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Beggars Pizza menu prices featuring 86 items ranging from $2.19 to $37.00

Beggars Pizza is a chain of pizza stores, which originally started out as a small family-owned Italian restaurant in South Chicago. The company doesn’t hold back with its pizzas, and it is a great place to go for those with big appetites.

Beggars Pizza menu prices featuring 86 items ranging from $2.19 to $37.00

When I decided to visit Beggars Pizza, their motto "We Lay It On Thick" had me intrigued. True to their word, I received a pizza loaded with an abundance of cheese and toppings, much to my delight.

I learned that Beggars Pizza first opened its doors in 1976 in Chicago. Thanks to Angelo Garetto and his sons, Larry and Peter, it quickly became a family affair. Their blend of great food and a welcoming family-style atmosphere was a hit, and today they boast 20 thriving Beggars Pizza stores. Who doesn't love a success story, right?

Feel free to pay their website a visit at for more cool facts and anecdotes.

Where in the US can you find Beggars Pizza stores?

Now, this is interesting! All Beggars Pizza stores are located exclusively in the United States. I counted 26 locations where you can enjoy their yummy creations. Listed below are just a few:

  • Chicago
  • Blue Island
  • Northwest Indiana
  • Bourbonnais
  • Harvey
  • Lansing

Surely your location is in there somewhere. Check out their website for more details.

What I love most about Beggars Pizza is their versatile pizza options: thick bases – Chicago style, or thin crusts. And oh my, you should see their delectable specials. They truly are a sight for hungry eyes!

You know what else caught my eye? You can create your own pizza with your choice of pizza base and toppings. Pretty cool, right? Top it off with their special blend of mozzarella cheese and the signature sauce, and you're in for an unforgettable treat!

But if pizza isn't to your liking (which I highly doubt with their mouth-watering options), they offer an array of delectable dishes. There's a plethora of appetizers to choose from, hearty sandwiches, pasta, burgers, and surprisingly refreshing salads.

Once you've had your fill, they also have an exciting range of desserts like ice creams, gelato, and doughnut bites. Mind you, their beverages are equally noteworthy. The best part is, all Beggars Pizza stores offer a takeout option for a cozy stay-at-home pizza feast!

How about the size of Beggars Pizzas?

If there's one thing that stood out during my visit, it was the generous pizza sizes at Beggars Pizza. Clearly, they take their "Lay It On Thick" motto to heart when it comes to pizza toppings! Here are the sizes on offer:

  • Individual – 7” – Serves 1
  • Small – 10” – Serves 2–3
  • Medium – 12” – Serves 3–4
  • Large – 14” – Serves 4–5
  • Family – 16” – Serves 5–6

Does Beggars Pizza offer delivery?

Good news, folks! Beggars Pizza offers a delivery service. Now you can enjoy their scrumptious menu from the comfort of your own home. Do check delivery options with your local restaurant beforehand.

How about takeout or collection?

Indeed! You can order takeout or collection from Beggars Pizza. Do keep in mind though, all their pizzas are freshly prepared. If you're ordering a Deep Dish Pizza or Stuffed Pizza, be prepared to wait a tad bit longer because good food takes time!

Do they cater to gluten-free diets?

This will probably excite you. Beggars Pizza offers gluten-free pizza bases. However, complete elimination of gluten from their kitchen is not guaranteed. Don't let this deter you; they certainly take efforts to minimize cross-contamination.

Does Beggars Pizza serve alcohol?

Yes, you read that right! Beggars Pizzas offer a variety of alcoholic drinks to accompany your meal. Some of their stores even run daily beer specials and serve cocktails. Check out their drinks menu; I'm sure you'll find something to suit your palate.

What about a buffet?

Some Beggars Pizza stores host a lunchtime buffet, allowing you to sample a plethora of items from their menu. Do check the timings and availability at your local Beggars Pizza store.

Certainly! Beggars Pizza offers a fabulous range of pizzas and other dishes for catering orders. Having a get-together or a business event? They've got you covered. The pizza party package is a hit for parties of a minimum of ten people, offering thin or deep dish pizzas with 2 toppings, a garden salad, and mostaccioli (baked pasta).

Do they run promotions?

Yes, indeed! They run some fantastic promotions through their Big Cheese Club, which is like their customer reward package. They've previously had promotions for free toppings, free delivery, and even free doughnuts. Not bad, huh?

Can I cook Beggars Pizza at home?

Beggars Pizza now offers a choice between a Take & Bake Pizza Setup Package, where you can assemble and bake your own pizza with their prepackaged ingredients, and their take-home frozen or partially baked pizzas. Both options let you enjoy their pizzas in the comfort of your home.


  • Great family atmosphere
  • Generous pizzas sizes
  • Wide range of ingredients for customized pizzas
  • Home cooking options
  • Additional services like catering and delivery.


  • Those with very high gluten intolerance might need to reconsider due to potential cross-contamination.
  • Restaurants are only located in the United States.
  • Type and availability of promotions can be variable.
  • The waiting time for Deep Dish or Stuffed Pizza may be longer than usual.

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Beggars Pizza is a chain of pizza stores, which originally started out as a small family-owned Italian restaurant in South Chicago. The company doesn’t hold back with its pizzas, and it is a great place to go for those with big appetites.

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