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Pizza Pizza menu prices featuring 58 items ranging from $0.99 to $59.99

Pizza Pizza is a quick-service pizzeria based in Canada. It is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in the country, having over 700 locations, and plans to expand to Mexico in the near future. It is a beloved pizza restaurant in Canada known for having an enormous menu, fast delivery, and great quality products at affordable price rates. Locations are mainly focused in the Ontario area, as well as having locations in Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Western Canada.

Pizza Pizza menu prices featuring 58 items ranging from $0.99 to $59.99

So, let's chat about Pizza Pizza, a household name among Canada's pizza lovers, serving their delicious main course, pizza, for lunch and dinner since 1967. When I recently visited one of their restaurants, I decided to share my experience on this blog.

Did you know Pizza Pizza is among the largest quick-service restaurant chains in the country, boasting over 750 locations? Their menu is full of tantalizing options, from their hot and scrumptious classic and specialty pizzas, to appetizers, salads, soups, entrees, burgers, wraps, gyros, desserts, a variety of sauces and dressings, and an extensive beverage menu. Everything smells so good when you walk in, trust me!

The founder of this pizza empire is Michael Overs, who opened the first-ever Pizza Pizza restaurant on December 31, 1967, at the corner of Wellesley and Parliament Street in Toronto. Initially, his restaurant had a rather limited menu and primarily offered pizza dishes. Over time, however, in the 70s and 80s, the visionary entrepreneur started to expand the menu by adding entrees, salads, soups, and sides. Soon, several more Pizza Pizza outlets were opened in Ontario before the chain expanded to Western Canada and Nova Scotia. Interestingly, Overs remained the company's owner until he passed away in 2010.

All the pizza fans out there would appreciate Pizza Pizza for being the trailblazer in offering online ordering in Canada. But that's not all. Over the years, they've come up with some pretty innovative flavors, from pesto and chicken to tandoori and shrimp toppings! Furthermore, their unique marketing strategy of having the delivery number "XXX-1111" contributed significantly to their popularity. That's clever, isn't it? Plus, as of December 2021, the chain has started spreading its magic in Mexico - its first venture outside of Canada. Talk about expansion!

What Sets Pizza Pizza Apart?

With so many pizza chains out there, you might wonder why I chose Pizza Pizza. Well, their high-quality ingredients played a major role in my decision. Ever since their first location opened in 1967, Pizza Pizza has been known for using excellent quality ingredients in all its menu items. They even source locally to reduce their carbon footprint, ensuring everything is fresh and hot when it comes to your table.

The brand is also serious about innovation. As the first pizza chain in Canada to offer online deliveries, as well as introduce some unique and exciting flavors, they have grabbed everyone's attention. With more than 30 items in the appetizer menu alone, they cater to all types of food preferences, and that's something worth appreciating.

As a quick-service restaurant, Pizza Pizza's commitment to sustainability is commendable. They use energy-efficient ovens, environmentally-friendly packaging and locally sourced supplies in their operations. They're also active in various community charities and initiatives, giving back to those in need. Pizza chains like this make you feel good about supporting them.

One thing's for sure: the Pizza Pizza menu has something for everyone, from meat and seafood lovers to vegetarians, vegans, and even kids. Their menu categories include classic and specialty Gourmet Pizzas, Pizza Slices, Entrees, Burgers, Wings, Calzones, Rolls, Hot and Cold Heros, Wraps, Gyros, Sides, Pasta, Salads, Soups, Appetizers, Catering, Desserts, and Beverages.

Their Classic Pizza section includes Pepperoni, 4-Cheese, Meat-Lovers, and more, while the Specialty Gourmet pizzas include the likes of Chicken and Pesto, Veggie Lovers, Eggplant, and more. And if you have a sweet tooth, there's Tiramisu, Mud Pie, and Cheesecake, just to name a few!

Will Vegans and Vegetarians Find Something at Pizza Pizza?

The answer is yes! While the menu may vary slightly from location to location, most outlets offer a decent selection for vegetarians and even for vegans. Vegetarian pizzas include the Four-Cheese, Eggplant, Veggie Lovers, and the Marhgerita, among others. Vegans, too, have ample options, from fries, potato wedges, and certain soups. Plus, you can customize your order by asking them to hold certain ingredients off your meal.

Yes, there is a kid's menu at Pizza Pizza. It includes smaller portions of the regular items like Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Chicken Bites, and the Kid's Combo, which comes with a slice of pizza, a side of wedges, and a juice box. Perfect for the little ones!

Does Pizza Pizza Deliver?

Yes, absolutely. Pizza Pizza is synonymous with hot, fresh, and quick deliveries. You can order via their official website, their app, or simply by calling up the nearest outlet.

Pizza Pizza's Operation Hours

The operating hours may vary from one Pizza Pizza outlet to another. However, typically they are open from 11 am till around 1 am or 2 am. You might want to verify by giving their outlet a quick call, though.

My Experience at Pizza Pizza


  • Fresh and delicious food
  • Friendly staff
  • Wide menu selection
  • Quick service


  • Slightly pricey
  • Ambience could be improved

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