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California Pizza Kitchen menu prices featuring 126 items ranging from $1.99 to $25.99

The California pizza kitchen was launched in 1985. The restaurant, also known as the (CPK) was founded by former federal prosecutors named Larry Flax and Rick Rosenfield. They combined their passion for different food prepared with fresh, high-quality, and fresh ingredients. This enabled them to come up with the California pizza kitchen. For this reason, Larry and Rick introduced the diners to the California pizza kitchen as an innovation following the invention of the BBQ chicken pizza. Today, California's creativity has continuously been reimagined by the CPK, resulting in culinary boundaries being pushed with industry fasts that include cauliflower crust, a gluten-free crust, and healthy power bowls.

California Pizza Kitchen menu prices featuring 126 items ranging from $1.99 to $25.99

Stepping into California Pizza Kitchen, it was immediately clear that this was a place that committed itself to freshness and seasonal produce. Each cocktail and dish I received was uniquely innovative and creatively presented, a hallmark of the well-managed, globally recognized brand. Their influence is impressive, spreading across 8 countries and rooted in 12 major international cities. This on top of their already formidable presence in the US.

Their dining variety impressed me. There's something to suit everyone, from cracker-crisp, hand-tossed pizzas to healthier, inventive options that balance taste and nutrition. Even the beverages extend the handcrafted ethos, transforming a simple dinner into a culinary journey. I came during the tenure of Jim Hyatt, who began as the company's chief executive officer in January 2018. Learning about the story behind the food I was about to indulge in only accentuated the whole experience.

Where in the world can I find California Pizza Kitchen?

Since opening in 1985, California Pizza Kitchen has grown from its California origin to currently serve more than 200 locations worldwide. It now has a presence across North America, Mexico, Western and Central Asia, along with Australia and the Asia Pacific region. But despite these eight foreign countries, California remains its heart. The company continues to service all major territories in the US, ensuring domestic customers never miss out.

What sets California Pizza Kitchen apart?

What really sets California Pizza Kitchen apart, in my opinion, is the variety and the uniqueness of the dishes on offer. I especially loved the California Chicken pizza. Deliciously uniquely crafted food that strays from the norm and focuses on creating dishes that incorporate everything from pizzas and salads to pasta, small plates and more. And with the choice of an array of crafted beverages, the whole dining experience is elevated just that bit more.

Does California Pizza Kitchen offer any spicy dishes?

For those who enjoy a little kick to their meals, California Pizza Kitchen has you covered. Their menu has a range of spicy offerings, from their salads to the pasta, and even sandwiches, soups, and some desserts. With each spicy dish, another level of complexity and depth is added to the meal, making the dining experience all the more memorable.

Perusing the California Pizza Kitchen menu, you can expect a range of food and beverage options to meet almost anyone's palate. Items range from a varied selection of pizzas, salads, pasta, along with hearty chicken dishes. For the kids, the children’s menu contains a number of visually stimulating and tasty options that are designed for your child to enjoy while also providing nutritional value.

How does one go about ordering at California Pizza Kitchen?

There are two easy ways to order at California Pizza Kitchen. For those who prefer an in-person experience, visiting a nearby store provides the opportunity to view the full menu and make your selection. If you prefer the convenience of at-home dining, their easy-to-navigate online ordering system allows for a simple, hassle-free experience right from your preferred digital device.

What options are there for Vegan guests at California Pizza Kitchen?

While their menu offers a plentiful selection of dishes including salads, pizzas, chicken and pasta, unfortunately, vegan options seem to be lacking. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend California Pizza Kitchen to vegan diners for whom specific dietary requirements are non-negotiable.

Does California Pizza Kitchen cater to our little ones?

Yes, they do! The California Pizza Kitchen has an extensive menu for children aged ten and below. The menu includes a variety of kid-friendly offerings like pasta, chicken, salad, and of course, pizza. You can easily order your child's preferred meal right from the children's menu on their website or in-store at your nearest restaurant.

When can I visit California Pizza Kitchen?

For the folks looking for a dine-in experience, web orders, or delivery, California Pizza Kitchen provides 12 hours of service, from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Perfect for a mid-day meal or evening family dinner.

Can I get my meal delivered?

You'll be glad to learn that yes, California Pizza Kitchen delivers! You can order your favorite dishes from the comfort of your home, and they'll deliver right to your doorstep. Convenience and gastronomy, what more does one really need?

Is the food at California Pizza Kitchen healthy?

Since its inception in 1985, California Pizza Kitchen has kept customer health at the forefront. Their menu is filled with a variety of high-quality, healthy and delicious meals that have grown to become favorites worldwide.

Is the food at California Pizza Kitchen Halal?

As a registered company operating under the United States government regulations, it's safe to say that the California Pizza Kitchen upholds the highest integrity in its operations, including catering to certain dietary requirements.

Can I recreate California Pizza Kitchen's dishes at home?

While you can certainly attempt to recreate their dishes at home, I can't guarantee it'll taste the same. Their unique, innovative food design is part of what makes dining at the California Pizza Kitchen so special. My suggestion? Treat yourself to some take-out.


  • Wide variety of dishes and drinks
  • Children's menu for the young ones
  • Innovative culinary design
  • Ready delivery and dine-in service
  • Great for spicy food lovers


  • Lack of vegan options
  • Local branches may be far for some
  • Food may not appeal to everyone's palate
  • Limited operating hours

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