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Roosters menu prices featuring 119 items ranging from $0.59 to $53.99

Roosters Piri Piri was founded in 1992, having its first location in Ealing, Broadway. It started out as the home of fried chicken but later saw a huge gap for healthy fast food and switched its gears in 2010. The company was founded by Khalid Mirza and is based in the United Kingdom. It now has over 42 branches located in different parts of the United Kingdom.

Roosters menu prices featuring 119 items ranging from $0.59 to $53.99

Visiting Roosters Piri Piri wasn’t just a meal - it was an experience. Famous for their Piri-Piri chicken, they serve a healthy and affordable spin on street food that won't disappoint.

A walk into Roosters isn't just about grabbing a bite - it's a kind of voyage. The menu, inspired by traditional recipes from Pakistan—the homeland of Khalid Mirza, the brains behind Roosters—offers a variety of flavors, all from quality ingredients. Here's the kicker, with options like lemon & herb, medium, hot, and extra hot to choose from, it felt like a trip to a spice market. And let me tell you, the option to select spices reflecting Lebanese, Mexican, or Tikka flavors does transport your taste buds somewhere else entirely!

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How widespread is Roosters?

This unique, flavorsome journey has made its way to 43 locations in major cities throughout Ireland and the UK.

Just what makes Roosters so special?

What sets Roosters apart is their dedication to serving up low-fat, low-sugar, yet massively delicious food. Laden with vibrant flavors passed down by seasoned cooks across generations, the food marries health and affordability effortlessly. Making it a best mate for anyone on a tough nutritional regimen.

Oh, the joys of scanning this menu! Meat-lovers and vegetarians alike will find something tantalizing - from starters like wings and satays to mains such as grilled meats, buns, pitas or wraps. And the salads, oh those hearty, wholesome salads. The Middle Eastern salad, the Avocado salad, the Hot Beef salad – pure poetry! Every meal can be paired with a side. And believe me, deciding between the choices is no easy task. Got company? Order a sharing platter. Indulge in a sweet little something post-meal; they have ice creams, chocolate cakes, apple pies and cheesecakes that will hit just the right spot.

How to order their goodness?

Roosters give you three enticing ways to order: you can either visit the restaurant, go online, or get food delivered to your home. If you're visiting, you can order à la carte or choose a meal set. The same applies to online orders. You can also get your food delivered through Deliveroo. The world of Roosters’ flavorful food is at your fingertips!

Is their grub Halal?

Indeed it is. Roosters confirms all poultry and meat on offer is Halal and sources all their meat within the UK and EU.

How did the Piri Piri sauce come to light?

Raided from the flavors of Portugal during a quest for new culinary experience is the charming Piri Piri sauce. Later, with a turn east along old trading routes to Lebanon, they skillfully fused sumac with various other herbs and spices, etching the Lebanese flavor in the dish.

Vegetarian dishes? Surely not!

Yes, and they're delectable! Roast Veg can be found served in a pita, bun or wrap. All the sides are free from meat and dairy products, and they even have a vegetarian platter on offer. You can feel the love they’ve put into catering to the vegetarian palate.

What about the little ones?

Roosters has got little foodie needs covered with their kids' menu. From beef burgers, chicken burgers, and falafel wraps, children can tuck into a tasty treat. Drinks, sides, and ice cream accompany all kid's menu items making Roosters a perfect family-friendly destination.

Does Roosters give back to the community?

The community is at the heart of Roosters. They’ve been giving back during the Coronavirus epidemic by delivering free food to key workers across different UK locations and feeding the homeless. Their passion and care spill far beyond their menu.

What if you have food allergies?

Roosters takes care of you! They offer an extensive allergen menu to accommodate dietary restrictions, food intolerances, and allergies. You can find out exactly what their menu items contain and even learn how to modify menu items according to your dietary needs.

Have they got booze?

Yes indeed! You can select from various wine and beer options on their menu. And if you're driving, their non-alcoholic drink options are quite the show-stopper!

Roosters have a mission? Tell me more!

Roosters believes that good sources of protein and nutrients provide the right amounts of energy and flavor needed for people leading strenuous lifestyles. That belief is seen in their menu, with less of GM, additives, and more of the finest ingredients.

Serving hours?

Hours will depend on individual store locations. Usually, most locations are open between 11 am and 12 am.

What about a Keto diet?

If you’re in the Keto club, you’re in luck! Roosters’ menu is filled with several low-carb, low-sugar options, making it an answer to Keto prayers!


  1. Delicious food
  2. Affordable prices
  3. Health-conscious
  4. Holistic menu
  5. Family-friendly
  6. Nutritionally-balanced food


  1. A bit spicy for some palates
  2. Portions could be larger
  3. Can be crowded

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