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Caseys Pizza menu prices featuring 163 items ranging from $0.89 to $15.99

Today Casey’s is known as one of the largest pizza companies in the US, but it originally started as a store selling gas, cigarettes and soda pop. Caseys Pizza is famous for its freshly served pizzas, which have a thin crust and large servings of cheese.

Caseys Pizza menu prices featuring 163 items ranging from $0.89 to $15.99

If you're like me, a pizza kind of person, you might end up at Casey's Pizza at one point or another. This place showed me that getting pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be a genuine- and delightful- possibility. They have these add-ons too, like chicken wings or desserts. Here's what had me gawking - they are the fifth largest pizza chain in the US selling more than 19 million pizzas a year! It took them a good few years though, to add the star of the show - pizza - to their menu. I love a good back story. Do you too? Let's dive into it deeper at

Love for Midwestern and Southern states

I was almost on a treasure hunt to find a Casey's Pizza. Why? Because they are housed within the Casey's General Stores. There are over 2,200 of these scattered across the Midwestern and Southern US. They have their love concentrated in states like Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Indiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin.

I found the treasure in Omaha, the city where Casey's shows its love the most, boasting 25 stores!

The good, the great, the Casey's Pizza

Now, don't go on imaging shriveled up old gas station food. Casey's Pizza reaffirmed my belief that ingredients matter. Their pizzas blessed with dough made fresh from scratch every day – the result is a perfect thin, warm, and chewy crust. I say perfect because you won’t find anything like it under the lamps of a stale gas station food counter.

Get ready to expect big cheese on their pizzas. It really is - forgive the pun - quite a melt-in-your-mouth cheesy treat!

Something for every Pizza fan!

Here’s the part where I became more invested. The name on the storefront guarantees a wide variety, and boy do they deliver! Casey's Pizzas come in all kinds of types. For instance, they've got Breakfast Pizzas which I found surprisingly good - sausage and scrambled eggs on a pizza - who'd have thought! Their Cheesy Pizza promised and delivered 100% mozzarella. And the Taco Pizza, well you've got to try it for the beans!

Didn’t think there’d be crust options? With Casey's you're in for such delightful surprises. You can have Original, Thin, Flatbread, Gluten-free, or my ultimate recommendation, Garlic crust. Heck, I'd go back for the Garlic crust alone!

On a lighter note, you must try the Ultimate Beer Cheese Breakfast Pizza. A concoction of beer cheese sauce, bacon, ham, sausage, green peppers, scrambled eggs, onions, and profits - it's a party on a platter! In the company of breadsticks and chicken wings, the pizza party hits a whole new level of fun.

To sweeten the deal even more, Casey's serves glazed donuts for dessert. Talk about a grand finale!

Options aplenty

Want just a slice, or maybe a couple of different ones? Casey's Pizza is your go-to place then. Their small pizza has 6 slices, while the large one is cut into 12 slices. Also, their half and half pizzas just eliminated my usual problem of choosing one flavor. Perfect for those times when me and my partner couldn't agree on the pizza choice!

Health-conscious? While the tasty meals here pack a punch in terms of calories (thanks to the 100% mozzarella), do remember all the ingredients are fresh and well worth the indulgence. More details on the nutrition are available at Casey's Pizza website.

As a vegetarian, I found my happy place with options like Vegetarian Breakfast flatbread pizza, or creating my own pizza with a cheese base and lots of extra toppings.

Let's get digital!

Now ordering Casey's delectable offerings is just a few clicks away. Starting January 2022, all Casey Pizza stores offer online ordering!

Going gluten-free hasn't been a hurdle while dining here. The gluten-free option - a 10-inch Udi pizza base has been my friend in need. And if your appetite demands more, you could try two of these!

Rewards anyone?

A trip to Casey's often ends up in a bag full of pizzas. So it's wonderful that they have a rewards program. Regular visits there earn you Casey's Cash for in-store purchases, fuel discounts and an opportunity to donate to local schools. And here's what impressed me the most - once you've ordered 10 pizzas from Casey's a free large pizza gets added to your account! The catch? Use these rewards points within 30 days of redemption, or you know, they go away.

Can't go to a store? Let it come to you!

Out of over 2,200 stores, about 400 offer a delivery service! This sure makes things a lot easier, wouldn't you agree? Do check the options available with your local Casey's Pizza.

At your fingertips

The Casey's mobile app is more than just a digital menu. It turns ordering pizzas into a fun activity with games and trip planning across the Midwest. With real-time fuel prices, it helps plan those long-awaited road trips!


  • Vast variety of pizza.
  • Fresh ingredients and dough made from scratch everyday.
  • Cater to gluten-free and vegetarian options.
  • Rewards program for regular customers.
  • Digital accessibility.


  • Not all stores offer delivery service.
  • Rewards points expire after 30 days.
  • Its menu can be high in calories for some pizza lovers.

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