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Dominos menu prices featuring 156 items ranging from $0.59 to $25.99

Dominos is a hugely popular chain of American pizza stores. They have stores across the world, and are known for their great-tasting pizzas, which are served fresh and on time!

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Dominos menu prices featuring 156 items ranging from $0.59 to $25.99

Dominos is open for lunch and dinner, and some stores are open late into the night - perfect for after the bar or nightclub!

Dominos was founded by Russell Weiner in 1960, when he opened his first pizza store in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Due to the company’s popularity, it rapidly grew into surrounding states and across the world, with the first international store opening in 1983.

To find out more about Dominos, head to the company’s website

What countries have Dominos stores?

Dominos have more than 15,000 stores across the world, in more than 83 countries.

The majority of the company’s stores are located in the United States, followed by India, and the United Kingdom.

In North America, you can order from the Dominos menu in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The company has numerous stores in Latin America and Caribbean counties, such as Brazil, Chile, and Jamaica.

Dominos also has a strong presence in Europe, with stores in 32 counties, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Spain. You can also order from the Dominos menu in 18 countries across the Asian Pacific, including Australia, Japan and India.

The company also has stores in the Middle East and Africa, with the companies having stores in countries including Morocco, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates.

As you can probably imagine the Dominos menu is heavily dominated by pizzas. The exact pizza options will vary depending on your location, but the Dominos menu will have plenty of options to cover all tastes.

You can order Dominos pizza in the following pizza crust styles:

  • Classic crust - the company’s signature pizza base, made using fresh dough
  • Double Decadence - two thin and crispy bases with a layer of cheese and herb sauce sandwiched between the two
  • Stuffed crust - mozzarella cheese with garlic and herbs, stuffed into the pizza crust
  • Italian style - hand-stretched to create a thin base
  • Thin and crispy - as the name suggests the company’s thinnest and crispiest pizza base.

If there is a pizza on the Dominos menu that doesn’t quite work for you, the company allows you to customise its pizzas. Not only can you select your own size, and crust, you can add and remove as many toppings as you like - although in some circumstances there will be extra fees for some toppings.

To accompany your pizza, the company serves a small but delicious range of sides. This includes Twisted Dough Balls, that are filled with cheese or pepperoni and cheese. If you want to make a full culinary event of your Dominos meal, you can select Garlic Pizza Bread as a side to really fill you up!

To finish your meal, you can order a selection of ice cream pots from the Dominos menu. Some stores stock a range of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and also serve cookies.

What size are pizzas from Dominos pizzas?

Dominos offer their pizzas in four different sizes ranging from 7” right up to 13.5”. You can order pizzas from the Dominos menu in the following sizes:

  • Personal - 7 inches - Serves 1
  • Small - 9.5 inches - Serves 1 - 2
  • Medium - 11.5 inches - Serves 2 - 3
  • Large - 13.5 inches - Serves 3 - 4 (or 2 with leftovers for breakfast!)

Is Dominos spicy?

Some items on the Dominos menu are spicy, which is great news for lovers of spicy foods. If you want to find a spicy option on the Dominos menu look for the pizza or side with a chilli symbol, which indicates that the pizza is spicy.

Spicy pizza options on the Dominos menu include the American Hot pizza which consists of pepperoni, jalapeños, and onions. Another popular spicy pizza is aptly named Hot & Spicy pizza, which has ground beef, peppers, jalapeño peppers, and onions.

However, if you want to avoid spicy food there are still plenty of options for you on the Dominos menu. Just make sure that you avoid any pizzas that have a chilli symbol next to them on the Dominos menu, and you should be fine. Also, make sure that you don’t add any spicy toppings such as jalapeños!

Do Dominos cater to vegetarians?

Dominos cater for vegetarians with a good supply of vegetarian pizzas on the Dominos menu. The company clearly identifies vegetarian items on the Dominos menu with a ?V’ symbol to easily show you which ones are suitable for vegetarians.

The company’s Vegi Supreme pizza is popular with vegetarian customers, which consists of green and red peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn, onions and tomatoes.

In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, all of the cheese used in Dominos stores is suitable for vegetarians. If you have any queries about vegetarian-friendly food, be sure to ask at your local store, or check out the company’s website which has full nutritional information.

Does Dominos cater for vegans?

Yes, in many countries Dominos has launched a vegan Dominos menu. This allows vegan customers to sample some of the company’s signature pizzas. Options include the Vegan Margherita, Vegan Vegi Supreme pizzas, which use vegan dough, and vegan cheese alternatives.

Does Dominos offer a delivery service?

Yes! Dominos delivery is available from your local Dominos from most of the company’s restaurants. This means you can enjoy food from the Dominos menu without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

Delivery options do vary between different stores, so be sure to check with your local store and ask if they offer a delivery service and the options that are available in your area.

Does Dominos have gluten-free food?

In many countries, Dominos has introduced gluten-free pizza options, which is great news for pizza lovers who want to avoid gluten. The company’s gluten-free pizzas include:

  • Gluten-Free Vegi Supreme
  • Gluten-Free Texas BBQ
  • Gluten-Free Pepperoni Passion
  • Gluten-Free New Yorker
  • Gluten-Free Cheese and Tomato

Options do vary between different Dominos pizza stores so be sure to ask your local restaurant for their gluten-free options. Dominos kitchens are not 100% gluten-free, and as such customers with strong allergies or intolerance to gluten should exercise caution and speak to your local store.

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