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Pizza Express menu prices featuring 322 items ranging from $1.50 to $85.00

PizzaExpress is a casual dining restaurant from the United Kingdom specializing in Italian pizza, main entrees, pasta, and so much more. A British multinational pizzeria chain, there are over 400 locations in the UK, plus over 100 international locations in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Founded in 1965, PizzaExpress is credited for bringing Italian pizza to Britain, as well as introducing the concept of casual dining in the region. Beloved for the delicious, authentic Italian food, PizzaExpress is also famous for its restaurant aesthetics and its history in music, with some locations in London doubling as jazz venues.

Pizza Express menu prices featuring 322 items ranging from $1.50 to $85.00

I recently had the pleasure of visiting PizzaExpress for both a working lunch and dinner. It was a delightful experience to taste their handmade Italian pizza, main entrees, pasta, and salads. Don't get me started on their desserts and extensive wine menu. The balance between casual and sophisticated that the environment delivers only adds to the fullness of the culinary delights.

While sitting in the ambiance of PizzaExpress, I couldn't help but delve into its history. Turns out, the founder of PizzaExpress, Peter Boizot was a seasoned European traveler, who fell in love with pizza during his years in Rome in the early sixties. Upon returning to the UK, he was disappointed by the lack of quality pizza and ultimately decided to set sail on a new venture. He imported an authentic Italian oven from Naples to London and sealed the deal with an Italian Chef from Sicily. And thus, the first PizzaExpress, complete with true Rome-like pizza, was born.

The intriguingly unique and chic design of the restaurant had me curious about the brain behind this. It was none other than Enzo Apicella, a comic book artist, and a protagonist of the Swinging Sixties from Italy. Fun fact, every PizzaExpress is subtly different from the others, which only aids in adding a personalized touch to your dining experience.

The PizzaExpress empire expanded over the years, and due to naming conflicts, it's known as 'Milano' in Ireland and other European nations. In certain other countries, it took up the name 'Marzano' to keep the ball rolling.

The chain has come a long way since its inception in 1965, with the company being sold to China-based private equity firm Hony Capital in 2014. Today, it proudly boasts over 400 locations in the UK and over 100 in various countries such as Europe, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, and China.

If you find this as intriguing as I did, check out their official website

What Makes PizzaExpress Stand Out?

Now coming back to why PizzaExpress has a special place in my heart, it's their commitment to authenticity. They stay true to their Italian roots, the pizza is handmade using genuine Italian ingredients. It's not your mundane multinational chain, it’s a culinary journey with your taste buds being the intrepid explorers.

At three of their locations, PizzaExpress out does itself by doubling as a jazz bar, which only bolsters the overall appeal. Their open kitchen concept not only educes a sense of transparency but also creates a source of visual delight to customers walking in. With a menu catering to a diverse set of dietary preferences, they truly are all-inclusive and enticing to numerous groups.

Here's a quick look into their extensive categories:

  • Mains
  • Pizzeria
  • Starters and Sides
  • Desserts
  • Kids
  • Lunch
  • Drinks

Their pizzas range from the classic from 1965 to the gluten-free ones and of course the tavern favorite - Calzone. I'm a fan of their unique Leggera model - a pizza with a salad hole in the center. Apart from that, they have pasta, salads, and authentic Italian baked dishes that are perfect for a hearty main. For dessert lovers like myself, the Sicilian roulade and tiramisu alongside their gelato selection make for a divine meal ender. They also have a specific lunch menu to cater to the busy mid-day rush.

An important thing to highlight is their effort to cater to lifestyle-specific dietary preferences. They offer vegan options made with plant-based alternatives like their own version of plant-based pepperoni.

They haven't forgotten the little ones. They have a dedicated kids' menu just for the young gourmets of the world.

Moreover, if you are a homebody, PizzaExpress has made it possible for you to taste their magic without stepping foot outside. Their 'Cook At Home' products are available at the locations and in Tesco.

No time to head out? No problem! You can visit the official PizzaExpress website to have your favorite menu items delivered to your doorstep. This convenience enhances the overall customer's experience like nothing else.

While most PizzaExpress outlets are open from 11:30 am to 11 pm, I would advise checking the specific timings for the one you wish to visit as times may vary across different locations.


  • Ambiance
  • Vast menu
  • Quality of food
  • Kid-friendly
  • Vegan options
  • Delivery option
  • Cook at home option


  • Slightly higher prices
  • Lunchtime rush
  • Varying hours of operation
  • It's hard to choose just one dish to eat

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