, golden perfection. Tender on the inside and crisp on the outside, it’s the perfect accompaniment to soak up all your favorite Canes sauces, complementing the overall taste and texture of the meal.

Can You Tell Me More About the Cane's Sauce?

The Cane's sauce – ah, that delightful, tangy twister that adds the final touch to the finger-licking chicken! Here’s a simple, yet mysterious recipe. You need ketchup, mayo, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, and a pinch of salt and pepper. The staff won't reveal their exact proportions, but at least that's a start, right?

Cost of an Extra Load of Cane's Sauce?

If you're a sauce fanatic, you'll toss an extra 39 cents for an additional load of the famous Cane's sauce, coz trust me, it’s worth it!

Any Other Cane Special Sauces?

Apart from their famous Cane's Sauce, I personally recommend giving their honey mustard a shot. It's a defining mix of sweet and tangy flavors that pair exceptionally wel with their chicken tenders. Certainly broadens your taste perspective!

Recent Price Hike at Raising Canes?

I didn't notice any significant price change during my visits. They possibly maintain their pricing to lure in more customers, but in some regions, costs might vary according to the cost of living.

The Raising Canes' World Record?

So, have you ever wondered what the Raising Canes World Record is? Well, it's an astounding 44 chicken fingers devoured in under 5 minutes by none other than Joey Chestnut! Of course, next time I won't aim that high, but hey, can't blame a girl for trying!

Is Texas Toast Same As Garlic Bread?

As a bread-lover, let me tell you that despite pesky similarities, they aren't identical. Garlic bread typically uses French bread slathered with butter, minced garlic and mixed herbs. In contrast, Texas Toast is a thick slice of white bread immersed in butter, embellished with garlic powder or dried minced garlic. But both offer a flavorsome load of indulgence!

Is Raising Canes Toast A Garlic Delight?

Oh yes, indeed! The Texas toast at Raising Canes is gently brushed with both garlic and butter, an alluring duo that adds an extra layer of flavor to your meal. You can even order it separately or share with your dining buddies.

All About the Chicken at Canes

The Raising Canes chicken fingers are fresh and cut from premium breast tenderloins, never frozen! The tenders are dipped into the signature batter mix, a recipe exclusive to Raising Canes, then deep-fried to golden perfection. Their unique preparation style guarantees an exceptional chicken dining experience.


  • Quality premium chicken products served fresh
  • Ambrosial Cane's sauce pairs perfectly with chicken meals
  • They offer home deliveries
  • Kid-friendly menu available
  • Membership Club offers exclusive perks
  • Gift cards for special occasions


  • Limited options for vegetarians and vegans
  • Extra charges for additional sauce
  • No customization options for combo meals
Don't just take my word for it, visit Raising Canes today and let their chicken fingers do the talking!

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