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Pizza Hut menu prices featuring 169 items ranging from $0.60 to $37.98

Pizza Hut is the world's largest chain of pizza stores, famous for its pan pizza and other dishes such as pasta, breadsticks and desserts.

Pizza Hut menu prices featuring 169 items ranging from $0.60 to $37.98

Swinging through the doors of Pizza Hut, I was greeted by the instantly recognizable smell of pizza, making it impossible not to be excited about the feast that awaited me. This ever-popular spot is open for both lunch and dinner. It's practically become a household name known for its mouth-watering pizzas and my personal favorite, their unlimited salad bar that has saved me from many a pizza-induced food comas. Mix and matching each visit with different combinations brings a unique eating experience every single time.

My nostalgic love for Pizza Hut got me curious about their origins. Sure, we all know it as a global pizza chain now, but it all started out in Wichita, Texas back in 1958 when two brothers, Dan and Frank Carney were convinced by an especially persuasive real estate agent that a vacant building was the golden ticket to their own enterprise. The rest, as they say, is history. It's inspiring to think about how a loan of $600 from their parents, a touch of brotherly ambition and an empty building came together to birth a phenomenon that has now spread its wings to house over 18,000 restaurants globally. Each time I dig into that cheesy slice, I appreciate the journey it took for it to reach my table, thanks to that plucky real estate agent who sure had an eye for golden opportunities.

If you're curious to learn more about Pizza Hut, just head over to their official website

The Global Reach of Pizza Hut

What makes Pizza Hut even more remarkable is its global reach. With a significant presence in the United States where it was founded, there are also thousands of stores peppered across Europe. In my travels, I've seen Pizza Hut stores in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Spain, Germany, and France!

Asia doesn’t miss out either, with Pizza Hut fast becoming a beloved household name in countries including China, Japan, India, and Thailand. They’ve also made their way Down Under to Australia and New Zealand.

Africa too has joined the Pizza Hut bandwagon with a few stores in Morocco and South Africa. Find the nearest Pizza Hut near you by simply heading over to 'store finder' on the company's slick and efficient website.

Ordering Pizza - The Pizza Hut Way

Now onto the main event - ordering pizza at Pizza Hut. The process is pretty straightforward and highly customizable. It's like building your own food masterpiece. Between creating an entirely new pizza or adding your own flair to an existing one, there’s no wrong choice when it comes to personalizing your pizza experience.

The fun of choosing your own pizza base was a key take-away from my visit. The options at Pizza Hut include an All American Thin for those who love a good crunch, a Gluten-free base for all my friends with dietary restrictions, an Original Pan for those who prefer it nice and thick, a next level Stuffed Crust, a Cheesy Bites version that speaks for itself and even a Vegan Stuffed Crust for those who choose a dairy-free meal!

Whatever you choose, it's then time to select your pizza, which ingeniously comes in two sizes – Individual and Sharing. Being a part of a group enhances the Pizza Hut experience, not least for the promotions, such as the Big Sharer Promo which brings a sharing thin/pan pizza, 2 sides, unlimited salad, and 2 desserts. Definitely worth it!

It's Not Only About the Pizza!

I happen to love pizza, but if that's not your preferred munch, fret not. Pizza Hut has a penchant for diversity. Apart from their famous pizzas, they also offer truly tempting alternatives including flatbreads, pasta, salads, and a wide range of sides.

If you have a sweet tooth like mine, their dessert menu is a must-try, even deserving an exclusive trip just for them.

Lunch Buffet and Beyond

One of the highlights of my visit was the lunchtime buffet that Pizza Hut proudly boasts off. It's an open invitation until 3pm every day to enjoy limitless servings of well-crafted, perfectly seasoned pizza. I was spoilt for choice with the possibility to sample a variety of pizzas, and not to forget, the limitless salad which surely helps to counter the guilt of over-indulgence. They even let you upgrade for bottomless drinks and ice cream, the latter, I predictably opted for.

The Timings and Delivery

At Pizza Hut, you're welcome anytime between 11:30am and 10pm, 7 days a week. However, the timing does vary slightly depending upon the specific store. So, do call your local restaurant or refer to their website for their operating hours.

What I absolutely loved was the home delivery service. I remember this one time during a hectic workday, the team and I ordered a few pizzas and it was a welcome surprise for everyone. It's a sure-fire way to become the office favourite, believe me!

For the Spice Lovers and Those who Beg to Differ

Rumour has it that one of the hottest pizzas at Pizza Hut is the Flamin' Buffalo. I dared to take on a slice, and boy was it a spicy delight! However, if you're not a spice fanatic, there are still heaps of non-spicy options reasonable enough to make your stomach happy. I noticed it was pretty easy to customize, simply avoiding any item carrying a chilli sign on the menu.

Happily Catering for Vegetarians and Vegans

I brought my vegetarian friends along and we found a wide selection that catered specifically for vegetarians. Most of the crusts and bases were vegetarian-friendly along with a great variety of vegetable toppings. A Margherita Pizza with its simple yet classic combination of just tomato sauce and mozzarella was a big hit with my gang.

My vegan mates didn't feel left out either as there were vegan alternatives as well at Pizza Hut. With the little VG sign flagging the vegan-friendly components, customization was made pretty easy. Swapping regular cheese for vegan cheese made all the difference when we ordered a Veggie Pepperphonie Feast Pizza.

A Quick Drink to Wash Down the Pizza?

Oh, and of course, a pizza feast calls for a celebratory drink. Most Pizza Hut stores serve a commendable variety of alcoholic drinks including, beers, wine by the glass and bottle, and a selection of cocktails. It's a fact; pizza and drinks make a banter-filled evening with friends much more memorable!


When it comes to drinks, nearly every Pizza Hut offers free refills on soft drinks. One pro tip, if an open drink dispenser is within public reach, the store likely offers bottomless drinks. I personally took advantage and knocked back plenty of their delicious soda options.

But Pizza Hut isn't just for us grown-ups - it's a kids' paradise as well. With a dedicated menu for children aged 12 and under, it's a tailor-made joy ride for the little ones.

Thinking Ahead with Reservations

You might be wondering, with all this buzz around Pizza Hut, how do I secure a spot for myself? Well, reservations are most definitely an option. You can call your local Pizza Hut or just make a reservation online. One thing I especially appreciate is that Pizza Hut values your time and would hate to see you turned away disappointed due to a lack of space.

  • Highly customizable menu
  • Vegan and vegetarian options
  • Excellent service and friendly staff
  • Unique allure of unlimited salad and drinks
  • Child-friendly space and menu
  • Variety of alcoholic beverages
  • Open for lunch and dinner
  • Location based differences in opening times
  • Dessert options could be increased
  • Dine-in spaces could be bigger
  • Music can be a bit too loud at times

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