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Pizza Plus menu prices featuring 191 items ranging from $1.00 to $29.00

Pizza Plus may be a name you have never heard of, but if you ever find yourself in Nevada, you should keep an eye out for one of its pizzerias. Having been in business for just over 12 years, Pizza Plus has kept its commitment to quality wings and pizza over a decade later.

Pizza Plus menu prices featuring 191 items ranging from $1.00 to $29.00

My Experience at Pizza Plus!

I recently found myself craving a delicious pizza and fantastic wings while in Nevada, and guess what I found? Pizza Plus! Even though it's a small four-restaurant franchise, it felt like a real gem.

One unique aspect of Pizza Plus is how much it values the local community. Yes, you heard it right! They enable various community groups to host fundraisers at their restaurant, selling Pizza Plus Fundraiser Cards. It works like a charm; for example, the time I ordered my usual large 2-topping pizza using these cards, I got it free of charge and my money went to a good cause.

Groups that can benefit:

  • Youth Groups
  • Schools
  • Clubs
  • Churches
  • Sports Teams

Curious? Visit the Pizza Plus website here for more information.

Is Pizza Plus Worldwide?

While we're talking Pizza Plus, let me add that it's an exclusive ‘made in America’ franchise, currently only available in Nevada. Yao!

What Makes Pizza Plus Special?

Looking for something more than just pizza? Pizza Plus got your back! Their name 'Pizza Plus' really stands true to its ethos as they serve piping hot pizza plus wings - and trust me, they are to die for!

Craving Some Spice at Pizza Plus?

If you are fond of spicy foods like me, Pizza Plus won't disappoint you. They serve some red-hot specialty pizzas with amazing toppings. The wings, oh the wings! They are available in both bone-in and boneless versions. And did I mention the spice rating? It ranges from 1 (you may call it mild) to 3 (not for the faint-hearted).

From pizza and wings to appetizers and lunch buffet, Pizza Plus offers it all. I had a hard time choosing between the pizzas, but the Gourmet Veggie pizza was too tempting to pass up. And if you love experimenting with sauces, Pizza Plus is a heaven- their Mango Habanero sauce is a must-try!

Ordering Food at Pizza Plus

For those who love dining in, be prepared to be warmly greeted and taken care by the staffs at Pizza Plus. They offer a scrumptious buffet of pizza, wings, a salad bar, and steak fries. You can place your order with an employee, and then sit back and relax until your food comes.

Vegetarians at Pizza Plus

Even though Pizza Plus may not appear like a vegetarian haven with its focus on pizza and wings, you will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of vegetarian-friendly options. They have a delicious salad bar and a number of vegetarian appetizers. But be wary if you're particular about cross-contamination as the appetizers are likely fried in the same oil as the wings.

What About Vegan Options?

Although Pizza Plus doesn't cater specifically to a vegan diet, you can find vegan-friendly options at their salad bar during lunch buffet.

Pizza Plus also has a kids' menu with a couple of great options, including a 6-inch pizza - perfect for a family day out!

Opening Hours

All four Pizza Plus locations follow the same timings: 11:00 am till late. So there's always time for a Pizza Plus experience!


Pizza Plus ensures you get your meal timely through their in-house delivery service. So sit back and relax, your pizza is en route!

Health Conscious? Pizza Plus Got You

If you're worried about healthy food options, don't stress! Pizza Plus offers plenty of veggie pizzas, customizable options, and a salad bar. Just remember the golden rule - moderation is key!

Homemade Pizza Plus, Possible?

Ah, the dream of homemade Pizza Plus. Unfortunately, no Pizza Plus products are available in the grocery store, unless there are leftovers you're reheating...

My Pros and Cons at Pizza Plus

  • Great pizza and wings combination.
  • Community support through fundraising.
  • Individual spice ratings for wings.
  • Wide range of vegetarian options.
  • Limited geographic availability.
  • No exclusive vegan menu.
  • Limited delivery radius.
  • No products available for home cooking.

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