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Brio Menu Prices for 2024

Brio restaurant was established in 1992 by executive chef Phil Yandolino, Rick Doody, and his brother Chris Doody. The restaurant chain's exclusive brand was Bravo Cucina Italiana before changing its name. The first restaurant debuted in Columbia.

Brio Menu Prices for 2024

Back in 2018, I learned that the owners made the progressive decision to sell Brio restaurant to a new division called Food First Restaurant, which was established under Spice Equity Limited. Behind this brainchild were the efforts of renowned American chef, Bradley D. Blum, and his Brazilian counterpart, GP Investments. I remember feeling a sense of excitement, knowing that this marked a new chapter for Brio and a promise of bigger and better things to come.

Even before its acquisition, Brio had always been famed for a distinctive menu that featured delectable dishes like calamari, garden salads, and pasta. It struck me that despite the transition in ownership, Brio maintained its reputation for quality cuisines, which is a commendable feat.

Exploring Brio Across the States

Did you know that the Brio experience isn't limited to one place? It actually extends to around 118 restaurants in the US, sprawled across 12 states including Alabama, Missouri, New Mexico, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan. The expansion doesn't end here; the owners are keen on setting up more Brio restaurants, serving delicious food and creating job opportunities across various regions through staff employment.

One of my favorite things about Brio is that everything on their menu is created in-house. They place special emphasis on fresh, healthy ingredients that appeal to shared dining experiences. I recall a festive dinner where my friends and I relished a special two-course seasonal meal, complemented by holiday cocktails and scrumptious desserts — definitely a highlight! Brio also makes a significant gesture each November and December, offering $25 to $100 worth of bonus gift cards to encourage the spirit of gift-giving among its patrons.

A Kitchen Full of Delectables — What's in Store?

At Brio, variety is the spice of life! Whether it's lunch, dinner, or brunch, the menu is diverse and enticing. I remember how we spent a significant amount of time just browsing the starters. The plethora of choices, from calamari, tomato Caprese, to shrimp and eggplant, left us overwhelmed but in a pleasant way. The flatbread varieties, particularly the Margherita flatbread and sausage were delicious. And, let's not forget the dessert spread - the caramel mascarpone cheesecake still has my heart!

My Experience Ordering at Brio

One thing that stood out at Brio was the table service. We were comfortably seated, and our orders were promptly taken by attentive waitstaff. And, wait for it — Brio also offers online delivery! I remember how I effortlessly navigated their website, selected food items from their online menu, and had our scrumptious meals delivered straight to our doorstep, without breaking a sweat.

Vegetarian and Vegan Varieties at Brio

Brio never falls short of catering to diverse dietary preferences. They offer a detailed and immersive vegetarian menu, tempting options such as mushroom Bello Ravioli, Margherita flatbread, and Brio's sliced salad, and more, which left us spoilt for choice. The breadth of vegan-friendly options were equally impressive. My vegan friend found the Brio chopped salad with red wine vinaigrette really delightful.

The thoughtful design of Brio's kid's menu won me over. I was pleased to see a range of options that were not only kid-friendly but nutritionally balanced. My niece felt absolutely at home with their pizza and mac-and-cheese, while I was relieved about her healthy intake.

Healthy Dining at Brio

The flexibility Brio offers when it comes to tweaking any entrée to enhance its nutritional value is outstanding. They also prioritize transparency by disclosing calorific information and an extensive list of ingredients for each item. A plus for health-conscious diners like me!

Operating Hours of Brio

Brio caters to the convenience of the customers with accommodating timings. They open each day of the week at 10 am, and on weekdays they wind up by 10 pm, while on weekends they remain open till 11 pm. Flexible enough for anytime dining!

Bringing Brio to My Kitchen

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at one of my favorites from Brio — Calamari. Thanks to the easy-to-follow recipes Brio, I was armed with all the ingredients and direction needed to whip up this popular dish right in my kitchen! Their website turned out to be a goldmine of culinary creativity.

Final Thoughts

At Brio, it's all about variety and authenticity, ensuring every patron enjoys a broad selection of dishes to choose from. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Brio is an experience to remember. For anything from ordering food, exploring recipes to checking out their vegan and vegetarian menus, visit their website for more details.

Pros and Cons of My Dining Experience at Brio


  • Wide range of menu options
  • Fresh, made-from-scratch food
  • Efficient table and online delivery service
  • Ample vegan, vegetarian, and healthy options
  • Kid-friendly menus
  • Convenient operating hours
  • Accessible and easy-to-use website


  • Menu can be overwhelming for first-timers due to extensive choices
  • Brio can be a bit on the high-end price-wise
  • Online delivery fee can be higher than expected
  • The waiting time can be longer during rush hours

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