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Brio Menu Prices for 2023

Brio restaurant was established in 1992 by executive chef Phil Yandolino, Rick Doody, and his brother Chris Doody. The restaurant chain's exclusive brand was Bravo Cucina Italiana before changing its name. The first restaurant debuted in Columbia.

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Brio Menu Prices for 2023

In 2018, the owners decided to sell the restaurant to spice equity limited, and it is a new division known as food first restaurant. This restaurant was founded by an American chef known as Bradley d. Blum and the Brazilian investment company GP investments. The acquisition of both businesses represents the first milestone for the new chain of restaurants.

The restaurant is well-known for its calamari, garden salads, and pasta, among other delicious cuisines.

How many Brio Restaurants are there?

There are about 118 restaurants in the US, and they are distributed between 12 states. The states are Alabama, Missouri, New Mexico, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan. The owners are still planning to open more restaurants to ensure their customers acquire quality and delicious food. Additionally, the owners aim not just to make the restaurant's name big, but also to create employment opportunities in other areas through staff employment.

Everything is made in-house at Brio restaurant, where the menu aims to promote sharing. It provides fresh foods that are made from a combination of healthy ingredients. The restaurant invites individuals during holidays to come with their friends and family so that the restaurant savors delectable meals from its special seasonal two-course menu and distinctive holiday cocktails and desserts. Additionally, Brio promotes gift giving by providing gift cards worth $25 to $100 of bonus in November and December of every year. The chefs at the restaurant are skillful and passionate about delivering the best meal to their customers.

The restaurant has an all-course menu consisting of lunch, dinners, brunch, and beverages. When it comes to lunch, there are plenty of starters to choose from, such as calamari, tomato Caprese, and shrimp and eggplant, among others. There are also flatbread varieties on the menu, such as Margherita flatbread and sausage, pepperoni, and ricotta flatbread. There are soup and side salad varieties, garden salads combined with fruits and vegetables, pasta, and sea and land food. If you feel like you are incomplete, you can order desserts such as warm chocolate cake, Tiramisu, Vanilla Gelato, and Caramel Mascarpone Cheesecake, among others.

How to Place an Order at Brios

Just like so many other restaurants, Brio uses a table service system, where you will sit and wait until the waiter or waitress takes your orders. When the waiter/waitress takes your order, you will have to wait for a few minutes because there may be too many orders from other customers or the chef needs to prepare the food immediately after it is ordered.

When the food is ready, the waiter/ waitress will serve you. When it comes to online delivery, you can go to the restaurant's website and choose the nearest restaurant. Then, you can browse the menu and select the food you want to order. Submit the order. You also need to enter information on your address so that the online delivery service will find it easy to locate your area and deliver to your doorstep. Remember, the cost of using online delivery will be higher than in a restaurant because the online delivery services charge the transport fee.

For vegetarians, the restaurant has a sizeable vegetarian menu they can select from to make their order. Examples of nutrition present in the vegetarian are; Brio sliced salad, Margherita flatbed, mushroom Bello Ravioli, Burrata, and Ciabatta with tomato and minestrone, among others. You can visit the restaurant's website to access the vegetarian menu and use it to make your order.

Most vegetarian foods are prepared with dairy products; therefore, they can also be consumed by vegans. Examples of food on the menu that are suitable for vegans are Brio chopped salad with red wine Vinaigrette, Feta, onions, and greens with Brioche croutons. Another good example is the Bistecca Insalata, which contains lettuce and tomato dressing.

Kids Food Options

the chefs carefully drafted the kid's menu to ensure that it offers certain foods that will help them maintain their weight and cause no issues in the future. On the menu, you won't find foods known to contain high-calorie content, such as beef tartar. Friendly options include pizza, macaroni and cheese, sandwiches, and burgers.

Additionally, there are grilled fish served with mashed potatoes, tomatoes served with chopped greens called Insalata bambino, and a junior caesar salad in the menu section of sides and salads. On the beverage option, there is milk and natural juice that provides the nutrition needed, and chocolate cake and ice cream in the dessert section. Therefore, when you take your kids to a Brio restaurant, be assured of getting food that is suitable for your kids.

Since most meals are prepared on-site, customers can alter any entrée to up the nutritional value. The restaurant also ensures that the lighter meals are baked and just gently drizzled with sauces. They are also prepared in pans with extra virgin olive oil, which is low in fat and calorific value. Each item's description includes calorific information and an extensive list of ingredients.

Opening and Closing Time

The restaurant is open every day from Monday to Friday, it opens at 10 am and closes at 10 pm, while on Saturday and Sunday, they open at 11 pm and close at 10 pm. Although time may vary in the different restaurant locations, most restaurants use this range. This makes it possible to eat lunch and dinner because the time is convenient for most customers.

How to Make Calamari at Home

If you have no money to order food from the restaurant, you can also access their tips and guidance towards preparing dishes such as calamari at home. In the supermarkets and stores near you, you can obtain all the ingredients and seasoning needed to make the dish. Furthermore, there are so many other recipes on the website that you can use to make different foods depending on your taste and preference.


Everyone enjoys having a wide selection of dishes to pick from on the menu when they decide to go to a restaurant. As a result, the Brio Italian grille has understood this situation, where the chefs have been equipped to prepare different varieties of dishes and make them available to the consumers. For more information on how you can order food, acquire recipes and check for vegetarian and vegan menus, visit the restaurant's website.

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