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Apache Pizza menu prices featuring 86 items ranging from £0.35 to £65.00

Apache Pizza is an Irish pizza chain, which is the biggest chain of pizza stores in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Apache Pizza menu prices featuring 86 items ranging from £0.35 to £65.00

There I was, visiting Apache Pizza for the first time, feeling pretty excited. These guys are open for lunch and dinner and are well-rounded - catering to all sorts of events ranging from date nights, family gatherings, and even late-night pizza cravings! And let me tell you, as a pizza lover, this flexibility really set the tone for a great first impression!

Some might wonder how these guys came into existence. Well, Apache Pizza was formed by a power couple, Robert Pendleton and Emily Gore Grimes, who decided to tap into the Irish market seeing the expansion of the American pizza market in the mid-80s. They started with their first store smack in the middle of Dublin, in 1996 and now, lo and behold, they’ve sprawled out to 180 stores across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Impressive, right? If you want more information check out their website

So, where can you find Apache Pizza stores?

Folks, if you're touring or living in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, you’re sure to stumble upon an Apache Pizza store. Check out their website which boasts a great store locator - talk about convenience!

Let's talk about the food at Apache Pizza, shall we?

With Apache Pizza, it's all about the choices! I found three ways to order pizzas, which kept things fun and customizable. You can either choose from their 15 specially crafted pizza flavors, create your own masterpiece choosing your base, sauce, and toppings or you can customize one of their pre-set flavors. Did I mention they also serve burgers and wraps? Not too shabby, right?

Oh, And what size are these bad boys?

My friends, for those with petite appetites and those who prefer the word ‘feast’, Apache Pizza caters to all! You can order pizzas from as small as 7" up to an impressive 2ft! Now that, my friends, is a shareable pizza.

Do they spice things up at Apache Pizza?

For spice lovers like me, Apache Pizza has not disappointed. They make it super easy to spot their spicy selections, marked with a neat little chilli symbol. And if you're play-it-safe-with-the-spice gang, there are tonnes of options for you too.

Sides, they gotta have good sides, right?

Absolutely! Apache Pizza has a good, wide range of sides to complement their killer pizzas. Additionally, they also have wings, chicken dippers and even popcorn chicken.

What about dessert at Apache Pizza?

Listen, they have just the right amount of desserts to hit that sweet spot after a savoury meal. From waffles, churros and more!

Apache Pizza has that covered too! They've got a range of kids-friendly items served with chips and a drink. Happy meals, indeed.

Vegetarian options at Apache Pizza?

Big yes. Apache Pizza has a diverse vegetarian section, ah, music to my ears!

Are their pizzas gluten-free?

Great news for the gluten-sensitive folks, they've got you covered too. Gluten-free pizzas and nachos, albeit in a kitchen that’s not 100% gluten-free.

Do they deliver?

The good news keeps coming! They indeed do, but conditions apply based on local stores.

Store timings?

Generally, from 11 am to 10 pm, but some of them are open until 4 am! (Late-night cravings, anyone?)

Halal option?

Some of their outlets are halal-friendly. You just have to check with the local store.


  • Vast range of pizzas and sides
  • Flexibility in customizing the pizzas
  • Gluten-free and Vegetarian-friendly
  • Open until late
  • Wide delivery service


  • Limited dessert options
  • Kitchens not 100% gluten-free
  • Varying delivery options depending on location

Word to the wise: If you haven't tried them out yet, give them a shot. And if you already have, well I’m wandering off to grab myself another slice!

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