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Cicis Pizza menu prices featuring 76 items ranging from $0.50 to $41.99

You will find the local Cici’s buffet loaded with diverse amount when it comes to their types of pizza, pasta, salad, and even breadsticks just to add an even more powerful kicker into the situation. You can bring the family as it’s a family-friendly restaurant where strict standards are followed to ensure suitability for all ages.

Cicis Pizza menu prices featuring 76 items ranging from $0.50 to $41.99
My latest culinary adventure was a visit to Cicis Pizza, a familiar name in the realm of Italian-American pizza buffet restaurants dotting the United States' map. Famous for their "all-you-can-eat" buffet style, Cicis ticks all my boxes for an impressive spread of good quality pizza at prices that are light on the pocket. I discovered while moseying through their history that this buffet hub sprang from the entrepreneurial seeds sowed by Joe Croce and Mike Cole in 1985 in the charming city of Plano, Texas. Their hard work bore fruit in the form of over 500 locations by 2005. Despite a few bumps along the road that saw their stores decline in number, nearly 300 locations are still serving their scrumptious brand of pizza.
There's a charming little anecdote from my recent visit that encapsulates the Cicis experience. Once we'd reached the stage of fallen warriors, barely able to consume another cheesy slice, the gleam of the arcade games across the room caught the eyes of my little ones. You could almost see the pizza fueling them as they charged across to the video games, squealing with excitement! It's such experiences that make me understand why Cicis holds such a strong appeal for family dinners across the US, and probably beyond. If you're curious about my source of information here, it's mostly from http://www.Cici' and my firsthand experience. So, really, what are you going to trust more?

Where can I find Cicis Restaurants?

While it's currently experiencing rapid growth mainly within the US, I can already see the global potential it holds. The unlimited pasta, pizza, and salad offered by Cicis can already be enjoyed in over twenty-three locations that span from Alabama to West Virginia. Believe me when I say the difference in every Cicis restaurant I've visited has been palpable. There's a certain tang of happy escape each experience carries—an escape from the daily grind, one might say. Couple that with unique flavors that no one else can replicate and high-quality ingredients, and you've got a recipe for success.

What's Cicis' Usual Running Hours?

Targeting both the lunch and dinner crowds, most Cicis outlets throw open their doors at 11AM and pull down the shutters only after 10PM. From what I could gather, during periods of high demand—usually Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays—their operating hours might extend a bit. Cicis hasn't ceased evolving since its inception—a fact evident in its innovative menu. There's a visible dedication to improving and providing the best in the pizza business. One of their recent additions that made a splash is the trendy Stuffed Crust Pizza! Talking about their dine-in experience, Cicis tries to create a family-friendly environment, which reflects in their space design. There's an attached video game arcade at each outlet that keeps the children—and the inner child in most adults—occupied!

How do I Get My Hands on a Cicis Pizza?

You can order a meal in person at the outlet or through their official website for convenience. They won't disappoint whether you're dining in, taking away, or ordering home delivery. They've also partnered with popular food delivery services like Slice, Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats.

Does Cici's Offer Value Packs?

The options to save money don't stop at just the buffet. The company offers party packs, family packs, and XL party packs for four or more people. These consist of a variety of pizzas, cheesy bread, cinnamon rolls, and chicken wings.

What’s Cici's Pizza Size Range and Prices?

The pizzas at Cicis range from 8" all the way up to 18". Their price, along with the number of slices you get, varies in accordance with the size.

Do Cici's Offer Affordable Options for Children?

Rest assured, they do! Kids up to 10 years of age can enjoy the pizza buffet for just $3.39, while toddlers under 3 can have their fill for $1.59!

Does Cicis Offer Pizza Delivery?

Cicis carries out its deliveries via Grubhub, DoorDash, Slice, and similar food delivery services.

Is Alcohol Served at Cicis?

No, unfortunately, they don't. However, they do have a decent selection of non-alcoholic beverages.

Does Cicis Offer Gluten-Free Pizzas?

Sadly, Cicis doesn't have gluten-free pizzas in their menu. Cross-contamination might also occur as their kitchens are not entirely gluten-free.

Do Cicis Offer Discounts?

Yes, they do! Discounts vary per outlet, and they often offer deals for seniors, military personnel, veterans, and groups.

What is MyCici's?

Frequent patrons can profit from MyCici's, a customer loyalty program. All you need to do is install the company’s mobile app, visit 5 times (with a purchase of $6 or more), and scan your receipts for free pizza!

Does Cicis Offer Gift Cards?

Yes, indeed! They offer gift cards of $10, $15, and $25 that you can redeem against the Cici's Pizza menu. For location-specific ordering, do check out their website at http://www.Cici'
  • Generous variety on the buffet.
  • Family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Frequent discount offerings.
  • Pizza quality might vary from one outlet to another.
  • The interior could use a facelift in a few locations.
  • No alcohol served.
  • Note gluten-free options.

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