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Mellow Mushroom menu prices featuring 158 items ranging from $1.69 to $25.99

When you think of “mellow mushrooms” your first thought is probably psychedelics and other such associations, rather than a high-quality pizzeria with its mascot and line of characters which even appeared in their own comic at one point. While Mellow Mushroom does offer a few different mushrooms as pizza toppings, rest assured none of them will take you anywhere besides to more pizza.

Mellow Mushroom menu prices featuring 158 items ranging from $1.69 to $25.99

During my visit to Mellow Mushroom, I was pleasantly surprised to find they specialize in scrumptiously crafted food items using the highest quality fresh ingredients. They are definitely incomparable in terms of taste and flavor diversity.

One of the most unique things I found at Mellow Mushroom was their commitment towards the community. I got to know that they host fundraisers at their restaurant, assisting non-profit groups to raise funds. They do this by giving back an average of 15% of the food sales during the event. This whole experience made me feel that they are not just a restaurant but a socially responsible entity as well.

One of the most striking features about Mellow Mushroom, which caught my eye as soon as I walked in, was the artistic decor and bold themes. The themes are inspired by vibrant psychedelic mushroom-themed artwork, reminiscent of the 1970s and 1980s. Apparently, the tradition is that artists would trade their art or do commissions, and in exchange, they would be paid in pizzas!

I later checked out Mellow Mushroom's website here and found more exciting stuff about them.

Where Can You Find Mellow Mushroom?

At present, Mellow Mushroom is gracing only the United States with their mouthwatering pizzas, with over 200 locations in 20 different states, predominantly along the Southeastern coast.

What's So Different About Mellow Mushroom?

For me, it was Mellow Mushroom's ingenious fusion of hand-tossed, stone-baked Southern pizza using Appalachian spring water for the dough that really swung it. Also, the fun merch from The Yellow Room, adorned with trippy mushrooms added an eccentric touch to the entire experience.

Can You Stand The Heat at Mellow Mushroom?

If you're wondering whether the food at Mellow Mushroom is going to set your mouth on fire, rest assured! The majority of the offerings on the menu are not too spicy. However, if you (like me) enjoy a bit of spice in your life, there are a few pizzas, wings, burgers, or calzones that come with a kick. Fear not, you can easily spot them on the menu. And the best part? You can also customize your pizza, burger, and calzone to suit your preferred spice level.

What Can You Order at Mellow Mushroom?

Mellow Mushroom is not just a pizza joint - it's so much more! In addition to their world-class pizzas, it also has an extensive variety of other offerings like burgers, calzones, salads, hoagies, sandwiches, and desserts. They also cater to the beverage needs of their guests, offering a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, from various craft beers to cocktails to wine. Plus, they serve teas and mocktails for those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages.

Placing an Order at Mellow Mushroom

At Mellow Mushroom, getting your hands on these irresistible foods is an easy process. One great anecdote from my visit was how the waiter patiently explained the menu to us, took our order and came back with an amazingly presented meal. You can also order online for pick up, and they're extremely accurate with their time estimates!

Considering Vegetarians at Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom has plenty for vegetarians. I have a vegan friend who was with me at the restaurant, he had an easy time finding vegetarian dishes (marked with a V). It's great that Mellow Mushroom is catering to all diets!

What About Vegans?

Mellow Mushroom certainly has vegan options ranging from pizza to salads to hoagies. And guess what? They even offer vegan cheese, ticking all boxes for a perfect vegan pizza!

Kid-Friendly Mellow Mushroom

While Mellow Mushroom doesn't have a specific children's menu, it's an excellent place for kids since the majority of the kids love pizza. Tailoring to a child's taste at Mellow Mushroom was quite easy from my experience.

Mellow Mushroom Opening Hours

The Mellow Mushroom I visited opens around 11:00 am, and typically they close between 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm, although this may vary.

Does Mellow Mushroom deliver?

Mellow Mushroom does offer delivery through Ubereats and Doordash and from their own website.

Is Mellow Mushroom Food Healthy?

Mellow Mushroom cares about health and wisely chooses the freshest fruits, vegetables, and organic meat. The homemade pizza sauce and dough speak volumes about their focus on serving fresh and high-quality food.

Can I Make Mellow Mushroom Food at Home?

As much as I'd have loved to, replicating the Mellow Mushroom experience at home isn't possible as such. They do not sell any of their prime products in grocery stores, and although there are some online recipes claiming to recreate their dishes, none of them are official Mellow Mushroom recipes.


  • Exciting menu with a variety of food options.
  • Superb decor and ambiance.
  • Friendly staff who provide excellent customer service.
  • Efficient service.
  • Healthy and high-quality ingredients.
  • Caters to different dietary needs.
  • Strong commitment to the community.


  • Limited operating hours.
  • Only in the US currently.
  • Prices can be slightly higher due to the quality of ingredients used.

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