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Blackjack Pizza menu prices featuring 76 items ranging from $0.99 to $26.99

Vince Schmuhl worked for Dominos for several years before establishing his Pizza delivery market. In 1983, he launched Blackjack Pizza after realizing there was an opportunity for many rivals to thrive in the rapidly expanding pizza delivery industry. At the time, there was only one significant competitor in the Rock mountain pizza delivery market, and he believed that the customers would truly value an improved option to satisfy their pizza desires.

Blackjack Pizza menu prices featuring 76 items ranging from $0.99 to $26.99
Every pizza lover should know about the day June 29, 1983, when the first Black Jack Pizza opened its doors in Federal Heights, Colorado. By the following year, the second Black Jack Pizza was up and running in Greeley, Colorado. The mastermind behind it all, Vince, didn't stop there! He kept expanding his business empire, mainly in the Denver Metropolitan area. Being a pizza geek that I am, I was intrigued by how this pizza chain managed to keep their flavor consistent across their branches. Then I found out the secret was their franchise model. By 1986, they had six corporate-owned outlets and a powerhouse of franchisees. In 1988, they transformed into a franchisor, sparking the exciting evolution of owner franchises at each location. It was so successful that several corporate outlets were sold to franchisees, and other independent business owners happily joined the Blackjack Pizza family. The empire has grown steadfastly since then, now boasting 42 franchise locations across five states.

Now let's get personal.

I was really impressed by the neatness and organization of the place. Parking was seamless, and the restaurant graciously accepted various payment methods, including credit cards. It was great for any meal of the day - lunch, dinner, and even late-night hunger pangs. Its headquarters are based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, US. To know more, I suggest you visit the Black Jack Pizza site at

What if I told you they're right in your backyard?

The Blackjack Pizza chain has spread its wings across Colorado, Arizona, and Florida. Remarkably, Colorado holds almost 87% of the restaurant's total locations, with Arizona close behind.

Love takeouts? So they do.

Blackjack Pizza fully understands that we don't always have the time for a sit-down meal, or maybe we're just on the move. Guess what? They offer takeouts for all their delicacies.

Open the door at any hour,

Their typical opening hours are from 10:30 AM to 12:30 AM from Monday to Sunday. They open even longer on Fridays and Saturdays, till 1:30 AM. But hours might vary, so it's better to check their website for the timings at your nearest location. In its four decades of serving joy, what truly sets Blackjack Pizza & salads apart is their fresh, handcrafted pizza and a menu that caters to all.

For the Foodies

The Blackjack Pizza menu comes loaded with pizzas, salads, bread, wings, boneless wings, and desserts. Plus, an array of extra toppings and bottomless soft drinks.

Talk about Healthy Indulgence

I can vouch for the quality and freshness of Blackjack pizza's offerings. Their daily homemade dough and sauce make for an irresistible and healthy base. Did I mention their abundance of fresh, never-frozen vegetable toppings?

Salads on the Side?

Oh yes, the salads. Their menu boasts a variety of scrumptious salads too - from a classic Garden Salad to a vibrant Mediterranean Salad.

Keto-friendly too?

Absolutely. The low-carb cheese and pepperoni pizza is a complete savior for all pizza-loving Keto enthusiasts.

Dunk in some homemade sauces

Blackjack Pizza ticks all the boxes with their range of homemade dipping sauces like Garlic Butter and Marinara that satisfy every palate.

Something extra?

And it doesn't end at just pizzas and salads. Okay, who screams for ice cream? They've got a variety of cold drinks and ice creams to cool you down in every season as well.

How Legit is Blackjack Pizza & Salads?

In a word? Completely. Blackjack Pizza & Salads is fully registered, following all necessary US government regulations. Over their 40-year journey, they've built a solid reputation among loyal customers.

How to Order Online?

Online shopping has my heart, and I was delighted to find out that Blackjack Pizza has an online shop for pizza lovers. Simply visit their site, make your preferred selection, and wait for the delivery.

Can you cook their pizza at home?

I've tried my knack for pizza making at home too. But trust me when I say this - it's not quite the same as what Blackjack has to offer!

Special Deals?

Their weekly specials and coupons are a fantastic way to save some dough (pun intended) while satisfying your pizza cravings. Stay tuned on their online store for the awesome deals! Now, for a fun part of my visit to Blackjack Pizza. Let's get into the pros and cons that I noted:


  • Ample parking
  • Variety of payment methods accepted
  • Fresh and quality ingredients
  • Keto-friendly options
  • Homemade dipping sauces
  • Clear and updated online store


  • Variable operating hours at different locations
  • Lack of allergy-specific menu options
  • Limited range of desserts
My visit to Blackjack Pizza was an overall memorable experience, and I’d definitely love to go back!

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