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Mod Pizza menu prices featuring 79 items ranging from $1.47 to $13.27

Among the many pizza chain favorites of the twenty-first century, MOD Pizza stands out in this recent genre with streamlined and customer-oriented service- true to the three letters on their shield-shaped logo. Today, MOD Pizza is an American fast casual restaurant chain serving primarily pizzas, but also salads in a similar format, as well a number of regional side items, desserts and beverages. 

Mod Pizza menu prices featuring 79 items ranging from $1.47 to $13.27

MOD Pizza is open for lunch and dinner, and is known for its devotion to pizza made to the customer's order and preference.


MOD Pizza was founded in 2008 in Seattle, Washington by Scott and Ally Svenson. From the start, they had a focus on a people-oriented restaurant. This is reflected in their start with a fully customisable pizza- that continues to be their defining characteristic. In fact, the name MOD Pizza is part acronym- standing for Made On Demand.  Aside from options and liberties afforded to their customers, they are also noted among other chains for their pay, hiring practices and programs to help protect and develop their employees. 

You can find out more about MOD Pizza by visiting the company website.

Where are MOD Pizza restaurants located?

MOD Pizza locations can be found primarily across the restaurant's home country of the United States, with locations in twenty states including Arizona, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, Florida, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Washington. In addition to the stateside locations, there is one international location- a MOD Pizza location in Langford, British Columbia. In total, there are over 500 MOD Pizza locations across North America including their Canadian location. 

What is different about MOD Pizza?

The main difference with MOD Pizza is the focus on people, demonstrated in three of the restaurant's qualities :

- Customers have an exceptional amount of choice over their order, and variety in ingredients

- The care and treatment for employees with fair pay and development programs

- A consciousness of every location and their neighborhood

In particular, it is the sheer number of toppings and options for their pizzas and salads that makes MOD Pizza stand out.

MOD Pizza offers nine base pizza options- the Maddy, Mad Dog, Tristan, Dominic, Lucy Sunshine, Jasper, Dillon James, Calexico and Caspian. Each comes with their own pre-set selection of cheese, sauce, and toppings. In addition, there is also the Pizza Salad option, a customisable salad on top of a warm asiago pizza crust, and the option to just make the pizza from scratch without any pre-set toppings. Accompanying these options are some forty toppings and eight different sauces. The salads are the main alternative to the pizzas, also with three pre-set options that can be customized, as well as a choice to build your salad from zero. 

Is there a limit to toppings for pizzas, salads?

With such a number of toppings, sauces and dressings, some might assume that there is a limit for toppings when making your orders at MOD Pizza. In fact, this is fortunately not the case, as orders at MOD Pizza come with unlimited toppings! While this may pose a logistical challenge in moving the Pizza to be cooked, or even make eating the Pizza by hand more difficult, customers can truly add as many toppings as they want. This is true to the people-centered experience at MOD Pizza, and really shows how far the restaurant will go with your order! 

What are the pizza sauce options?

Not the sauce that might go before the cheese or vegetables in other pizzas - MOD Pizza also includes a collection of sauces to add onto your finished pizza at the end of an order! There are a wide variety, including options such as BBQ Swirl, Pesto Drizzle, Hot Buffalo Sauce, Red Sauce ( Tomato Sauce ) Dollops, Ranch, Balsamic Fig Glaze, Sri-Ranch-a and Arugula with Herbs. In fact, some of these are also notably salad dressings- as the menu here at MOD Pizza can overlap and pair nicely with other items on their menu. 

How do I order food at MOD Pizza?

Customers walk through the customisation process with the employees much like the ordering system at restaurants such as Subway, Blaze Pizza and Chipotle. Upon reaching the front of the line, customers can either start by choosing a base ' set ' / pre-made pizza to customize, or just start customisation from the very beginning. The customer then moves along the line with a view of the employees and the pizza, choosing toppings as they move along. Once the pizza has all the desired toppings, the pizza is put in the ovens to cook, and is then returned for a choice of sauces and to be served with any desired beverages / desserts / side items at payment. 

Can vegetarians eat at MOD Pizza?

Indeed, not just vegetarians but vegans too can also eat at MOD Pizza through their expansive variety of toppings. For a number of dietary restrictions whether religious or for health reasons, there are plenty of alternatives including vegan cheeses, a large number of vegetarian and kosher, halal choices, and a gluten friendly option of cauliflower crust! However, since the service is quite streamlined and all assembled in one place, those customers with stricter allergies or religious requirements on dining might want to reconsider. Gluten free and vegan options are usually labeled neatly and visibly on MOD Pizza menus in store locations. 

Can I make MOD Pizza at home?

The sheer number of prepped ingredients for assembling the pizzas would probably make a MOD Pizza style endeavor difficult and costly at home unless serving a large number of people. However, MOD Pizza prides itself on its quality when taken home- great for leftovers! MOD Pizza recommends preheating your oven to 550 degrees fahrenheit, and then leaving the pizza on a cookie sheet for two to three minutes. MOD Pizza also allows for delivery and frequently partners with food delivery services such as Uber Eats, Postmates, DoorDash and GrubHub, meaning you could even submit your pizza exactly how you like it and dine at the comfort of home! 

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