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Upper Crust menu prices featuring 103 items ranging from $1.00 to $44.00

Whether you’re looking to bring the whole family together over some authentic Italian food or enjoy lunch with your co-workers, Upper Crust Pizzeria Restaurant in Greenfield is a great option for you. This authentic Italian restaurant prides itself on its large selection of dishes available on the Upper Crust menu and its friendly service.

Upper Crust menu prices featuring 103 items ranging from $1.00 to $44.00

Let me tell you about this up and coming pizzeria that you are going to love. If you're like me and are living life "on-the-fly", you may not always have the luxury to sit back and relish a great meal at a fancy restaurant. Well, guess what? Upper Crust Pizzeria is here to save the day! You can now order online and their super fast delivery won't even give you a moment to be impatient! With numerous deals and special offers constantly on the fixture, I bet you won't regret trying this place out. So, what are you waiting for? Punto!

A slice of history

Upper Crust Pizzeria started its journey on the East Coast in 2001. Not to brag, but I've been a fan since 2016 when they opened their restaurant in Los Angeles. They've been delivering the magic of freshest ingredients since then and trust me, they do serve the best pizza in town. The restaurant has this modern design that's chic and appealing with an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs in action. Besides their exclusive pizzas, they also serve salads and desserts (the tiramisu made my heart skip a beat).

When is Upper Crust Open?

Upper Crust opens at 11 am daily and remains open until 9:30 pm. On Saturdays though, they extend their timings till 10:30 pm, while Sundays are generally kept for recharging their pizza ovens. They keep their doors open on most holidays, except New Year's Eve, Independence Day, and Halloween - unless when these holidays fall on a weekday (smart move Upper Crust!). Be sure to check their social media feeds for the updated status though.

Does Upper Crust serve Alcohol?

Surprise! They have an array of ice-cold beers and chilled wines on their menu. With a variety suited to fit each individual's taste - craft beers and hard ciders, red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines - it's a paradise for everyone!

Nitty Gritties of Making Reservations at Upper Crust

I have found that making a reservation at Upper Crust is crucial if you're eyeing to dine at the busiest hours or on weekends. The process is simple and can be done up to seven days in advance. Wanna know how I did it? Here are some quick steps:

  1. I picked the date and time I wanted to dine at Upper Crust
  2. I called their Los Angeles location and mentioned the day and time for my reservation
  3. They asked for my name, phone number, and the number of heads in my party
  4. Shortly afterward, I received an email confirming my reservation and a call later in the day for final confirmation.

Freshness Check at Upper Crust

Upper Crust is a stickler for fresh ingredients, and I was impressed to see they prepare and bake every pizza fresh. All their ingredients have the stamp of highest quality without any canned or frozen items in their midst. Freshly prepared dough every day, pizza sauce made of vine-ripened tomatoes, and pizza layered with freshly shredded mozzarella cheese. My party was thoroughly pleased with the pizza and their discerning taste buds already want to go back.

What Sets Upper Crust Apart?

Well, let's start with their crust - it’s uniquely thin and crispy, yet substantial enough to hold the generous toppings, far from the generic cardboard-taste ones. Add to it their variety in toppings and sauces catering to every pizza craving. With options encompassing gluten-free crusts to vegan cheese, you just can't go wrong here.

Does Upper Crust offer free delivery?

Yes, the best part of Upper Crust’s customer-friendly approach is their FREE delivery for all orders. Plus, you can even track your delivery in real-time on their website. Perfect for days when you're too busy to step out or are eagerly awaiting an important call, right?

Does Upper Crust make their own dough?

This one's the secret behind their perfect crust – they prepare their dough fresh every morning. Made from organic wheat flour and water with a pinch of salt added for flavor. Now that’s what sets them apart!

Upper Crust’s Cooking Style

All Upper Crust pizzas bake in an artisan stone deck oven, which lends their pizza that distinctive, crispy yet moist feel. The ovens use only infrared heating from the 600-degree stone deck. Now, that's some serious pizza love!

Signature Pies at Upper Crust?

With 20 special pizzas on their menu, they have got something for everyone from traditionalists to adventurers. The State House with a fiery pepperoni, The Tremont with classic tomato sauce and cheese, and for the bold ones, they have Patata Rossa with marinara sauce and bacon or Vegetarian GOAT with goat cheese, pesto, and fresh tomatoes.

What type of sauces can you have on an Upper Crust pizza?

You can choose from a variety of sauces at Upper Crust. Their menu houses sauces like Homemade Chili Oil, Marinara, Buffalo Sauce, and Pesto among others, making sure you can have it your way!

Are there vegan options?

Upper Crust nails it in this aspect too. You can substitute vegan cheese for dairy cheese on your pizza. While weird for some, topping combinations like spicy peanut sauce with sweet red peppers, BBQ sauce with tofu pieces, or hummus with spinach have delighted many (including yours truly!).

Vegan pizza tastes delicious and isn't rubbery or cardboard-like. One way Upper Crust has made vegan pizza stand out is by offering crust alternatives, such as gluten-free and chickpea-based flatbreads (which New York Magazine has hailed as the new cupcakes!)

Does Upper Crust Pizzeria offer calzones?

Indeed! They have plenty of mouthwatering calzone options on their menu. From hearty meat to fresh vegetable and the exquisite Buffalo chicken calzone, they have a drool-worthy calzone for everyone!


  • Wide variety in food and drink menu
  • Fast and free delivery
  • Fresh and high-quality ingredients
  • Great crust and gourmet options
  • Good reservation system


  • Could be crowded during peak hours
  • Sometimes the waiting time might be a bit long
  • Slightly higher-priced compared to some other pizzerias

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