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Mod Pizza menu prices featuring 79 items ranging from $1.47 to $13.27

Among the many pizza chain favorites of the twenty-first century, MOD Pizza stands out in this recent genre with streamlined and customer-oriented service- true to the three letters on their shield-shaped logo. Today, MOD Pizza is an American fast casual restaurant chain serving primarily pizzas, but also salads in a similar format, as well a number of regional side items, desserts and beverages. 

Mod Pizza menu prices featuring 79 items ranging from $1.47 to $13.27

My recent visit to MOD Pizza, a spot open for both lunch and dinner, totally changed my definition of the perfect pizza! As a dedicatee to creating pizzas customized to each customer's cravings, MOD Pizza really hits the spot.

MOD Pizza, founded by Scott and Ally Svenson back in 2008 in Seattle, Washington, was a breath of fresh air. They embodied the idea of a people-oriented dining spot right off the bat, and let me point out, it did make a difference! They introduced the concept of totally customizable pizzas, making it their unique selling point ever since. Although I didn't know it at the time, MOD Pizza actually stands for Made On Demand, explaining their dedication to creating a personalized pizza experience.

Besides their customer centric approach, one thing I appreciated about MOD is their laudable pay scale, their hiring practices, and their employee development programs. I loved seeing this because it showed that they not only care about customers, but also about their employees.

Curious for more? You can check them out by visiting the company website.

Where can you find a MOD Pizza?

Primarily residing in the States, you can find MOD Pizza in over twenty states including Arizona, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, California and many more. They also introduced a location in Langford, British Columbia, their only international one so far. Covering North America, MOD Pizza has over 500 locations spread across the United States and their sole Canadian location.

How does MOD Pizza stand out?

There are three incredible aspects to MOD Pizza:

- First, they go the extra mile in giving customers a wide variety of choices and flexibility in their orders,

- Second, they have a commendable focus on fair treatment for their employees, facilitating both their pay and development,

- Last but not least, MOD Pizza consciously pays attention to every location and its neighboring community.

Perhaps most notably, MOD's endless pizza topping and salad options definitely set them apart in the pizza-sphere!

The menu at MOD Pizza offers an array of choices, ranging from nine base pizza options that already include a selection of cheese, sauce, and toppings, to customizable pizzas completely built from scratch. Besides pizza, they also offer a Pizza Salad, featuring a customizable salad perched upon a warm layer of asiago pizza crust, as well as an extensive selection of forty toppings and eight different sauces! The wide array of choices extends to their salad menu too, not to mention, all of this can be customized to your liking.

Is there a topping limit at MOD Pizza?

One thing I noticed during my visit, was that there was no limit to the toppings! This vast choice does pose a logistical challenge in terms of assembling the pizza and can potentially make it more difficult to enjoy a slice by hand, but I loved that they gave me complete control over my order. You can really tell they're all about giving customers a unique, personalized dining experience.

What sauces can you choose at MOD Pizza?

The final touch to the pizza building process is the selection of a variety of delectable sauces, ranging from classic options including Pesto Drizzle and Red Sauce to more extravagant ones like Balsamic Fig Glaze and Sri-Ranch-a. In fact, most of these sauces can also be used as salad dressings, which I personally thought was a genius move on their part.

How do you order at MOD Pizza?

Placing an order at MOD Pizza felt quite similar to the likes of Subway, Blaze Pizza and Chipotle. Firstly, you either choose a set pizza to customize or you decide to assemble your own creation from scratch. Following this, the friendly MOD employees guide you throughout the process, letting you choose all your desired toppings. The pizza-masterpiece is then put in the oven, after which you can choose your favorite sauce and proceed to pay, while also picking any beverages, desserts, or side items you like.

Can vegans and vegetarians eat at MOD Pizza?

A question I often find myself asking at restaurants as a vegetarian is "Do they have vegetarian and vegan options?" Fortunately, at MOD Pizza, the answer was a big YES! Not only do they provide a great selection for those who have restrictive diets due to religion or health reasons, but they also offer vegan cheeses, a large number of vegetarian options, and even a gluten-friendly cauliflower crust! It's noted though, that if you have strict allergies or specific dining requirements, you might want to give it a thought due to the common kitchen space. But otherwise, vegan and gluten-free options are visibly labeled on the menus at MOD in-store locations.

Can you make MOD Pizza at home?

I did initially think it would be great, not to mention fun, to recreate the MOD Pizza experience at home but given the massive selection of ingredients that go into assembling the pizzas, it might be difficult unless you're catering for a large group. What MOD does suggest though, is preheating your oven to 550 degrees Fahrenheit and leaving your pizza on a cookie sheet for two to three minutes. Trust me, it tastes great, even leftover! Additionally, with frequent partnerships with food delivery services including Uber Eats, GrubHub, and DoorDash, you can always order in and enjoy a slice of MOD from the comfort of your home.


- Fully customizable pizzas and salads

- Friendly and efficient service

- Tons of vegan and vegetarian options

- Unlimited toppings! Yes, you read that right.


- A little on the pricier side due to the customizability

- Could be a bit messy if you get too excited about the unlimited toppings (like I did!)

- Not the best option for people with serious food allergies due to common kitchen space

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